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Julianne Moore won an Emmy for portraying Sarah Palin in HBO's Game Change.

That did not sit well with the former V.P. candidate's daughter Bristol Palin. Why?

"I don't think she's a good interpreter of my mom. I think my mom is way hotter than that," she said. "I think she doesn't have that accent. It's kind of silly, but my mom's awesome."

Sure she is. Do you agree with Bristol (who's been receiving white powder and death threats in the mail) that Sarah's hotter than Julianne? Tell us below, who'd you rather ...

And the Winner is?

Sarah Palin or Julianne Moore: Who'd you rather ... View Poll »

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As we reported yesterday, the worlds of pop culture phenomena Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin will collide when the pair meet up in Alaska to film Kate Plus 8.

Sarah's father and brother, Chuck Heath Sr. and Jr., are both teachers who will give the Gosselin brood a history lesson. Then Sarah will take 'em all camping!

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Seriously. That's the rumor going around.

It actually makes sense, seeing as TLC will air Sarah Palin's Alaska, a new documentary series, at some point this year or next. But the run-in got us thinking:

Which famous family would you rather go camping with? Kate's got eight kids and Sarah's got five - plus grandson Tripp and future son-in-law Levi Johnston.

Tough call, but you tell us! Vote below!

Which family would you rather go camping with?


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The View's resident conservative pundit, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and the Republican V.P. nominee, Sarah Palin, will be campaigning together in Florida this weekend.

Not only are these two bonded in their conservative views, they're both cuties! In honor of this momentous occasion, we thought we would put it to a survey ...

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  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck at Fashion Week

Who would you rather ...


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What I've had to do, though, is in the middle of the night, put down the Blackberries and pick up the breast pump. Do a couple of things different and still get it all done.

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I am thankful to be married to a man who loves being a dad as much as I love being a mom so he is my strength. And practically speaking, we have a great network of help with lots of grandparents and aunties and uncles all around us. We have a lot of help.

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