Robbie Williams is talented. But the troubled British pop star has problems with alcohol.

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British pop star Robbie Williams has been holding a secret, and he just can't keep it any longer: He and wife Ayda Field are expecting their first child!

We'll let the singer express his excitement over the news via a blog entry he posted this morning...

Robbie Williams, Wife

"Me and Ayda are going to be mummy and daddy this year … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had sex! It works!” Williams wrote on his website. “We’ve seen scans and cried … looked at babies in commercials and teared up … the nursery is already planned. Basically I’m in love with a little person growing in mummy’s belly."

The couple got married in 2010 and Robbie says he "can’t wait to be a daddy.”

We wish this growing family nothing but the best!

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Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have made it official.

The couple, who met back in 2006, exchanged vows Saturday in front of about 75 friends and family members at the UK pop star's Beverly Hills home.

"The ceremony was very beautiful and romantic," a source said.

"At last, Rob is happy," the star's dad, Pete Conway, told the News of the World. "That's what you want for your kids. This is the happiest I've seen him. Ayda is so beautiful, so delightful, so lovely and just so right for him. They are brilliant together."

Ayda Field is now Mrs. Robbie Williams!

After the romantic 30-minute ceremony, guests enjoyed a cocktail reception followed by a gourmet sit-down dinner. Happily ever after to follow.

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Music mogul Simon Cowell has blasted troubled stars Britney Spears and Robbie Williams for checking into rehab, insisting they have no idea of what hard life really is.

The outspoken American Idol judge recently visited an impoverished nation, and after witnessing the horrific conditions people are forced to live in, he believes Spears and Williams' problems pale in comparison.

Wax Britney

Spears, who appears to have lost her mind, is currently in Promises in Malibu, Calif., following months of hard drinking and partying, while Williams is seeking treatment for an addiction to painkillers at The Meadows clinic in Arizona.

"This whole thing is a total indulgence. Britney and Robbie Williams need to get a grip," Cowell said. "I don't know what's going on in Britney's head, but my attitude is I couldn't care less. She should go back and live with her mum for six months."

"I went to a deprived part of the world recently... It really opened my eyes. You can feel sorry for yourself over the smallest things, but then you look at the world and you think, 'I've got nothing to complain about.'

"So when I hear about the Robbies and the Britneys checking into rehab, I think, 'I'll tell you what rehab is. Go to where I just went, where people are really suffering, and then you'll see just how good your life is.'

"I mean Britney Spears is not working in a coal mine is she? You are whisked to the studio in a very large limo, you are flown around in private jet, everyone will agree with you, and physically making an album is a doddle."

As usual, Simon hit the nail on the head. Much like when he came to defense of Antonella Barba. His comments about Britney may seem harsh, but hey, the truth hurts sometimes.

There's no doubt Britney could use six months out of the public eye, just spending time with Sean Preston and Jayden James. Don't hate Simon for saying what we're all thinking.

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