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It happened in 2005. But that doesn't make this story any less hilarious.

Sanjaya Picture

The mother of a certain crazy-haired, former American Idol favorite, Jillian Blyth, used to be a pot-growing potentate.

The Momjaya - credit TMZ for that classic pun - was pinched by the Pierce County Sheriff's Department in February 2005 in Pierce County, Washington after they found 310 marijuana plants in the Malakar family garage. That's almost as many stalkers as Hilary Duff has had.

When the 5.0 arrived, Shyamali Malakar, who was arrested for possession, directed the cops to another green-growing facility nearby, where they arrested Blyth and her husband, Charles Quist (Sanjaya's stepdad).

We're told there's actually mugshot of Shyamali, but it can't be made public because she was only 17 at the time of the bust.

Blyth could've gone to jail for up to five years after pleading guilty to one felony count of unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance, but got off with a relatively mellow 30-day sentence. Sanjaya Malakar, of course, was stuck with a lifetime sentence of no longer performing on American Idol after last week.

But at least now we know why he was so laid back on the show.

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Take this, James Blunt!

You may be having dirty sex with Paris Hilton, but your beautiful ex-girlfriend is making a move of her own. With one of the most popular American Idol contestants of all-time: Sanjaya Malakar.

Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman

Indeed, Petra Nemvoa took this unexpected picture with Sanjaya Saturday night at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

For whatever reason, People magazine included Malakar on its guest list for the event. Other celebrities in attendance included Teri Hatcher and Sheryl Crow.

Anyway, it's nice to see these kids getting along and everything - but we think Shyamali Malakar, Sanjaya's sister, would've made a more entertaining guest.

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First, we had to say goodbye to Haley Scarnato and her legs.

Now, American Idol viewers have finally bid farewell to Sanjaya Malakar and his hair.

American Idol Top Nine

The bandanna look just didn't work for Sanjaya this week. And the poor singing probably didn't help, either. He and Lakisha Jones received the fewest number of votes - and when Ryan Seacrest told the world it was finally time for Malakar to go home, the 17-year old fought back tears.

Nevertheless, Sanjaya had a great run. He may never sell as many records as Carrie Underwood, but far less talented people (we're looking at you, Kim Kardashian) have made it big.

We just hope Sanjaya's next career move isn't to pose nude with a guitar. Let's leave that up to his sister, Shyamali Malakar.

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He's already been named girl of the day.

But even we didn't expect Sanjaya Malakar to take it this far.

Katie Heigl Pic

The American Idol annoyance was recently seen performing in a snazzy white number... that was also sported by another Hollywood star... Grey's Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl.

That's right. The kid is officially cross-dressing. Hopefully, he got this outfit from sister Shyamali Malakar. Although we wouldn't bank on it, since she prefers life in the nude.

Bless her heart. Anyway, here's the evidence ... Who wins this fashion face-off?


We'll give the edge to the Grey's Anatomy star. The benefit of the doubt on this one goes to whomever brings talent to his or her craft. Oh yeah, and Heigl is much better looking (possibly even hotter than Haley Scarnato). Sorry, Sanjaya.

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This honor may be more rewarding that a spot in the finals of American Idol.

Or maybe not.

Sanjaya Picture

But it's certainly a lot funnier: Sanjaya Malakar is today's Maxim magazine Girl of the Day.

We know what you're thinking: Isn't new sex tape star Olivia Mojica a much better choice? And, well, isn't Sanjaya a dude?

The answers, of course, are: "yes" and "most likely." But here's how Maxim defends its selection:

You've no one but the Devil's lawyer to blame for this androgynous American Idol stowaway, who, despite being detested by the judges, somehow remains in the hunt for the show's coveted prize as this year's top 40 footnote. We stopped watching after the auditions (the only digestible part of the show), but it's our understanding that we have Sanjaya to thank for the "ponyhawk," a hair-novation destined to tickle your underarm as you noogie hordes of copycat hipsters.

Makes sense to us.

But if we were going the Idol route for a featured female, Alaina Alexander or Haley Scarnato would come before Sanjaya. That guy can't win everything.

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The war in Iraq and Sanjaya Malakar.

