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By now, fans have likely read (or deliberately avoided) The Bachelor spoilers floating out there for months now ... but if you haven't, well, buckle up!

With only two women left, speculation is reaching a fever pitch. Who does Sean Lowe get engaged to on the March 11 finale, and are they still together?

This week's overnight dates raised the stakes as we head into the March 11 (the Women Tell All special airs March 4) finale. So which lucky girl wins?

AshLee Frazier, Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter each formed strong bonds with Sean, yet in very different ways. Sadly, one had to go last night.

It's hard to predict which way he's leaning now, with one episode left ... well, unless you simply know ahead of time, which is why you're reading this, isn't it?

So follow the jump to learn how the final two episodes shake out:

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By now, you've likely read The Bachelor spoilers for insight on who wins Sean Lowe's final rose on March 11. Or you've purposely avoided said spoilers.

Either way, we'll leave that conversation alone here. Follow the above link for all those details. Right now, let's talk about Monday's big episode.

It's Fantasy Suite time ... or is it, given Sean's born-again virgin status?

Sean Lowe, Rose

AshLee Frazier, Catherine Guidici and Lindsay Yenter accompany Sean to Si Kao, Thailand, where the sun is hot, but the Fantasy Suite may be not.

Read on for some interesting insight on that very subject ...

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After four hometown dates, tough questions and unexpected shenanigans from Desiree Hartsock's brother, The Bachelor's Sean Lowe has three women left.

Who will - and should - that final rose March 11?

See The Bachelor spoilers if you want to know if AshLee, Catherine or Lindsay (allegedly) wins. If not, well then let the speculation continue below!

Bachelor Final 3

We know the finale ends with Sean Lowe engaged. He's revealed as much, adding he's "incredibly content" with his choice. "I'm happy," he raves.

"I had some reservations going in [to the season], but I'm glad I did it."

So is it Lindsay Yenter, Catherine Giudici or AshLee Frazier?

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After Monday's hometown date heartbreak, The Bachelor returned for a special Tuesday edition this week. The episode was billed as Sean Tells All, and that he did!

Sort of.

Sean Lowe as The Bachelor Picture

While there were no earth-shattering bombshells, Sean Lowe did extrapolate on some of the season's drama and offer fans a preview of what's to come.

Read The Bachelor spoilers to learn what (supposedly) happens next week and beyond, then come along for THG's +/- recap of the Sean Tells All special

Sean had a lot to discuss to kill time with Chris Harrison, and not just about the hometown dates we saw play out (for better or worse) 24 hours earlier.

Obviously, this episode was designed mostly to relive Tierra.

Oh, Tierra.

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With that Tierra nonsense finally behind us, The Bachelor is getting serious.

Sean Lowe has reached the hometown dates. In other words, high stakes.

With four women remaining and only three spots remaining to continue on his "journey" next week, one very special someone had to get the chop. But who?

Check out The Bachelor spoilers to learn what happens next week and beyond, then come along for THG's +/- recap of the hometown date episode ...

Sean Lowe, Final Four Women

Plus 25 right off the bat for the fact that we finally get to see some real dates, i.e. Sean hanging out with the girls without six other girls waiting around.

And no Tierra, in general. Plus 5.

The first hometown date goes to AshLee Frazier, who is definitely the oldest, most mature and most serious of the final four. Does that make her a favorite?

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The Bachelor star Sean Lowe receives an unpleasant surprise Monday night on a hometown date with one of his final four women, Desiree Hartsock.

Her ex-boyfriend shows up, asking if they can talk.

An awkward exchange ensues as Des' ex professes his love for her and calls Sean an "actor," while Lowe clenches his fist and sort of threatens the guy.

This has to be scripted ... right?

Is this something they can get through, or will it seal the deal for Des? Find out by reading The Bachelor spoilers for this week and beyond ... if you dare!

Who should Sean pick?


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Is The Bachelor star Sean Lowe a virgin?

A new tabloid cover insinuates this, but it's not totally accurate. The more appropriate way to put it is that the 29-year-old Texan is a "born-again" virgin.

Sean Lowe: Virgin?

Basically, he "no longer believes" in premarital sex, even though he has had it before, and is waiting until his wedding night to get his freak on again.

The Bachelor spoilers totally didn't mention that, although we did hear that he will forego overnight dates in the fantasy suite because of his beliefs.

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Sean Lowe is engaged. It's all but confirmed at this point.

The only question is to whom ... and The Bachelor spoilers we posted months ago have been pretty spot on so far, so follow the link if you want the answer now.

If not, feel free to speculate on who the lucky lady is!

Sean Lowe as The Bachelor Photo

In any case, “Sean and his fiancee are happy and committed,” a Life & Style insider says. “They’re planning to get married before the end of the summer.”

Not wasting any time, are they, if that's to be believed!

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After a handful of tense, drama-filled weeks, it's go time on The Bachelor.

Sean Lowe is at the stage where decisions are difficult. Nay, impossible.

With six women remaining and only four hometown dates, two women he genuinely likes had to pack their bags. Was crazy Tierra LiCausi one of them?

Check out The Bachelor spoilers to learn what happens next week and beyond, then come along for THG's +/- recap of last night's episode ...

Sean and Tierra

Tierra decides it's better to sleep on a cot than share a bed with any other girl. Way to take a stand for something you feel so passionately about. Minus 30.

The first date goes to AshLee Frazier, who was whisked off for some romantic beach time on St. Croix. Cue gratuitous bikini shots. Cue Plus 20 points.

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After taking the women to Whitefish, Montana, on Monday night, Sean Lowe took them even farther north in a special Tuesday Bachelor episode.

Yes ... it was back on last tonight. For two hours.

The star of this "event" (and season) was Tierra LiCausi, who continues to redefine shamelessness with each passing week. It's almost impressive.

What did she pull last night? And did she get a rose? Check out The Bachelor spoilers if you dare, then come along for THG's +/- recap!

Sean Lowe The Bachelor Picture

Catherine Giudici, long rumored to be a frontrunner, proved it last night.

Frolicking on a glacier one minute, pivoting to a traumatic experience from her childhood the next, she's playing straight into The Bachelor's hand.

She is pretty cute, too. Plus 20.

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