Film producer is the real-life Bond girl of Daniel Craig.

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Daniel Craig married Rachel Weisz in a small, intimate ceremony this summer. Because the famous couple wanted its privacy? Perhaps.

But also because the actor may not have wanted the public to learn of how his relationship with the actress started.

According to an In Touch Weekly source, Craig left the home he shared with long-time girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell one morning, headed for the set of Dream House - the film in which he co-stars with Weisz - and simply didn't return.

Satsuki Mitchell and Daniel Craig

"Satsuki was frantically calling, texting and emailing him, but he was probably with Rachel and not answering," the insider says.

How did Mitchell respond? She reportedly went all Blu Cantrell on Craig, racking up approximately $1 million in charges on his credit card. And with the bombing of Cowboys & Aliens, that's money the actor could really use!


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Every James Bond needs a woman by his side.

And while Daniel Craig cozies up to Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurylenko on screen in Quantum of Solace, he took his real-life girlfriend to the movie's premiere in London yesterday.

Satsuki Mitchell and Daniel Craig

Here's a shot of Craig posing on the red carpet alongside Satsuki Mitchell.

Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell pose for photographers at the London premiere of Quantum of Solace.

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Casino Royale is proving to be a major hit and its suave star, Daniel Craig, is making the global rounds promoting the latest James Bond film. Below is a picture of 007 and his real-life squeeze, Satsuki Mitchell, at the film's Australian premiere.


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Poster

Craig and Mitchell seem to have great chemistry, just as Mr. Bond enjoys with his on-screen flames. At right is Casino Royale co-star Caterina Murino, the Italian actress who plays Solange. We couldn't find any pictures of the lovely Eva Green at this event, sadly.

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Sorry, Petra Nemcova and James Blunt. You're not the only happy couple in Hollywood.

Casino Royale star, Daniel Craig, is quite happy with his real-life squeeze, as well.

Daniel Craig British GQ Cover

"I'm very happily partnered with someone," the latest James Bond said of his girlfriend for over a year, Satsuki Mitchell.

"He's head over heels in love with her," a source told Us magazine. "It's been a huge deal for him being Bond. He's found it quite stressful, and she's been there every step of the way."

Hear that, Joel Madden? You don't just leave because your significant other is more famous than you are.

Casino Royale netted $40.8 million its opening weekend. While filming on location, Craig checked in daily with phone calls, while Mitchell was on hand for the film's premieres across the globe.

But when they're not jet-setting, they pair is often spotted doing un-Bondlike activities, such as grocery shopping in their London neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Satsuki is in a close race with Thijs Lauer for weirdest name on the planet. We'll let you know how it goes.

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James Bond always gets the girl.

So it made sense that Casino Royale star Daniel Craig showed off his American lady friend at the world Tuesday night premiere of the film in London.

Daniel Craig British GQ Cover

The British actor was the perfect gentleman holding hands and escorting Satsuki Mitchell, a film producer, as he signed autographs and posed for photos with fans.

Later, at the official launch party, he was spotted kissing the beauty. We assume the latest Bond girl, Eva Green, felt betrayed by the act.

Craig - who was rumored to date Sienna Miller after the last time she and Jude Law parted ways - he was notably casual about being labeled the sexiest Bond ever.

"I don't think about it," Craig said. "I don't give it much thought."

His costars and colleagues, however, gave it plenty of thought â€" especially Bond producer Barbara Broccoli who told People magazine: "He's a perfectionist, he's a brilliant actor, and he's a wonderful human being. And he's got a great bod!"

Wow. Sounds like George Clooney has some competition.

Elton John, Sharon Osbourne and Paris Hilton all attended the premiere, as well as guest of honor Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, who shook hands and spoke with all of the stars before the film.

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