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From 2005 to 2014, Robin Thicke was married to Paula Patton. During most of that time, Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't fat, and headed up a crack team of A-list ladies' men affectionately referred to as "the p-ssy posse."

These days, Leo has beefed up and he and Robin are both pushing 40, but that doesn't mean the once and future King of the World can't bust out his famous "Ladies?" smirk to help out a friend in need.

  • Thicke, Robin
  • Leonardo DiCaprio at 2014 Golden Globes
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As you've probably heard, Patton filed for divorce from Thicke last week despite his long, intensive campaign of groveling and begging her to take him back.

Now that it's officially over, Thicke decided celebrate by hitting the town with two of the biggest vagina magnets in Hollywood: Leo and Tom Hardy.

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No blurred lines here - Paula Patton is making her intentions plain as day.

First, Patton filed for divorce from Robin Thicke, now she's stopped hiding the fact that she's shacking up with new boyfriend Zak Walters.

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  • Paula Patton Goes Stag
  • Zak Waters Photo

"Zak moved in with her a couple weeks ago," a source tells Radar Online. "They are very happy together and he treats her how she deserves to be treated."

Though Paula is still not speaking to the press, the news of her new relationship was confirmed recently when Waters posted a photo from inside her apartment with a caption reading, "My new view."

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Despite his best/most pathetic efforts, Robin Thicke has officially lost Paula Patton.

The actress has filed for divorce from the singer, approximately eight months after the couple announced its separation via joint statement. It read:

"We will always love each other and be best friends; however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time."

Paula Patton, Robin Thicke
Paula Patton and husband Robin Thicke. They make a cute couple, wouldn't you agree?

However, it took a very long time for Thicke to admit that his marriage was over.

He went on a public apology/pleading tour over the spring, often dedicating songs to Patton and openly telling his estranged wife that he missed her. It was sort of sweet and sort of creepy at the same time.

At the Billboard Music Awards, for example, Thicke debuted a song titled "Get Het Back." The artist did not specialize in subtlety. 

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Last we heard from Robin Thicke, he wasn't doing well.

Thicke admitted to alcohol and pain pill addictions in a recent deposition that stemmed from a lawsuit over whether he'd plagiarized his 2013 hit, "Blurred Lines."

Laying It on Thicke

Thicke confessed to not remembering much of the whirlwind few months following the song's release, during which time he became a world-famous pop star and got dumped by Paula Patton, his wife of nine years.

It was a startling admission from a man who seemed to be on top of the world just one year ago.

But even though Robin is aware of his problems to the point that he's willing to open up about them in court, sources say his addictions have only gotten worse in recent months:

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Even though "Blurred Lines" was 2013's undisputed "song of the summer" the catchy smash hit has since become a source of never-ending headaches for its singer, Robin Thicke.

Laying It on Thicke

Thicke is being sued over "Blurred Lines" by the family of legendary soul singer Marvin Gaye. They claim that Thicke stole the rhythm and basic melody of the song from Gaye's 1977 classic "Got to Give It Up."

Thicke basically admits that "Lines" is plagiarized in a bizarre, rambling deposition that just went public today. However, he says he's not responsible, as his collaborator Pharrell "wrote the whole thing pretty much by himself."

"I was high on Vicodin and alcohol when I showed up to the studio," Thicke tells lawyers when asked about the song. "I thought I wanted...I wanted to be more involved than I was by the time nine months later when the song became a huge hit...I was jealous and wanted some of the credit."

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Remember when MTV (music television) actually used to play music videos on TV? Yeah, we do too. Pour one out for the good ol' days...

After three years of airing 'round-the-clock music, MTV unleashed a phenomenon known as Video Music Awards upon the world in 1984.

The idea? To celebrate the artists that brought our favorite tunes to life on the small screen and intersperse said awards with live performances from those very artists.

That was probably where MTV went wrong. Or very, very right.

What happened after that first very crazy VMA show in 1984 when Madonna's "Like a Virgin" took on new life was that the ante was summarily upped.

Every musical act to come would need to bring their A-Game if they'd make headlines the next morning. Plenty of them, from Madge to Miley, managed to do just fine.

In honor of the 30th MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night, let's take a walk down memory lane to relive the 17 craziest moments in VMA history ...

Like a Virgin
Madonna didn't intend to writhe around on the stage during her 1984 performance of "Like a Virgin." She lost one of her shoes and the rest became history.

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It hasn't been a great week for love in Hollywood.

Ariana Grande split from Jai Brooks because he wasn't supportive of her. Ramona Singer ended her marriage because her husband Mario was unfaithful.

Joe Jonas stopped giving it to Blanda Eggenschwiler. Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran ... we don't know what is going on there. But it appears to be over.

But at least all of the above take solace in the following: they aren't alone. Far from it, in fact, as a number of high-profile romances have already met their demise in 2014. 

We're not taking sides. We're not judging the basis for these break-ups. We're just running down the celebrities who have found themselves single so far this year:

Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks
Say it isn't so!!!! Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks, stunningly, called it quits in September 2014.

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Having met with a divorce lawyer to assess her crumbling union, Kendra Wilkinson also needs to let loose to make sure she doesn't get totally depressed.

Enter Robin Thicke, a man who knows a thing or two about crumbling marriages!

Stepping out with her girlfriends for the second time in as many weeks, the mother of two had dinner at Aventine Hollywood before hitting up a nearby lounge.

  • Hank and Kendra Pic
  • Laying It on Thicke

"Kendra had a couple of drinks ... she was being social and dancing," says the source, who notes that Thicke and rapper Too Short hung with her.

"It was a super fun night, but nothing too crazy." Like closing down the club.

That said, things on the home front are less of a party.

Despite reports that Kendra is looking to capitalize on Hank Baskett's cheating scandal, People sources say there's likely no going back to him now.

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Robin Thicke and Paula Patton separated back in March, inspiring Thicke to pen countless musical tributes in an effort to save his marriage.

Many began to wonder if Thicke and Patton had faked their breakup, as the timing seemed suspiciously well-coordinated with the release of Thicke's latest studio album (titled, of course, Paula).

Paula Patton, Robin Thicke
Paula Patton and husband Robin Thicke. They make a cute couple, wouldn't you agree?

Now it seems there was nothing fraudulent about Robin's pain after all, as TMZ reports that Thicke has given up his reconciliation efforts and is now waiting for Patton to file for divorce.

Yes, though he's said to have admitted privately that his marriage will soon be over, Thicke refuses to be the one to officially end it. 

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Robin Thicke and Paula Patton broke up back in March, but many fans and industry insiders expressed their suspicions that the couple's marital woes were part of a ploy to promote Robin's new album.

Claims that Robin and Paula faked their separation seemed to be substantiated by Thicke's constant musical pleas to "get her back."

How did he write all these lovelorn songs so fast? Does he expect us to believe that the timing of the split just happened to coincide with the release of his new album?

Well, according to an interview Robin gave New York radio station Hot 97 today, the breakup is real. So real in fact, that he hasn't seen the mother of his child in four months!

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