These are pretty much the two most debated topics in the country right now. With that in mind, let's hear what certain celebrities have to say about this American Idol hopeful:

Pia Toscano on Motown Night

Mary J. Blige: I don't think he's horrible, but everybody's making it where he's just horrible. I've heard worse.

Diana DeGarmo: I believe more power to him. If he can do it, go for it.

Joel Madden: I'm hoping he wins because Howard Stern has been trying to get him votes, and I love Howard.

Kevin Nealon: I'm not a 'Fanjaya,' but I like that he's still in there. It's fun seeing how long Sanjaya will stay.

Haylie Duff: I've only seen his hairdos. I've never heard him sing.

Kevin Bacon: Young kids like him because he's so fresh-faced and open. That's the appeal, I think. American Idol is for people to have fun, to be entertained. You can't take it too seriously.

Adam Goldberg: Just because it's a train wreck, I'd like to see Sanjaya win to see if there's some crazy revolution that takes place. I think it's the same reason I watch that show and other shows like it for that matter. I think I â€" and America in general â€" just like to hate things. I wish I was above that, but I'm not. So I enjoy things that piss me off.

Rex Lee (Entourage): He's incredibly entertaining! I love that his hair is different every week. It's ingenious.

The next issue celebrities will weigh in on? Whether or not CariDee English is a zombie.

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Yes, you read that right. Forget Matthew McConaughey, George Clooney and their annual battle for Sexiest Man Alive honors. This battle is for the complete opposite (dis)honor.

This list, compiled by the amazing Boston Phoenix, is chock full of irritating smirks, bad haircuts, possible murders and some seriously ugly mugs. Yup, the Phoenix list of The 100 Unsexiest Men Alive has it all, and we've got the highlights...

Stupid Speidi

100. Tom Cruise. The heat that Tom Cruise emitted early in his career has long evaporated, leaving only a smirking corpse in its wake. Cruise struts around like a smaller, yappy version of Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, but comes off creepier, given his campaign to impregnate and wed enslave hot actresses.

92. Osama bin Laden. Here's a man that could use a makeover. Note to Osama: camouflage jackets have been out since the millennium. Sure, there's not a surplus of hip outlets â€" or even dry cleaners â€" in the caves of Afghanistan. But come on.

87. Joe Simpson. The former Baptist minister relentlessly pimps his daughters (Ashlee and what's-her-name) to MTV, John Mayer and Pete Wentz, then makes ourskin crawl by ogling his offspring's endowments. Gnarly.

79. Joe Francis. Skeezy creator of Girls Gone Wild stuck it to Paris Hilton and Tara Reid. If doing that disease-ridden duo wasn't enough to warrant his place on this list, he's headed to jail on contempt-of-court charges.

56. Kim Jong-Il. Besides an uncanny resemblance to Tom Cruise, the deranged North Korean demigod is a porn connoisseur, binge drinker and womanizer. Oh, and a mass murderer with nukes.

45. The Duke Lacrosse Team
. You go to Duke. You play lacrosse. Yet your social life is so barren that you've got to rent a couple of cut-rate strippers? You dudes are guilty... of having no game whatsoever.

35. Kevin Federline. Would've placed even higher had Britney Spears not gone off the deep end and made FedEx look relatively stable by comparison.

33. Spencer Pratt. This obnoxious star of the MTV "documentary" series The Hills (left) has greasy hair, a veiny neck and forehead, circa 1994 gold chains and a cast-iron jaw. Yet he still manages to get Playboy playmates' numbers (while straight up playing Heidi Montag and making Lauren Conrad's life a living hell). Spencer Pratt, we loathe thee.

30. Howie Mandel. Few things are less sexy than obsessive-compulsive disorder and fear of touching others. That spells bad news for the freaky host of Deal or No Deal. No deal, Howie Mandel. No deal.

28. Dustin Diamond. Deviant, cretinous former child star who scammed his fans by selling shirts to help him avoid foreclosure â€" there were no such proceedings against him. Then there was the Dustin Diamond sex tape in which Screech gave two skanks the Dirty Sanchez.

27. Mr. Blackwell. His relevance is on life-support, but he nonetheless makes the news every year with his embarrassing list of the best- and worst-dressed celebrity fashion offenders.

