Saleisha Stowers is the ninth winner of America's Next Top Model. She's much better looking than the original champion, Adrianne Curry.

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With a victory in America's Next Top Model behind her, what's in front of Saleisha Stowers?

Our friends at BuddyTV sat down with the beauty and asked questions along that line:

What's life been like since you finished filming? You had to be quiet about it, so is it just sinking in now that you won?
Oh my gosh, yes. When I went home, I just kind of left it away, I didn't want to think about it. So now it's like it's actually real, you know? I'm actually here, sitting here, talking on the phone with you, and I'm America's Top Model. It's kind of crazy, but I'm so overjoyed and I'm so thankful. I couldn't be happier right now.

So now that you won, next season we get to see your "My Life as a Cover Girl" commercials. We're wondering what's day one like for you? What's today been like?
Today has been exhausting, so crazy. I've been up since four o'clock this morning, I've had interviews all day, meeting with Cover Girl, Seventeen, and Elite, so it's been crazy. It's going to be exciting to see that on "My Life as a Cover Girl," so I can't wait.

How long have you wanted to be a model? Is that a dream you've had since you were little?

Yeah, I really got into it and really wanted to do this when I was about 15. I've just really been pushing for it ever since. I kind of let it go for awhile as I finished school and working and stuff, but now I'm really pushing for it because this is something I've wanted for so long.

Go read the full interview with Stowers now.


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It's a day of America's Next Top Model news!

Tyra Banks just backtracked from supposedly saying Britney Spears should commit suicide.

Adrianne Curry has dished on husband Christopher Knight, oral sex and a lot more to Playboy in an interview.

Meanwhile, coming in under the radar of the show's current host and original winner is this year's champion: Saleisha Stowers was named the ninth victor of America's Next Top Model last night.

Saleisha Stowers, America's Next Top Model.