These days, when we see one of the Kardashians, they're either baring their buns, throwing some shade or bemoaning one first world problem or another.

But mom Kris Jenner just reminded us that these tragic souls who now infiltrate our Internet feeds daily were once innocent little children - in bad clothes.

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Earlier this week, we reported that Rob Kardashian bought a mansion in the same neighborhood of Calabasas that's currently home to his mother, two of his sisters, and his brother-in-law, Lamar Odom.

Though Rob has only been dating Blac Chyna for about two months, sources say the Instagram model - and her 3-year-old son - will both be spending the bulk of their time at casa de Rob, whether his mother (who helped pay for the new crib) likes it or not.

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Today marks what would have been the 72nd birthday of Robert Kardashian, Sr.

The Kardashian patriarch accomplished a great deal before succumbing to esophageal cancer in 2003, but obviously his most famous accomplishment is fathering four children who have launched a multi-media empire and become brands unto themselves.

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