Scott Baio is 45 and single. And that's also the name of his new reality show.

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Scott Baio caused a stir on Twitter after posting a photo of Michelle Obama and being flat-out bombarded with angry replies from fans and enemies alike.

Some called the actor - who has often used his Twitter page to speak out about his Republican beliefs - an "a$$hole" and many said his post was racist.

Racist? Doubtful. In truth, it was just a tasteless joke.

Scott wrote "He [Barack] wakes up to this every day" combined with a really unflattering photo. People quickly jumped on him from all angles for this.

Follow the link above to see the pic he posted. Too far?

Michelle Obama's fans have lashed out at Scott Baio.

Baio insisted the post was just a joke, however, and shared screen caps of several death threats he received. That may be a little extreme as well, people.

"Easy to find your house Scottie boy and finish you," one commenter wrote while another threatened to harm his wife and family. Wow, take a joke much?

While calling the First Lady ugly and mocking the appearance of Michelle Obama pictures isn't likely to win friends, it also doesn't warrant death threats.

This isn't the first time an unflattering Michelle pic has made news. Google issued a statement in November with regard to an offensive image search result.

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Late last year, Scott Baio went from former child actor and reality TV star to frightened father in a short period of time.

Daughter Bailey DeLuca was born to Baio and Renee Sloan in November, but joy quickly turned to fear when she was diagnosed with GA-1, a metabolic disorder that can cause seizures and leads to coma and even death. The couple is finally opening up about the experience.

Salma Hayek, Boobs

"Every breath that you take, every thought that you have, every moment that you're conscious, it's all you're thinking about," Baio told Celebrity Baby Blog. "The disease is a constant in your brain. It never leaves you."

Scott Baio, Renee Sloan and a healthy Bailey DeLuca pose for the camera.

Sloan added that Baio would "break down" at the sight of a baby - any baby and the pair got married in December without even revealing their ongoing pain.

Fortunately, after weeks of further testing, doctors determined the result had been a false positive; seven-month old Bailey is fully healthy.

"In a way I'm glad I went through it. Because this sort of thing puts everything else in perspective," Baio said, adding of the foundation they are establishing: "We know we need to be a voice here, and that's what we're trying to do.

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The second season of the reality show Scott Baio is 45.... and Single will be a misnomer.

After all, the former Charles in Charge and Happy Days star is no longer single after he married Renee Sloan in a rooftop ceremony at a luxury high-rise Saturday in Los Angeles.

The small religious ceremony was filmed for an upcoming episode for the second season of the aforementioned, misleading reality series, which premieres next month.

Getting hitched was the proper, Christian thing to do. Sloan gave birth recently to a daughter, whose name has not been released.

Of course, as People reports, not long ago the idea of marriage was far from appealing to to the longtime Playboy Mansion regular.

"My parents were married 53 years, good and bad," Baio said.

"Can I do that? Probably not. But I really hope I can. I don't know, 53 years with the same human being? I can't be around myself for more than three or four hours before I want to kill everybody."

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This just in: Scott Baio may be 45... but he is far from single.

In fact, the former child actor - who is somehow making celebrity news once again - is gonna be a father. Congratulations, we guess.

Despite currently starring in a reality show that depicts his life as an unattached man, Baio is actually expecting a child with Playmate Renee Sloan. The couple does look happy in the picture below, but we can't help but wonder if Charles is really in Charge of his life here.

Sloan, oddly enough, played the body double for Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. Baio, meanwhile, played the role of boyfriend for Anderson for a few years. Small, large-breasted world.

While Baio apparently does not live up to his single reputation, we hope other reality TV stars are, indeed, who they claim to be.

Don't tell us Spencer Pratt is actually nice. Or Holly Madison actually has real boobs. We wouldn't be able to take it.

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled celebrity gossip updates to bring you words of wisdom from two actors that haven't been heard from in years:

Shannen Doherty and Scott Baio.

Kurt Iswarienko, Shannen Doherty

The former Charles in Charge star and Arrested Development guest star was promoting his new reality show - Scott Baio Is 45 ... and Single - at an LG Mobile Phones event in Hollywood on Tuesday.

And he talked to People magazine about the recent struggles of a few young celebrities in today's culture.

"You have to have a good family behind you. And you have to save your money," Baio said, hoping that Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears were listening to this profound advice.

Meanwhile, if there's anything the former child actor knows more than surviving in Hollywood, it's bedding a slew of gorgeous women. Seriously. The dude's ex-girlfriends include Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear and Denise Richards.

Baio says he avoided the pitfalls of fame because "my family was square and didn't care who I was, and honestly, I got lucky. I worked with [Happy Days producer] Garry Marshal for 10 years and he was a great guy. The show was fantastic, and nobody did drugs. Everybody on that show saved their money and did the right thing."

Heck, in today's society, even someone has little known as Paul Sculfor takes drugs. What chance do real stars have?

And then there's Shannen Doherty. The former Beverly Hills 90210 star has a different take. As well as no earthly reason to still be in the news.

"It's totally different [today]," she said. "[The attention] is to an extreme now that I can't relate to. My heart goes out to all of them and I certainly hope that they keep their heads up and most importantly they keep their self-respect."

We'd be satisfied at this point if they just kept their legs shut when getting out of a car.

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