Ron Jeremy as a big penis. Why else would he be a porn star?

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It takes more than multiple surgeries and a heart aneurysm to prevent Ron Jeremy from becoming erect… in bed, that is, as the porn star has offered up photographic evidence of his improving condition.

Jeremy was hospitalized a week ago and even placed in critical condition, but his rep tells TMZ the actor is "alert and awake and in his own room on the road to recovery."

That much is evident based on this picture:

Ron Jeremy Hospital Pic

Adds Jeremy himself:

"Thank you ALL for the concern & well wishes, I'm doing very well thanks to modern technology!"

It sure sounds like Ron will be up and in at 'em in no time.

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We have an update on world famous porn star Ron Jeremy, who was hospitalized yesterday after suffering an aneurysm near his heart.

Ron Jeremy Breast Signing

Sources tell TMZ that Jeremy is resting at Cedars-Sinai after undergoing surgery yesterday and will remain there for at least two weeks, as physicians want to monitor his heart and vital signs.

"Ron is in ICU and will be there for a few days, but and will remain at the hospital... until doctors can see how he reacts to the surgeries," an insider says.

Warning to all nurses: you might wanna stick around the upper half of Jeremy's first thing each morning.

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Ron Jeremy, best known around the world for his nine-inch penis, has been hospitalized for a major problem near another body part.

Ron Jeremy Photograph

Mike Esterman, the porn star's manager, confirms to TMZ that Jeremy drove himself to Cedars-Sinai yesterday after suffering chest pains.

Physicians then examined him and discovered an aneurysm close to his heart. The condition has since grown more dire and the 59-year old will undergo surgery today.

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When we discovered that a staff member of The Hollywood Gossip went to high school with porn star Mary Carey, we thought that was funny, random news.

But it's nothing compared to this recently unearthed tidbit: In the early 70s, the former CIA director George Tenet attended Cardozo High School in Bayside, NY with adult film legend Ron Jeremy!

Tenet and Jeremy (who's real last name is Hyatt) even played on the soccer team together. This, of course, raises numbers questions:

  1. Did Tenet ever touch Jeremy's balls?
  2. Did Dustin Diamond and Mario Lopez also attend Bayside with this pair?
  3. Has Tenet also seen Paris Hilton nude?

Reportedly, Tenet also served as editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, while Ron's thing was theater. Fully clothed theater, we assume.

We just can't wait until the next random celebrity/porn star connection is made. Perhaps Condoleeza Rice went to nursery school with Jenna Jameson.

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We could imagine Spencer Pratt grabbing random women's breasts. The guy is a major loser.

But Ron Jeremy? This is a man who truly may have seen more boobs than any male in the history of the world.

Nevertheless, TMZ reports that the legendary porn star could face battery charges after a woman filed a police report claiming Ron copped an unwanted feel, and then signed her cleavage without permission.

The alleged incident occurred Saturday during the Exotica porn convention in Miami Beach. According to the police report, Leslie Sanchez approached Jeremy for an autograph, with her husband in tow.

Sanchez - who obviously entertains Kim Kardashian-like dreams to be in attendance in the first place - and her husband claim Jeremy was happy to oblige, but then he allegedly "reached towards the victim and stuck his hands under victim's blouse."

Sanchez then claims Jeremy "reached inside her bra and grabbed her nipple. He pulled the nipple up and took out victim's breast and signed his name on it."

According to the police report, Sanchez "never gave Ron Jeremy permission to touch her." Sanchez also claims she has photos of the incident, which would probably prompt Victoria Beckham to flaunt her cleavage even more, lest attention go to anyone else's chest.

TMZ spoke with Jeremy who vigorously denied any wrongdoing.

"First of all, there was security around me at all times. If they had a problem, why wouldn't they have said something at that point? I probably signed about 150 boobs that weekend, all of which I sign 'RJ with a heart' and if I would've touched a breast, I might have cupped it while I signed.

Rules of the convention were that you can not expose a breast, so I never did. And if this was a couple, I always ask permission of the male to sign the breast before I do it. Some people waited an hour for me to sign their breast. My line was second only to Jenna Jameson's."

So far, no charges have been filed against Jeremy. And we hope none ever are. The man may have a lot of sex, but this is no Jason Wahler. Ron isn't a criminal.

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Any story about Paris Hilton and a porn star really should come as no surprise.

First, there was the burgeoning friendship between Paris and Jenna Jameson. Those two probably had a lot of sexual partners in common things to talk about.

Paris and Doug Celebrate

And now, rumors from several years ago that Paris and pal Bijou Phillips had played a game of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" with Ron Jeremy are being solidified as disgusting fact.

In his autobiography, "Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz," Jeremy confirms that the trio slipped into a ladies-room stall at the Chateau Marmont, whereupon there was more flashing and nudity going on than a typical Tuesday night for Lindsay Lohan.

It's too bad for Jeremy that all he got was a glimpse of Hilton - after all, according to Joe Francis, she's very good at actually doing stuff with her private parts, as well.

What a ho.

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In case you thought that we were lying about Ron Jeremy hanging out with K-Fed and his clique in Vegas... here's a picture to prove it.

Ron Jeremy Side View

The Gossip would never tell a lie. Trust us. In any case, what more really needs to be said about the picture above? Not a whole lot. Except for the fact that Ron, being an adult film star, may very well have boned Kevin's mom.

Shifting gears, we have learned that the deadbeat spouse of Britney Spears -- despite never working a day in his life, and achieving fame only through mooching off his immensely hot, talented wife -- is already looking to add "actor" to his illustrous career resume.

In gearing up for his performance on the Teen Choice Awards on August 20, Federline told reporters that he would love to be in a movie.

"I've already been offered a couple of scripts. The most interesting one was a role as a drug dealer, starring Ben Affleck's brother (Casey). I was supposed to audition, but I got really sick and couldn't make it," he said.

"Sick," he says. Translation: Stoned.


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Every time we believe that the adventures of Britney Spears and her aspiring rap star husband, Kevin Federline, cannot get any weirder, the bar is somehow raised yet again.

Try and wrap your brain around this one. The Gossip has learned from the celebrity stalkers at the New York Post that, during Federline's recent trip to Vegas to shoot his upcoming music disgrace video, his mother was spotted partying in a VIP sky box at Tao Las Vegas.

Kevin Federline and Posse

With Ron Jeremy.

While K-Fed and wife Brit dined downstairs, the original Mrs. Federline reportedly partied with porn star Jeremy upstairs at the club. Ron had no comment on whether he thinks Tori Spelling enjoys his work, or would like to star in an X-rated flick. Probably because no one asked.

No one seems to know where Jeremy and the woman who brought Federline into this cruel world met, or why they were hanging out, or what transpired during their interaction. But we are confident saying that it's funny enough as is.

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