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A couple weeks after the Selena Gomez nude photo that rocked Instagram, this young singer is getting her Web-based seduction on once again.

The 21-year old has posted a new, sexy self-portrait on that social media platform, including with it a caption that appears to address Justin Bieber.

It reads: "That one time I had ma Latina texture going on.. Or just.. everyday."

Selena Gomez Smolders

Last December, when rumors surfaced that Bieber was growing close to a blonde model who took part in his music video, Selena Tweeted in response:

"I thought he only liked the Latina category. Smh."

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In a stunning revelation certain to shock fans the world over, Selena Gomez revealed via Twitter today that she's four months pregnant with her first child.

The father? None other than her troubled on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber.

"Been keeping quiet for too long," the 21-year-old singer tweeted. "So happy to finally share my news with you guys! Justin and I are expecting!"

Bombarded by requests for further details, Selena later tweeted that she's "4 months along," adding that she and Bieber "couldn't be happier" about the news.

The shocking (or maybe not so shocking) tweets come on the heels of yesterday's news that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are engaged.

Neither party could be reached for comment and Justin has been uncharacteristically quiet on social media sites since the news was announced.

The 20-year-old dad-to-be's only activity during the last 48 hours has been a cryptic tweet of a winking smiley face and the words "believe it, haters."

Other details of the pregnancy, according to sources close to the couple:

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We know they're totes back together, but are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez engaged? Even married?! Speculation is running wild, and here's why.

That shiny gold band on Selena’s left ring finger definitely stands out, and sources have confirmed that it was a gift from Justin, her on-off lover.

She’s been wearing it non-stop since their March 7 reunion in McAllen, Texas, sparking rumors that Selena and Justin Bieber just got engaged.

Or even (gulp) married. That can't possibly be, can it?

A Jelena insider says of the gold band on her hand, “The ring was a gift from Justin, it’s not an engagement ring, but they are back on and very serious.”

Phew. You may now collectively exhale, Selenator Nation.

Engagement or not, her family is opposed to Justin and petrified about the ring he gave her, fearing that even if they haven't eloped now, they soon might.

“Her family is extremely worried that she’ll do something crazy like elope with him,” an insider shared. “Selena is totally wrapped back up in Justin."

"It's the exact same pattern happening all over again.”

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Selena Gomez has been subpoenaed to testify in another one of Justin Bieber's photographer-assaulting lawsuits, and we all know how those typically go.

The summons she got served with is for a deposition in a lawsuit filed by an L.A. paparazzo who alleges Bieber karate kicked him in the stomach.

Bet it HURT, too. Kid is just too hard for his own good.

Justin Bieber With Selena Gomez Photo
Justin Bieber loves him some Selena Gomez. Just see these pics from happier times and you'll know it.

This was back in 2012, and it's not the same case that Bieber recently sat for his infamous deposition for, although the claims and the accuser are similar.

In that case, Bieber blew up when asked about Selena Gomez, wagging fingers and warning the opposing counsel not to ask about his longtime love.

In this case, Selena was there when the attack happened, so the attorneys want her under oath, giving her version of what went down during the altercation. 

They also want to establish what the counsel was trying to in the previous deposition - his inner feelings, bitterness, short temper and rage at the paparazzi.

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Selena Gomez may inspiring fans with her post-rehab clarity, but if a new report is to be believed, Justin Bieber's on-again, off-again flame has been partying harder than ever.

Selena Gomez: Red Carpet Style

After departing her in-patient program 2 weeks early, Selena was allegedly seen drunkenly stumbling around a post-Oscar party and partying with actor Jared Leto.

Worse, In Touch Weekly witnesses say the 21-year-old singer/actress holed up in a hotel after a fight with her mom and went on a week-long bender.

"She looked like she'd been at it for a while," said one onlooker.

"Her lips were stained from the red wine she was drinking."

Other eye witnesses say that Selena Gomez celebrated St. Patrick's Day by binge drinking and chain smoking in the hotel's restaurant ... scandalous.

"They didn't order food," says one patron at the venue. "They just kept ordering drinks and going out to smoke cigarettes. They definitely seemed drunk."

So what's driving Selena to drink?

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We're taking a break from posting Selena Gomez nude photos and wondering about a Selena Gomez secret project to present an inspiring speech from - you guessed it ! - Selena Gomez.

The young singer took to the stage at We Day California yesterday and addressed a group of fans, opening up for the first time about her recent stint in rehab.

"I lost sight of who I was," Gomez said of her multi-week stay in January. "I listened to opinions of people, and I tried to change who I am because I thought the others would accept me for it. And I realized I don’t know how to be anything but myself.”

The exact reasons behind Selena's rehab visit have never been made public, though many believe she was an emotional wreck following her relationship with Justin Bieber.

Gomez advised everyone to "stay true to yourself" and added:

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are both in teasing moods these days.

Soon after her occasional lover talked up a Calvin Klein campaign by posing with his shirt undone and his new tattoo exposed, Gomez also took to Instagram and made a very sheer statement.

"…Secret project," the singer simply wrote as an intriguing caption to this revealing picture:

Just a few days earlier, what appeared to be a Selena Gomez nude shot also went viral, as this artist is either taunting Bieber or trying to seduce Bieber.

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Selena Gomez made headlines a few days ago for grinding all over the artist behind "Baby."

But now she's in the news for posing on Instagram with a baby. Her baby sister, that is!

The young superstar made followers melt on Wednesday by giving them a look at Gracie, the nine-month girl born to her mother and stepfather on June.

Selena Gomez and Sister

Gomez used a one word caption ("Sissy") for the image because, really, what is there to say? It's cuteness personified.

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Selena Gomez got together with her pal Zooey Deschanel for a night on the town Wednesday in West Hollywood ... a pairing we didn't see coming.

Joined my another female friend, the trio seemed to have enjoyed themselves, according to the brunette beauty who posted a photo of them being silly.

"Ladies being ladies. Ladies night," Selena Gomez captioned the photo.

When she's not grinding with Justin Bieber (who it appears she's back together with, and may even be touring with) she's been having a lot of good girl time.

Besides Deschanel, Gomez, Francia Rasia, Raquel Stevens and Haley Pharo went to the Sunset Tower Hotel this week to spend some quality time together.

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