Robin Williams is a funny man whose had some alcohol problems to deal with. We hope he's feeling better now.

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Shortly after Robin Williams committed suicide back in August, rumors began to surface as to what may have caused the comedy legend to take his own life.

Williams' wife revealed that the actor suffered from Parkinson's disease just days after he was found dead, and it was widely believed that the diagnosis contributed to his tragic final decision.

Robin Williams in The Crazy Ones

While it remains likely that Williams' was in a distraught state as a result of his illness, a newly released coroner's report reveals that there were likely several other factors negatively influencing his mental state as well.

The report states that Williams was suffering from paranoia and extreme anxiety in the weeks before his death.

His family became concerned with his erratic behavior, and the report details one recent incident in which Williams placed several wristwatches in a sock and gave them to a friend for safe keeping.

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Zelda Williams has come up with a new way to honor her father.

The daughter of Robin Williams, who tragically took his own life on August 11, debuted a permanent reminder of her dad on Instagram this week.

It’s a tattoo of a hummingbird in flight on her right hand, and it’s inked above her father’s birthdate, 7/21/51.

Note that she did not include his date of death.

Zelda Williams Tattoo

“For poppo," Williams captioned the image, adding:

“I'll always put my hand out to shake with a smile” and then thanking the tattoo artist responsible for “so beautifully bringing my reminders to life."

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After news broke that Robin Williams had committed suicide back in August, fans mourned the loss of one of the sharpest comedic minds the world has ever known.

While his existing body of work will be enjoyed for generations to come, it seemed impossible to imagine that someone so lively and animated as Williams would never again grace the screen with his distinct blend of manic energy and real human emotion.

Fortunately, before he died, Williams wrapped filming on a dark holiday comedy titled Merry Friggin' Christmas. The trailer for Robin's final film was released online earlier today.

In the film, Williams plays the cantankerous father of Joel McHale and Clark Duke who must make an emergency last-minute road trip with his adult children in order to "save Christmas."

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Robin Williams' daughter Zelda has returned to Twitter, refusing to be defined by the bullies who forced her off last month in the wake of her father's suicide.

Zelda Williams quit the social media site days following Robin's death August 13, but is now back. The 25-year-old tweeted "Thank you" on Monday.

What was the younger Williams thankful for?

Zelda and Robin Williams

A quote from Harvey Fierstein, which reads: "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."

Some words to live by right there.

Zelda previously announced that she would be leaving Twitter and Instagram after she encountered some negativity about Robin. She wrote on Instagram:

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Pat Robertson knows why Robin Williams committed suicide.

We'll let the televangelist himself explain.

"You see these very popular people in the media who commit suicide, like Robin Williams recently, and you say, ‘What is the deal with him? What happened?"

Well, Pat Robertson??!? Please tell us!

"The god of the heathen are idols, and everything that you seek in life can ruin you unless that something and somebody is God himself,” Robertson said on The 700 Club last night, concluding:

"You won’t want to commit suicide after you have come to Him."

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Robin Williams. What a concept.

This is how Billy Crystal concluded a funny, moving tribute to his very good friend Robin Williams, who took his own life two weeks ago yesterday.

The comedian and actor took to the stage toward the end of last night's Emmy Awards and shared personal stories about Williams, from the time he pretended to be a Russian baseball fan to the way Williams would interact with Crystal's Jewish relatives.

"As genius as he was on stage, he was the greatest friend you could ever imagine – supportive, protective, loving," Crystal said. "It's very hard to talk about him in the past because he is so present in our lives. He was the brightest star in our comic galaxy."

Crystal and Williams (along with Whoopi Goldberg) were longtime co-hosts on HBO's Comic Relief specials, which benefitted the homeless. They also starred together in the 1997 film Fathers' Day.

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The MTV Video Music Awards, a ceremony typically best known for revealing outfits and risque performances, turned serious for a few moments tonight.

The event paid tribute to Robin Williams, the Oscar-winning actor who took his own life two weeks ago, with a short montage of pictures of the star, backed by Coldplay‘s “A Sky Full of Stars."

Watch the video here:

Williams died of asphyxia due to hanging, using his own belt to commit suicide inside his northern California home earlier this month.

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Robin Williams has officially been laid to rest.

According to the late star’s death certificate, the Oscar winner has been cremated and his ashes scattered in San Francisco bay.

Mork (Mork & Mindy)
The role that started it all. Robin Williams starred as an alien on the late 1970s sitcom Mork & Mindy.

The document also states lists Williams' cause of death as "pending investigation” and states his funeral took place at Monte's Chapel of the Hills, a funeral home in San Anselmo, California.

Williams, of course, was found dead in his home on August 11, having seemingly taken his own life.

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For the first time since Robin Williams committed suicide last Monday, David Letterman hosted a new edition of The Late Show.

And the comedian took a full 10 minutes of air time to pay tribute to his late friend, who Letterman had known for 38 years at the time of Robin's death.

"He was on our show, this show and the old show, a total of nearly 50 times," Letterman said. "Two things would happen because Robin was on the program. One, I didn't have to do anything. All I had to do was sit here and watch the machine.

"Two, people would watch! If they knew Robin was on the show, the viewership would go up because they wanted to see Robin. Believe me, that wasn't just true of television, I believe that was true of the kind of guy he was. People were drawn to him because of this electricity."

Letterman also included a montage of clips from Williams' appearance on his program and choked up after they aired, telling the audience:

"Beyond being a very talented man, and a good friend, and a gentleman, I'm sorry, like everybody else, I had no idea that the man was in pain, that the man was suffering. What a guy, Robin Williams."

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In the wake of his shocking death, a fan made this beautiful Robin Williams tribute video.

Prior to his death, however, Williams was the one who filmed a special video, one that takes on extra sad and chilling meaning considering the actor's suicide.

The footage is dedicated to Vivian Waller, a 21-year old New Zealand resident who is suffering from lung, bowel and liver cancer.

After being diagnosed, Waller put meeting Williams on her bucket list, a wish that made it way across the globe to the star - and which resulted in Williams filming a message for this terminally-ill fan.

Watch the comedian channel Matthew McConaughey in making Waller's dream come true:

Late last week, Robin's wife said her husband had started to suffer from Parkinson's Disease at the time of his death, though she did not directly link his suicide to that illness.

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