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Riley Giles can't deny he has an attraction to skanky drug addicts.

But Lindsay Lohan's boy toy is on record as denying he has a MySpace account.

And why did Giles feel the need to reveal such information to In Touch Weekly? Because there was a posting on his alleged account last week, in response to Dina Lohan asking him and Lindsay to appear on her new reality show. It read:

"WE. DO. NOT. WANT. she had the nerve to ask us to be on. no thanks!"

But "I don't even have Myspace," Riley told the celebrity gossip magazine. "Someone is obviously pretending they are me. I definitely didn't say any of those things because I don't even have a Myspace account, what a joke!"

It's impossible to guess the culprit, considering how many of us wish we could be Giles for a day. He gets to break the heart of Bree Tierney. He gets to be just one of six thousand men to see Lindsay Lohan nude. He gets to watch Dina, the world's model mother, in action.

We wish our space was his space.

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We haven't had a good MySpace fight since Jenna Jameson and Jay Grdina.

So imagine our excitement when we discovered that Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend and his former flame were going at it online.

Loyal celebrity gossip followers know all about Breanna Tierney by now.

The ex-fiancee of Riley Giles supposedly spilled the sordid beans of Riley and Lindsay's relationship to The National Enquirer this week.

And, by the looks of this MySpace exchange, Giles is none too pleased about that.

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