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Last week's elimination on Dancing with the Stars was shocking for Cheryl Burke, who says she knows she and Rob Kardashian have to work that much harder now.

"It should not have happened," she said of Kristin Cavallari being sent packing.

"I believed Kristin and Mark were going to last for the long haul, so it's really scary because it doesn't matter what score you get - you could be the one eliminated."

Rob and Cheryl

Cheryl says she's proud of her partner and that his best days lie ahead.

"I think that Rob really came out of his shell [last] week, and he stands out because people didn't have high expectations for him," Burke told People.

"Every week he's showing that he cares about this competition and he's improving. He's super competitive and wants to do well. I think he's turning his reputation around, and people are really starting to like him and root for him."

The attitude adjustment is more key than you think. In a season where fan support and charisma may mean more than ever, it could carry him far.

DWTS returns tonight. Who do you think will win this season?


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Rob Kardashian is in it to win it.

Thought by many, including this website, to be one of the weaker celebrities on Dancing With the Stars this fall, he's going strong after two weeks.

After Rob danced the jive on Monday, Carrie Ann Inaba proclaimed that Rob is better than Kim Kardashian at dancing. He could have quit right there.

Turns out he's just getting started.

Rumored to be an aloof slacker and only doing DWTS because his mom made him, Rob is practicing harder than ever, working out more in the gym AFTER rehearsals, and even bringing partner Cheryl Burke lunch every day.

Looks like someone's trying to prove a point.

Who will win DWTS? Vote in our poll below:

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Rob Kardashian will not win Dancing With the Stars, but he's officially won bragging rights after a strong jive routine with partner Cheryl Burke last night.

"It's official," Carrie Ann Inaba said, bestowing a compliment he'll never let his sister live down. "Rob Kardashian is a better dancer than Kim Kardashian!"

"No disrespect to Kim," Inaba continued, before heaping more praise. "But you have the dancing gene, honey. It's nice to see your confidence coming out."

Bruno Tonioli agreed, telling the reality star he'd started "to blossom," while Len Goodman praised Rob for his "great improvement" since last week.

Despite having a famous family, Rob Kardashian struggles with all eyes on him. "I'm scared as hell," he admitted during rehearsal for the ABC show.

"I don't feel great about myself at all. To be in front of people knowing I'm insecure with my weight, and I say I have man boobs jokingly, but it's true."

"Being surrounded by all these dancers who are in great shape, it's just hard to be around and [then] be able to put yourself out there like that."

With his score of 21, Kardashian tied Elisabetta Canalis, Chynna Phillips and Nancy Grace, just two points shy of Ricki Lake's field-leading total of 23.

Look for Rob to be easily safe tonight and live to show up Kim another week.

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The Kardashian sisters are as confused by this week's Dancing with the Stars results as we are by their fame.

After brother Rob Kardashian was ranked in the bottom three on Tuesday night - saved from elimination when fans voted off Metta Peace instead - the siblings took to Twitter and expressed their outrage.

"There is NO way Rob Kardashian was trending worldwide last night and in the bottom 3. Impossible!" Kourtney wrote. "HOW IS ELISABETTA SAFE?!??! HOW?! Seriously!!!"

Khloe Kardashian had the answer for her shocked sister, Tweeting: "Shows are rigged all the time."

Finally, Kim chimed in with an abuse of the English language: "Rob in the bottom three is impossible! He did soooo good!"

Allow THG three responses to these reactions:

  1. Kourtney, trending does not mean one is popular. Rob may have been trending because people were curious about the brother of the girl who got famous for having sex with Ray J on video.
  2. Khloe, the show might be rigged. Viewers also might dislike your talent-free family.
  3. Kim, unless you are referring to charity work Rob did during commercial breaks, one cannot do "good." One can only do "well."

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Dancing With the Stars saw plenty of strong performances last night. Chynna Phillips and J.R. Martinez in particular stood out atop the Season 13 crowd.

Ron Artest (a.k.a. Metta World Peace)? Rob Kardashian? Not so much.

"It's a new season, we've got a new set, but it's the same old shimmying-about stuff," head judge Len Goodman told the newly-named Los Angeles Laker.

"Your footwork was atrocious. It was all sizzle, no sausage."

BLAM. As for Kardashian, he wasn't quite as terrible, but Chaz Bono scored better than he did, as did sister Kim a few seasons back. Not a good sign.

See the performances that left both men at the bottom of the scoreboard and likely a little nervous about their status tonight by following the jump:

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Chaz Bono's joining the Dancing With the Stars cast gave the show major publicity, but it wasn't just done as a stunt or a favor to the LGBT community.

Based on what we know of past seasons and those who have made long runs on the show, Chaz - if he can dance at all - could be among the favorites.

Below, THG breaks down the prospects for the man formerly known as Chastity Bono (with girlfriend Jennifer Ella, below) and the rest of the dancers ...

Chaz Bono and Jennifer Ella

Favorites: David Arquette, Chaz Bono, Ron Artest, Hope Solo, Ricki Lake

If anyone has the notoriety that they can utilize to gain interest and build fan support, it's Bono, who will be paired with a female professional dancer.

David Arquette is probably the show's second biggest "get," especially after his separation from wife Courteney Cox and subsequent bizarre behavior.

We don't know if either one can dance, admittedly. But assuming there's any kind of rhythm there, each could go on fairly sustained runs this fall.

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Karina Smirnoff is gearing up for the next season of Dancing with the Stars, and she already has one name on top of her preferred partner list:

Rob Kardashian.

“Obviously everyone’s heard about Rob Kardashian,” she told OK!, adding that she'd love to partner with him. “I think it would be awesome. He’s fun, full of energy. I can definitely maneuver him into some very cool moves.”

Funny, that's what Ray J said about Kim Kardashian.

A Karina Smirnoff Pic

Regardless, she's pumped to get back out there: “It's always exciting because it’s new season, new blood, new direction, new energy."

"It will be fun to see what happens.”


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So much for that edict from execs demanding actual stars.

Another member of the Kardashian Klan has agreed to compete on ABC's Dancing with the Stars this fall, according to reports, but it won't be Kris, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie or Kendall following in Kim's two left footsteps.

It's Rob Kardashian!

A Rob Kardashian Picture

Multiple sources confirm Rob is officially on board, despite scheduling concerns. Yes, Rob apparently has a schedule. We can't believe that one either.

The two sides addressed the big issue of Kim Kardashian's wedding in August and whether Rob would be available. Turns out he is. Thank GOODNESS.

Other peeps rumored to be in talks to join the DWTS cast this fall include Evelyn Lozada, Hope Solo, John Stamos, Dina Lohan and Ron Artest.


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