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Or, you know, as nice as two people that have accused each other of having affairs and being a tad insane can make.

Sara Evans and her possibly porn addicted husband showed up in a Nashville court this week to hash out some of the terms of their nasty split.

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When asked if he still loved Evans, Craig Schelske replied, "Yes, I do." When Evans was asked if she shared the same feeling, the country diva said nothing. Ouch.

Inside the courtroom, the former love bunnies agreed not to air their dirty laundry in the press again (to our dismay). They also agreed to take psychological exams, which could become a factor in the custody case over the couple's three children.

Meanwhile, the outpouring of affection agreements continued. Evans and Schelske agreed not to physically or verbally abuse each other, while also staying away from "excessive" alcohol consumption. Somewhere, Lindsay Lohan was heard shouting: "Yay, more for me!"

Finally, Schelske will find a new place to live (maybe with Alison Clinton?) and Evans will have primary custody of their kids.

It sounds like the temporary end to a feud for the ages. We can only hope Anna Nicole Smith vs. the Bahamas produces equally heated points and counter points.

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The spotlight can be blinding. Once relationships get caught in its glare, look out! Granted, it can make for some funny stories, such as the apparent break up of Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey.

Nancy Shevell, Paul McCartney

Other times, it's just sad.

Take the case of Sara Evans. She filed for divorce from her husband because he may or may not be a porn addict that also shagged their nanny. That's embarrassing.

But is the best way to handle it to spread such adulterating gospel across national television? After sharing her story on Dancing with the Stars, Evans should have expected her former nanny and husband to fire back.

First, Alison Clinton went on Extra and called Evans a liar.

Now, Craig Schelske is accusing his wife of having affairs with country singer Kenny Chesney and other unnamed "associates in the music business."

These people really need to stop the madness. Take a look at Sir Paul McCartney, for instance. You can't be embroiled in any more of a public divorce than he's going through.

But how does the former Beatle respond to allegations by Heather Mills that he choked her? Shockingly, by not continuing the fight through the media.

In a statement, McCartney's legal reps said:

"Our client would very much like to respond in public and in detail to the allegations made recently against him by his wife and published in the press but he recognizes, on advice, that the only correct forum for his response to the allegations made against him is in the current divorce proceedings."

Simple. Straightforward. Respectable.

We hope Nicole Richie takes the same high road once she's done using Samuel Plouchart.

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Here's something for Alison Clinton to think about: Is it possible, or necessary, to clear your name ... when no one knows it in the first place?

In divorce papers filed by Sara Evans, the country music star says Clinton - her former nanny and pal - committed adultery with Evans' ex, Craig Schelske.

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"It's just devastating. It absolutely feels like a death, there's just no explanation for it," Clinton told EXTRA." "It just kills me inside ... I cry myself to sleep every night."

Know the cure for that? Go on a nationally televised entertainment show!

Clinton claims her reason for leaving the nanny position was NOT an affair with Schelske - but an eating disorder. (Maybe one caused by an affair, hmmm, Alison? Either way, Nicole Richie feels your pain).

Obviously unhappy with the allegations, Clinton is threatening to sue Evans if she doesn't remove her name in the divorce papers and adds she'd even submit to a lie detector test if necessary.

On national TV, we presume.

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Sometimes, despite being married to a beautiful country singer such as a Sara Evans, a man needs to look at other naked ladies.

Right, Craig Schelske?

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The estranged husband of Ms. Evans is planning to vigorously defend himself against his wife's allegations of adultery and inappropriate conduct, he says.

"I cannot explain why Sara is waging a false media campaign, but I intend to defend myself in court and protect my children as best I can," Schelske said in a statement issued Tuesday.

He then thanked Jenna Jameson for her support. Just kidding.

Evans filed for divorce from Schelske last week. In court papers, she claims that Schelske had an affair with Alison Clinton, her friend and former nanny to their children.

Somewhere, Jude Law is giving Craig a mental high-five.

"I am crushed. I thought Sara was my friend. I have never been anything but loyal to her and her family," Clinton said through her attorney, Ronnie Berke. "I cannot understand this, but now I am forced to clear my name in order to preserve the best possible future for me and my family."

She then thanked Ron Jeremy for his support. No, we're kidding again.

Clinton also said that at her own recent wedding, Evans was the matron of honor and Schelske was a groomsman. She didn't mention if her husband minded that the groomsman had seen her naked.

Schelske praised Clinton's "courageous decision" to speak out "in the face of the cruel and false allegations leveled against her by Sara. No one should have to go through what Allison is being forced to endure, and she is in my prayers."

Evans, meanwhile, quit Dancing with the Stars last week to deal with issues in her personal life and is scheduled to make a statement on the show Tuesday night to explain her departure.

We'll certainly be tuning in. This is almost more exciting than the blossoming romance between performers, Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff.


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Could it actually cause problems in marriages?

Sara Evans Picture

Kate Hudson claimed she had no problem with husband Chris Robinson ogling other naked women - but how are those nuptials doing these days?

Now, country singer Sara Evans alleges in that her husband committed adultery, was verbally and emotionally abusive, drank excessively and - here it is - frequently watched pornography in their home.

Evans, 35, filed for divorce Thursday from Craig Schelske and announced through a spokesman that she was quitting ABC's Dancing With the Stars to "to give her family full attention at this difficult time."

The couple married in 1993 and have three children ages 7, 3 and 2. Schelske, 43, who is currently unemployed, ran for Congress as a Republican from Oregon's 5th District in 2002. He is a native of Salem, Oregon and could not immediately be reached for comment.

In the filing, Evans alleges that Schelske watched pornography - the Dustin Diamond sex tape, perhaps? - on the couples' computers and has at least 100 nude photographs of himself in a state of arousal. She also alleges that several photographs show Schelske having sex with other women.

According to the court documents, the oldest of the couple's children confronted Schelske when he was watching pornographic material on the television in their home. That just had to be awkward, even more so than the first time Samuel Plouchart saw Nicole Richie binge and purge.

Evans further alleges that Schelske frequently threatened her and "told her that she is crazy," threatened to take the children to Oregon and "continually interferes with her possession of and parenting time" with their children.

Evans requests child custody, possession of the couple's home and child support.

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On Dancing with the Stars, a lot more than simple hip swivels and dips are going down.

There have been rumors of hot romances (yes, we're looking at you, Mario and Karina) and unfortunate divorces. The latter has led to an unexpected shake up on the ABC reality competition.

Ricki Lake, Derek Hough Picture

Yesterday, country singer Sara Evans announced she was filing for divorce and quitting the contest.

Evans has been married to Craig Schelske, but needed to take this time off in order to put an end to their nuptials. Allen Brown, her representative at Sony BMG Music Entertainment, issued the following statement:

"Recent events that shed light on the status of her marriage prompted Ms. Evans to make the filing."

That doesn't sound too promising. Evans may need to join the Christie Brinkley support group for executing dealing with cheating husbands.

The couple has been married since 1993 and has three children.

Evans decided she needed to leave the TV show "to give her family her full attention at this difficult time," Brown said.

You can't fault someone for putting her family first. No one wants any Laguna Beach-like drama when kids are involved.

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