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With 2010 drawing to a close, it is with much pride that THG unveils its 10 finalists for its prestigious, Fourth Annual Celebrity of the Year award.

These stars all gave us their best, their worst, their nude pics (sometimes) and their scandals (often). This month, THG honors that greatness.

Following Lindsay Lohan checking in at #8 after checking into rehab eight times, we present Celebrity of the Year finalist #7 ... Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin and her equally-entertaining offspring.

It's hard to believe that two years ago, someone on THG's Celebrity of the Year countdown was nominated for Vice President of the United States.

Sarah Palin treats convention like she does the English language, though. Since resigning as Alaska Governor last summer, she's gone on to, uhh ... hmm.

Become a professional celebrity? Tough to put your finger on, but she's certainly not a political figure anymore. Political figures advocate for policy and progress.

Sarah Palin advocates for Sarah Palin. Relentlessly.

With the exception of PETA and Speidi, no organization is as persistently shameless in pursuit of attention, controversy and headlines than Sarah Palin Inc.

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As 2008 winds down, it's time to reflect upon those - from household names to relative unknowns, from A- to D-list - who made this year so memorable.

The Hollywood Gossip is unveiling 10 finalists for its 2nd Annual Celebrity of the Year award. They've given us their best, their worst, even their nude pictures in some cases. Now it is time for us to give something back with this moving tribute.

We previously profiled the political Home-Wrecker or the Millennium, Rielle Hunter. Today, we present Celebrity of the Year finalist #9 … The Palin Family!

When Sarah Palin burst on the scene at the end of August as the Republicans' nominee for Vice President, she took the political and celeb gossip worlds by storm.

Rumors that Sarah's daughter Bristol was actually the mother of Sarah's son Trig led to the revelation that Bristol Palin was pregnant with boyfriend Levi Johnston.

While Sarah invigorated the GOP base and ignited a media firestorm, incredible sound bytes from SNL look-alike Tina Fey and the candidate herself soon followed.

What a great ride it was. Click to enlarge more photos of the self-styled maverick, hockey mom and Joe Six-Pack candidate, along with her husband and kids ...

  • Sarah Palin, Newsweek
  • Mother of Five
  • Levi Johnston Picture

MEET THE PALINS: After an election-day thumping at the hands of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, Sarah and family are gone, but not forgotten. We can't wait for 2012.