25. O.J. Simpson. We're not even gonna go there.

23. Pete Doherty. "Heroin chic" is predicated on being able to do lots and lots of drugs without looking like a skid-row pin cushion. Somehow Pete Doherty (below) didn't get the memo. By association, he made coked-up gal-pal Kate Moss unsexy, too, for which men the world over will curse him forever.

20. Jared Fogle. Ubiquity and over-exposure has turned a merely annoying ex-fatty Subway pitchman into a serious pain in the ass.

18. Mel Gibson. Hateful director with massive alcohol problem.

11. Perez Hilton. Exponentially overhyped celebrity gossip blogger whose sense of entitlement far outweighs his contribution to society. Oh yeah, Perez Hilton is also gross.

7. Sanjaya Malakar. The class clown of American Idol is operating under the delusion that he's the class stud. Shyamali Malakar, on the other hand...

6. Don Imus. Long before Don Imus (below, left) got the ax for calling the Rutgers womens' basketball team a bunch of "nappy-headed hos," this talk-show troll established himself as one of the ugliest faces in an industry that prizes them.

3. Howard K. Stern. We understood the zillion-year-old billionaire: Anna Nicole Smith would sleep with anything for money. But her dalliance with this glassy-eyed salamander of a man (above, right) forced Americans to lower her standards: she'd screw anything with... kidneys? At least she was smart enough not to have a baby with him.

1. Donald Trump. It's not the greed, the preposterous comb-over, or the public bullying that turns us off any more: it's the pursed lips and the scrunched stare. Actually, scratch that: it's still the hair, the greed, and the bullying.

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 TV host Carson Daly has seen both Tara Reid and Jennifer Love Hewitt nude.

It's hard to say how that affects his judgment, but the former MTV video jockey has chosen a surprising American Idol favorite this year.

"I'm just enjoying it now because of this whole idea that [Sanjaya Malakar] might win," Daly told People magazine Thursday at a party for the five-year anniversary of his show Last Call at Social Hollywood.

Daly is impressed by Malakar's style more than his singing skills. Of course, he may wish to change his vote to Olivia Mojica now that her sex tape has been leaked.

"I think there's a lot of people like me that may not watch it every single week"or have a deep passion for American Idol, but now we're hooked," Daly said, "because of this idea that this guy's got a new haircut every day."

So there you have it, folks. American Idol has been reduced to fans cheering on haircuts over vocal talents. No way this bodes well for Melinda Doolittle.

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Sanjaya Malakar is a budding music god.

He takes his influence from many popular musicians of our time, butchering their songs and worming his way into America's collective heart with each brutal week.

Sanjaya Picture

But it turns out the biggest reason for his success might be his look-alike sister, Shyamali Malakar. See hot picture below. Yow. How you doin'? It's clear who got the good genes in this family (much like Cameron Federline)..

Her MySpace profile reveals how dedicated some Sanjaya Malakar fans are, with one of Shyamali's loser MySpace friends remarking that they voted for the American Idol hopeful - ready for this? - 540 times.

And we thought Rose McGowan was a huge fan.

A sexy 20-year-old, Shyamali Malakar also states on her MySpace profile that she's a college student and she doesn't smoke, but interestingly enough, she does drink.

Can we get her on the next season of The Hills?

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Everyone's weighing in on the phenomenon that is American Idol.

That includes the feisty Rose McGowan, who recently revealed her favorite contestant.

Rose McGowan Photograph

The pick: Sanjaya Malakar.
The reason: "He's horrible!"

That pretty much sums it up right there.

According to TMZ, Rose McGowan was recently spotted at LAX, where some dumb cameramen confused the sultry, clad-in-black Grindhouse starlet for Angelina Jolie.

This amused the light-heated McGowan, who used to date Marilyn Manson.

When asked if she was into American Idol, she confessed that she's pulling for that "funny Indian kid" to win this season, and she loves him because "he's so horrible, he's great."

This is in contrast to Idol host Ryan Seacrest, who picked Jordin Sparks because, you know, she's actually talented. But hey, to each their own.

McGowan's advice to Sanjaya Malakar going forward: "Keep on keepin' on with your bad voice and bad hair, America loves it."

Not to mention the fried chicken.

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