Rikki and Vikki Ikki are twin, bisexual sisters. They'll soon be reality TV stars, as MTV has chosen this large-breasted pair to star in...

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There's good news for Erica "Rikki" Mongeon: she has a good shot at living. But it will be a long struggle.

The former co-star of A Double Shot at Love on MTV was involved in a serious car accident last month. Her and sister Victoria were passengers in a vehicle that collided with a truck.

Rikki and Vikki Ikki Naked

But Erica was finally released from the ICU on Tuesday, and doctors say she should continue to improve slowly. However, there's a lengthy hospital stay in her future, as well as a lot of rehabilitation.

At least one family member has been remaining by Mongeon's side around the clock. We wish her a full recovery.

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It was easy to laugh at Erica and Victoria Mongeon during their MTV reality show run. Better known as the Ikki Twins, these sisters starred as lesbians on the dating series A Double Shot at Love.

But this is no laughing matter: Erica is in a medically-induced coma after being injured in a major car accident yesterday.

The Ikki Twins

The siblings were passengers in a Volkswagen Jetta that hit a tire in the road and was subsequently rear-ended by a truck when the driver attempted to pull over. The crash took place near Bakersfield, California.

"Right after the accident everybody was feeling OK, but Rikki had a bump on her head and nobody thought it was a big deal, but for just for the heck of it they went to the hospital," rep Rick Brown told E! News, explaining how things got worse from there:

"Then, the doctors did a test that said she had bleeding in her skull. She never felt bad, like you would expect, but they put her into a medically-induced coma and will keep her down until Friday. The plan is to bring her out of the coma on Friday and take it from there."

Neither Victoria nor the car's driver were seriously injured.

Brown has asked fans to pray for Erica, though she's expected to survive.

** UPDATE: Erica is not out of the woods yet, but her manager says her eyes are open and she's responsive.

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In case you haven't seen the epic television event, A Double Shot at Love With The Ikki Twins, here's a little synopsis of the reality series thus far:

Forced mingling. Guys acting like complete meatheads. Aggressive makeout sessions. Fights inexplicably breaking out. Guys and girls trying to "wet each other over a giant sheet." Elimination occuring over suspenseful background music.

That about sums it up. If you missed MTV's latest girl-on-girl bonanza and have yet to experience the glory that is The Ikki Twins (a.k.a. Rikki and Vikki Ikki, a.k.a. Rikki and Vikki Mongeon), here's a little photo gallery we put together.

Click to enlarge some seriously Ikki (twin) pics!

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  • The Ikki Twins

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Will the Ikki twins find true love?

Such a pressing question will only be revealed at the conclusion of MTV's latest reality show, A Double Shot at Love.

The Ikki Twins

For now, all we can do is hang on ever word uttered by Rikki and Vikki Ikki in order to find out more about these bisexual sisters. They recently spoke to TV Guide, a formerly respectable publication...

TVGuide.com: How did you get involved with the show? Did MTV approach you?
Rikki: We were always big fans of the show and before we even knew that Tila wasn't gonna do a third season, I actually sent an e-mail to MTV in hopes that they would read it, but they never did! But it just so happens that they were doing auditions and our manager got us an audition with the audition team, and I guessed they loved us and sent us over to MTV and they liked us too, so history was being made?

TVGuide.com: What do you each look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Rikki: I like artistic, creative, outgoing, somebody that likes to be the center of attention, isn't scared of a lot of people because I like to be around a lot of people, and obviously someone who can get along with my sister because in the past, that's been really hard for me to find. ...As far as looks go, someone that takes care of themselves, they don't have to be all buff or anything, and close to their family.
Vikki: I like people who are true to who they are, aren't afraid of what other people think of them, can go around and dance and laugh and be silly — you know, not be afraid of people judging them. And also, someone that's honest, trustworthy, that's number one, because I've had a lot of problems with not-so trustworthy people in the past. Looks-wise, someone who takes care of themselves, but I don't really have a type. I look for the good in everybody.

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MTV is advertising its upcoming reality show as possessing "twice the fun, twice the jealousy and twice the drama."

That's because A Double Shot at Love stars Rikki and Vikki Ikki, who take over the lead role in this dating series from Tila Tequila (who has simply had her heart broken one too many times to put it through the reality show ringer again).

Here's the first official preview for A Double Shot at Love, as The Ikki Twins let potential suitors know what they're searching for...

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Sorry, Karissa and Kristina Shannon. You've haven't even had time to release a sex tape with Hugh Hefner, and your sexy superiority is being challenged by a new set of twins.

Indeed, Rikki and Vikki Ikki have been chosen by MTV to star in a spin-off of the timeless Tila Tequila reality show sensation, A Shot at Love. The latest installment of the dating competition will appropriately be titled A Double Shot at Love.

The Ikki Twins

In the show, both genders will compete for the affection of Rikki and Vikki Ikki, sisters that were destined to appear naked in Playboy as soon as their parents dubbed them with such a moniker.

However, despite their usual penchant for this position, Karissa and Kristina won't lie down for Rikki and Vikki. A naked gauntlet has been thrown down, one that only our readers can answer:

Which set of twins is hotter? Follow this article's jump to see both pairs of sisters in the buff, and then vote in our all-important poll...

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The Ikki Twins Rikki and Vikki Ikki are twin, bisexual sisters. They'll soon be reality TV stars, as MTV has chosen this large-breasted pair to star in... More »
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