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Sean Lowe is upset that he was voted off on last night's Dancing With the Stars results show after eight weeks ... but at the same time, he's not TOO upset.

Sean Lowe on DWTS Photo

The Bachelor hunk said, as the results were revealed, "It's always going to eat at me. I wish I performed better last night, but overall I'm proud of myself."

Next up? A well-deserved breather the exhausted star.

"This whole thing is a lot to handle," he said of his ABC reality TV run. "I've gone from one show to the next the last 12 to 14 months, something like that."

"It's nice now that I can take a deep breath."

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Who will advance to the final five on Dancing With the Stars?

Kellie Pickler, Aly Raisman and Zendaya Coleman. No doubt.

The three women have been the best all season long, leaving two spots - and three men vying for them - as we headed into this evening's results show.

  • Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson
  • Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff
  • Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd Pic

Given this week's scores, Jacoby Jones appeared to have the edge over Ingo Rademacher and Sean Lowe, who came in a distant last Monday.

In fact, it looked very difficult for The Bachelor to pull this out, and he did end up in the bottom two - along with NFL star Jacoby, in a bit of a surprise.

Did he? The contestant leaving the ballroom tonight is ...

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Sean Lowe did not turn in a terrific performance last night on Dancing With the Stars, but Catherine Giudici felt the judges were too tough on her man.

She let them know it, too, booing from the crowd!

The Bachelor star commented that his main competition was Andy Dick, who also had the samba this week. Len Goodman took issue with that statement.

"You've gotta set your sights a bit higher, if all you wanna do is beat Andy," the judge said. "Wrong foot, no hip action, your upper body had no musicality."

Despite being shirtless, too. That's quite a dig.

Sean Lowe earned a score of 21, which isn't stellar, but on the plus side ... he did beat Andy Dick - as well as Victor Ortiz and Jacoby Jones - and should be safe.

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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, his fiancee from The Bachelor, are apparently still on and going strong - despite what the tabloids might say.

"We are happy and could not be better," Sean told People.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici Photograph

Chatting backstage after another successful week on Dancing with the Stars, Sean Lowe addressed the rumors he encounters about his love life.

"Nobody knows anything outside of me and Catherine and the people who are closest to us," he says, calling celebrity gossip reports "so ridiculous."

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Bachelor star Sean Lowe dedicated his Viennese Waltz on Monday's DWTS performance show to fiancee Catherine Giudici, who was in the audience.

He then followed up by kissing her for all the world to see!

The routine, which earned 20 out of a possible 30 points, should be more than enough to keep Sean Lowe on the show for at least one more week.

Especially given the judges' praise, which included accolades such as "steaming" and "sweet." Sort of sums up The Bachelor star in a nutshell.

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Is Peta Murgatroyd, the Dancing With the Stars pro paired with Sean Lowe this season, coming between The Bachelor star and fiancee Catherine Giudici?

According to tabloid reports, the two are "fighting constantly," and Peta's relationship with Sean is the root cause. According to celeb news mag L&S:

  • Sean Lowe, Peta Murgatroyd
  • Sean and Catherine

"The couple were caught having a major public fight at an LA hot spot, and again two nights later on the way back to their separate units in their apartment complex."

In a second fight, two days later, Catherine called Sean "annoying," and was fed up with him spending more time with Peta in rehearsal than with her.

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Is Sean Lowe turning into a diva on the set of Dancing With the Stars?

According to TMZ, The Bachelor has a pretty high opinion of himself.

ABC, accordingly, denies Sean is anything but a perfect gentleman.

Sean Lowe Dancing With the Stars

The celebrity news site alleges that Sean Lowe insists on being filmed from good angles, talks down to crew members, and acts like a brat in general.

He reportedly makes comments to the effect of "this show needs me" and discusses how he has become a brand that he must "market accordingly."

Executive Producer Conrad Green, contrarily, says Future Mr. Catherine Giudici "is a pleasure to work with and there is nothing diva-like about him."

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Just because Monday marked The Bachelor finale doesn't mean you've seen the last of Sean Lowe on two-hour ABC reality shows on Monday nights.

He's going Dancing With the Stars!

Bachelor Sean Lowe Photo

Hours after he proposed to Catherine Giudici, Lowe confirmed on GMA what we've known for weeks: That he will join DWTS as its 12th contestant.

Lowe is already training with his new dance partner, Australian Peta Murgatroyd. "Hopefully, I won't make a fool of myself on the dance floor," he said.

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Forget The Bachelor spoilers for a moment: Here's a post-Bachelor spoiler ...

Channeling his inner Jake Pavelka, Sean Lowe will reportedly be keeping his ABC reality show streak going on the cast of Dancing With the Stars next month!

Lowe is the second Bachelor star to transition straight from the season finale to the DWTS premiere ... his engagement can't turn out worse than Jake's.

Sean Lowe The Bachelor Picture

Dancing With the Stars officially unveils its new cast tomorrow. 

Other celebrities rumored to be taking to the parquet:

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