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It's a heck of a lot of fun, and sometimes, a celebrity like Hilary Duff will even be nice and let you off the hook afterwards. But in the case of one California woman, the party's over. Restraining order style.

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Actress Sandra Bullock was granted court protection against the fan she says repeatedly visited her home and tried to run over her husband, Jesse James.

Sandra Bullock testified Friday that on five different occasions, Marcia Valentine (pictured) left in her yard palm fronds adorned with "weird signs" and "pieces of animal fur."

Oooh. Holly Madison and PETA aren't gonna be happy 'bout that.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Thomas Borris said he found "clear and convincing evidence" of stalking and issued a three-year restraining order.

The ruling prohibits Marcia Valentine from contacting or coming within 500 yards of Bullock, Jesse James or his three children from a previous marriage.

The judge has also given the Crash star and her hubby permission to record any phone calls or videotape Valentine if she were to violate the order.

Valentine did not attend the hearing. She may have moved on and taken up stalking some other famous woman, such as Ricki Lake.

Valentine, 45, of Huntington Beach, was arrested in April for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon after trying to run over James with a car.

She remains free on $25,000 bail pending a May 22 hearing. Prosecutors are still reviewing the case and have not decided whether to file charges.

Bullock said that after Valentine was spotted April 22 outside the couple's home in Sunset Beach, James went outside and tried to write down the woman's license plate when she aimed her Mercedes-Benz at him.

"I saw him go behind her car to get the license number. She got angry," said Bullock, who was also harassed by another crazy dude last year.

James, the former host of the reality TV hit Monster Garage, was not hurt.

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Sandra Bullock has filed a lawsuit in to make sure she is alerted when her alleged stalker is released from a mental-health facility in Tennessee.

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Thomas James Weldon, currently a patient at the Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute, was hit with a restraining order in 2003, and must stay at least 200 feet away from Bullock. In May, that order was extended until June 2009, but the Michigan man may receive a 90-day leave this month.

Bullock's lawsuit, filed last week on behalf of her production company, Fortis Films, calls on Tennessee authorities to comply with a California court order requiring she be notified upon Weldon's release.

When requesting an extension of the restraining order, Bullock said Weldon had been stalking her from Michigan to Texas and California, sending her e-mails and faxes and leaving voice mails "indicating he wants to have a relationship with her."

Her lawyer said Weldon admits to suffering from schizophrenia. Fortis Films is not seeking monetary damages, but asks Tennessee to pay any costs to comply with the order.

Just another case of psycho peeps stalking the celebs we know and love. Once in awhile, however, the tables turn and crazy famous people like Tom Cruise stalk ex-ballplayers.

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