Scout Willis is the dude in the back. Just kidding! That's Bruce Willis, dumbass! Haven't you ever seen Die Hard? Anyway, Scout Willis...

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Earlier this week, Scout Willis protested Instagram's no-nudity policy in the most awesome fashion imaginable.

The daughter of Bruce and Demi took a topless stroll through NYC and posted photos of her boob-tastic adventures on Twitter.

  • Scout Willis Nude
  • Scout Willis Naked

We're not sure how Scout's actions were supposed to force Instagram's hand, and Scout probably couldn't tell you either, but as believers in the power of online nudity, we proudly support Scout's efforts and we're happy to hear she doesn't regret one nipply moment of her protest.

"It was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had," says Scout in an interview with The Voice. "It completely changed my relationship with my body."

"I love my breasts so much," she added. "I don't feel like wearing a bra."

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Recently, Rihanna quit Instagram after some nude photos that she posted on the site were banned.

This apparently pissed Scout Willis of to no end, and the daughter of Bruce and Demi has launched a one-woman war against the powers that be at Instagram, using the most valuable weapons at her disposal - her boobs:

  • Scout Willis Nude
  • Scout Willis Naked

Yes, that's Scout fully topless and strolling around NYC. She posted the photos to Twitter as a protest against Instagram's policy on female nudity.

Scout's been attaching the hashtag #FreeTheNipple to photos like the ones above, one of which she captioned, "Legal in NYC but not on Instagram."

You may remember the hashtag from Miley Cyrus' Free the Nipple campaign last year.

So yes, apparently, Scout and Miley hold the uncommon opinion that it's too hard to find naked female breasts on the Internet. Strange as Scout's protests might be though, her demands make sense:

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The daughters of Demi Moore are reportedly serious: they are done with their mama's drama!

Following reports that claimed Scout, Rumer and Tallulah Willis were sick of dealing with their troubled parent, Radar Online now says the children have hit a "breaking point" and...

"... are seriously considering taking out a restraining order against Demi to stop her from contacting them. They made it clear to her weeks ago that they do not want to talk to her right now."

Demi Moore for a Good Cause

According to this anonymous insider, Moore has been phoning her daughters "incessantly and emailing them, leaving them tearful messages and begging them to call her."

Adding to the awkward situation? Scout, Rumer or Tallulah remain close with Ashton Kutcher, leaving their mom "beside herself" and all alone, the source claims.

This would all be very sad if we believed a word of it.

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Demi's Moore ex-husband is hooking up with Mila Kunis. But that's not the worst news facing this actress these days.

According to Radar Online, Moore's daughters - Scout, Rumer and Tallulah, the latter of whom is caught in a naked photo scandal - are giving their mother the silent treatment. How come?

They don't want to "deal with the drama" anymore, this anonymous insider claims.

A Lot Moore

Ever since Moore and Kutcher split, Demi has reportedly grown extra needy, acting more like a "sister" than a mother. Adds the mole of the three siblings:

"They are all concerned that she is going to relapse and head back to rehab, and they can't deal with the stress and worry of it. The breaking point was Tallulah's graduation. None of the girls wanted Demi there, but she turned up anyway and it was really strained."

Moreover, Scout, Rumer and Tallulah all adore Ashton, making things a tad awkward around their actual, non-step parents. Concludes the source:

"This won’t be forever, but for now the girls just need a little breathing space and to concentrate on themselves and their own lives."

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Scout Willis, the 20-year old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, was arrested last night for drinking underage in New York City and then presenting a fake identification to police officers on the scene in Union Square.

Scout Willis Photo

Authorities tell The New York Daily News that Willis was in possession of an eight-ounce can of beer when police approached and Scout handed the cops an ID with the name "Katherine Kelly" on it.

She then brought out her California license and fessed up:

“My name is Scout Willis. The first ID isn’t mine. My friend gave it to me. I don’t know Katherine Kelly.”

Scout, a Brown University student and aspiring singer, was booked on misdemeanor charges of criminal impersonation and open container. She was released without bail early this morning.

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The oldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer Willis, wears a dunce hat, a neck and back brace, and little else on the set of the Untitled Anna Faris Project.

Dolce & Gabbana Pose

Mmm. Rumer Willis almost sort of nude. In a dunce cap. That's ... hot?

Several people commenting on Just Jared, which first brought us these Rumer pics, claim that it's not Rumer, but rather her younger sister, Scout Willis.

We will give theme this: It doesn't much look like Rumer. But with Scout Willis being like 12, and Rumer signed to work on the movie, we're gonna go and say it's her.

As for the film, little is known. IMDB says the movie is about a recently sacked pin-up girl (Faris) who signs up to be the new house mother at UCLA's nerdiest sorority.

Wikipedia claims Faris is acting and producing in House Bunnies, a film with Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions, about a retired Playboy bunny.

Former American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee has also signed up for this movie. We'd love to see McPhee in this outfit wearing a dunce cap too (it wouldn't be a huge stretch). Or even less, if you know what we're talking about.

We're talking about a nude Katharine McPhee, people.

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