Sean Stewart is the son of Rod Stewart, with no redeeming qualities. He's a spoiled punk.

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It's all over for one of Hollwood's cutest, most stable couples.

We're just kidding. Adrienne Maloof and Sean Stewart have broken up.

An insider tells Us Weekly that the surprising twosome has "decided to distance themselves and become friends," emphasizing that "nothing bad" led to the split.

Adrienne Maloof and a Shoe

Maloof - who is leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - started dating Rod Stewart's 32-year old son just two months after divorcing husband Paul Nassif.

They were spotted, PDA style, grossing out onlookers in Beverly Hills on multiple occasions over the last few weeks.

It's unclear what Maloof will do now that her stint on the Bravo series is over. It's also unclear why anyone would care.

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There's no love lost between Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof, but this time the former is taking aim at an entirely different facet of her co-star's life.

While The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been vocal about Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes, she had yet to weigh in on Maloof's new man.

Now she has, and she's not a fan.

  • Maloof
  • Glanville

"Yikes, it's a bad visual for me. The whole thing," Glanville says of the newly-dating Adrienne Maloof and Sean Stewart, Rod's son and 20 years her junior.

"It's just something about those two people."

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Love is in the air for recently-divorced reality star Adrienne Maloof, and she doesn't care who knows it or how old her new paramour may be.

Indeed, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member has confirmed to TMZ that she's dating former Celebrity Rehab star Sean Stewart.

She's 51 and he's 32... but who cares, people?!?

Very Maloof

"Age is just a number," Maloof says, explaining that she met Stewart through a mutual friend. "It's about how good of a person you are ...he is a very funny guy. He's very giving, he mentors at the mission, works with at-risk children, and gives his time and money to get children off the streets."

And now he's spending some of that time getting Maloof... off.

Would you do the same? Tell us, fellas: Adrienne Maloof. Would you hit that?


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Move over, Demi Moore. Another cougar is reportedly on the prowl.

Witnesses tell In Touch Weekly that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Adrienne Maloof, recently divorced from husband Paul, was spotted at dinner this month with Sean Stewart, a young man 20 years her junior.

  • Adrienne Maloof, Ugly Dress
  • Sean Stewart Photograph

"It was really full-on PDA," a source gushed to the tabloid of Maloof and Stewart's dinner at Koi in Los Angeles.

Chimed in another insider, speaking about the reality star and the son of rocker Rod Stewart:

“They looked really cute and comfortable together, definitely like they’ve known each other a long time. They were sitting really close and talking in each other's ear and then ordered food to share.”

We bet that's not all they shared that night! If you know what we mean!

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At least Sean Stewart nude pictures are no longer a topic of conversation.

Instead, recent news about this son of Rod Stewart is focused on the fact that he's being sued and now arrested for allegedly launching a brutal brick-throwing attack on a couple on April 23.

But don't think this male version of Paris Hilton is taking the charges lying down. His lawyer fired off the following letter to TMZ, a day after his client was arrested on charges of assault and battery:

"We have conducted an extensive investigation since these allegations were first raised. We have interviewed numerous witnesses who were at the party on the night of the incident. Our investigation has revealed that what occurred on the night of the incident is much different than what the complaining witness has alleged.

We will share our investigation with the prosecution at the appropriate time. Our investigation has shown that the alleged victim only named Sean Stewart as a suspect after hearing that Mr. Stewart was at the party that night and that the alleged victim had a financial motive to make these allegations against Mr. Stewart [friend of David Weintraub].

Our investigation has also revealed that any crimes which may have been committed that night, were in fact committed by the person who claims to be the victim."

Wow. Strong words. We wonder if Sean's sister, Kimberly Stewart, will throw in her two cents the next time she pens a pointless letter to the public.

We're also unsure about how this will affect the relationship of Sean and Caleigh Peters. But you'll be the first to know once more information is released.

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For some reason, no one filed a lawsuit against a nude Sean Stewart for disturbing the peace.

But the son of rock legend Rod Stewart didn't get off so easily for allegedly launching a brutal brick-throwing attack on a couple.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Tolabus and Ericka Stein allege they were driving in their Ford F150 on April 23, when the long-time friend of David Weintraub began "swinging his arms, punching, throwing bricks and other items" at them.

As TMZ first reported, the alleged incident occurred after Stewart and two buddies - neither of whom were his Sons of Hollywood co-stars, Weintraub or Randy Spelling - were denied entrance to a private party.

Stewart reportedly became enraged after partygoers taunted him, perhaps about his confession that he used to get off to step-mother, Rachel Hunter.

On April 23, Ms. Stein actually contacted The Hollywood Gossip about the incident. She wrote:

On April 22nd at approx 3:17am, Sean Stewart and 3 of his friends attacked my husband and I in our vehicle. We were taking a side street home and were driving passed a party on 1440 Miller Drive. This guy is psycho! He doesn't know us, we did nothing to him or his friends. He was out of control. I was beggin him to stop and get off of my husband, but he was deaf to it. He was focused on one thing only - trying to hurt us. I don't know who Sean Stewart is, nor have I seen the Sons of Hollywood show, but an eye witness confirmed it was him. When we returned hom, we Google'd him - -yep, it's him. What a loser he is.

We wonder how Caleigh Peters feels about all this.

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Could it be that Sean Stewart nude photos are NOT the most disturbing news of Rod's spoiled son from the last few weeks?

TMZ has learned that one of the Sons of Hollywood is under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon.

Sean, the brother of Kimberly Stewart, along with two other males, went to a private home in Hollywood last Saturday night, where a large party was in full swing.

Sources were informed that the trio was told they were not welcome - and, shockingly, this didn't go over too well.

According to witnesses, around 4 a.m., Stewart and his buddies - none of whom included Sons of Hollywood pals, Randy Spelling or David Weintraub - began throwing bricks, rocks, a mailbox and a trash can at a Ford F150. Witnesses say Stewart then tried opened the truck door, and that Stewart and two other men started punching a husband and wife who were seated inside.

This is the sort of action that would make Jason Wahler proud. And no one else.

TMZ spoke with the man inside the truck, who claims his wife suffered "massive lacerations to her legs" from windshield glass. He says that after the alleged attack, he took her to Cedars Sinai Hospital where she was treated.

The LAPD confirms Hollywood detectives are investigating the incident.

If it's true, you can bet Alec Baldwin will soon be sending Stewart a box of chocolate for taking the World's Biggest Jerk title away from him for at least a day.

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You'd think the life of Caleigh Peters would be easy. Pretty face, goddaughter of Barbara Streisand. What could ever go wrong, right?

Well, first of all, she appears to be dating Sean Stewart. The pair was spotted exiting Hollywood hot spot, Koi, last night. He may be a nice guy and all - bur Caleigh has probably seen him nude and that's gross.

Aside from dating trouble, Peters finds herself in a legal dust-up with a Deal or No Deal model. TMZ has obtained a restraining order filed by Laura Mary Shields - the babe who opens case #22 - against Caleigh, claiming:

"I have already been physically and verbally attacked in a public place and I'm scared if I see her again she will attack me."

That's the same feeling many rich men have after an encounter with Heather Mills.

Shields claims Peters "approached me violently at a restaurant and threw water over me and then a glass at my head which shattered everywhere."

Shields adds, "She verbally assaulted me and physically (sic) and I'm now in emotional distress."

Stewart, reportedly, witnessed the alleged attack. He's also seen Randy Spelling do a lot of dumb stuff.

Despite the order being filed, Peter had this to say about it last night: "Laura and I are fine. We spoke, everything's ok, it was all a big misunderstanding and I wish Laura Shields the best."

Soon enough, these two will be just like Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff.

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There's no better way to drum up attention for, well, yourself than by getting naked. What do you think a nude Kim Kardashian was looking for when she let Ray-J drill her on film?

The same thing Sean Stewart is after in the picture below: attention.

* Photo courtesy of FlyNet Pictures

In Stewart's case, the loser son of Rod and brother of Kimberly Stewart is trying to increase publicity for his new reality show, Sons of Hollywood. We really wish he had just given an interview or something.

Or waxed poetic about taking Paris Hilton's v-card, as co-star Randy Spelling recently did.

Anything would have been better than an image that makes Owen Wilson nude an attractive vision. Before you lose your lunch, though, remember that our site is proud to present numerous, hotter naked photos.

May we recommend Marisa Miller nude, for example.

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