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Stop us if you've heard this before:

The Internet is blowing up with a topless photo of Rihanna.

No, not the Facebook pictures of this singer half-naked in Hawaii. Nor the shots of her with blonde hair and no top. And, nope, we're not referring to those sexting images from last year.

This time, yesterday morning, Rihanna decided to simply post a pic of herself in bed, sans shirt, along with the caption: "The morning after! Hello November."

Rihanna Topless Twitter Pic

It was the morning after the artist threw a Halloween bash in West Hollywood, which drew attention not just because Chris Brown showed up.

But because Chris Brown showed up... dressed like a terrorist.

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After failing a drug test and possibly not fulfilling community service requirements, Chris Brown is due in court soon to determine if he violated his probation for beating the crap out of Rihanna.

In response to the news, she's Tweeting him good luck!

3 Rihanna Tweets

Look, we understand that time heals all wounds and so on ... but “Praying for you baby?"

Wonder if Rihanna forgot that Chris Brown is on probation for felony assault. On her face.

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Despite the candor, honesty and genuine emotion she showed, some of Rihanna's recent confessions to Oprah did not go over well with people.

Joan Rivers pointedly criticized her interview Sunday on Oprah's Next Chapter, in which she wept talking about how she still loves Chris Brown.

Rivers weighed in on this surprising revelation as only she can ... and Rihanna wasted little time firing back at the outspoken TV personality:

Rih vs. Joan

Rihanna also told Joan to "slap on some diapers." Nice.

Mind you, in the interview, the singer alluded to the fact that Chris is in a relationship with Karrueche Tran, and said they are NOT back together.

Rihanna's comments were more about wanting to help Chris with his obvious problems and the pain of losing someone she called her best friend.

Is there something more between them? Will there be?

Chris' mom Joyce Hawkins might think so, but we're skeptical. Not that it's any of her business regardless, but if they're not even dating again, why is Joan so pissed?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Joyce Hawkins, Chris Brown's mom, took to Twitter right after Rihanna's tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey and posted a series of cryptic messages.

Fans suspect they may have been directed at Hawkins' son's ex-girlfriend, especially after Rihanna spoke extensively about their relationship on OWN.

Fighting tears, Rihanna admitted Sunday that Chris is the "love of my life", that he was her "best friend", that they still love each other and are very close.

Joyce Hawkins Photo

Hawkins, who has reportedly remained close to the singer since her relationship with Brown ended in 2009, then posted this series of messages:


Only Joyce knows for sure what she meant and who those Tweets were directed toward, but the timing couldn't have been a coincidence, right?

Some have speculated that Joyce wanted Rihanna to tell the truth - that reports of a rekindled romance may actually be true. What do you think?

Should Chris and Rihanna get back together?


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Chris Brown disses Drake on his new remix track following their nightclub brawl, but he's still got nothing but love when it comes to ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Rih is dealing with the death of her beloved grandmother, Ciara "Dolly" Brathwaite, in recent days, and has posted touching tweets and photos of her.

"Goodbye #grangranDOLLY get your beauty rest until I see you," she wrote.

Brathwaite died of cancer late last week, and in the wake of the passing of "Gran Gran Dolly", Brown posted a nice Tweet about Rihanna's grandma.

Rihanna, Grandmother

"Praying for family and the lost loved one. She was like my grandmother. Love you GRAN GRAN DOLLY! RIP," said the 23-year-old R&B star.

Brown's mom, Joyce Hawkins, shared similar sentiments.


Clearly, Brown was once close to the singer and her family. Of course, Rihanna unfollowed Chris awhile back so it's unclear if she's seen this.

Maybe he can mention it at their next hotel rendezvous.

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Rihanna was among 300 people evacuated from the Corinthia Hotel in London, England, after an early-morning fire broke out inside an elevator shaft.

The 24-year-old “We Found Love” singer tweeted news of the fire early Wednesday to her followers, posting a picture of a fire engine and the words:

“Roamin da streets since 6am! Fyah in da telly.”

  • Rihanna Instagram Pic
  • Fire Truck Photo

What would a day be without Rihanna pictures in Instagram, Tweeted with her take on life? A lot less interesting, for sure. We're glad she's okay.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman told the media that no one was injured in the fire, but the flames did cause a bit of damage to the seventh floor.

When she's not kissing Justin Bieber, Rih has been in London for several performances, including BBC Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend concert series.

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It's hard to blame Rihanna for wanting a piece of Justin Bieber.

She had to settle for a cardboard mask, rather than the real deal though. The star tweeted an Instagram photo of her kissing someone disguised as JB yesterday.

She followed it up with a shot of "Justin" dropping trou. Enjoy.

  • Rihanna Kissing Justin Bieber
  • Justin Bieber on the Toilet

Rihanna wrote with the pics, “Me & the beebs yesterday! Shoutout to my photographer @jennnrosales.” That would be Jennifer Rosales, one of her best friends.

Could Rosales be the mystery person behind the mask?

It’s uncertain, but seems like a pretty good guess, as she is featured in lots of Rihanna photos, and hangs out with the singer quite frequently.

Next on our wish list? Rih kissing a faux Chris Brown.

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Rihanna has become infamous for her Twitpics and Instagram uploads in recent months, but her latest set is strange even by her high standards.

If you thought she couldn't top grinding with strippers or sitting on her bodyguard's shoulders playing with white powder on his head, think again.

Wednesday morning she uploaded this one. When someone asked where she's been as "You been quiet all day", Rihanna replied with this pic:

Yup, her arm with an IV attached. No other comment or caption.

Rihanna, IV

It's definitely her arm, too, because the elaborate nail painting job that she got before attending the Met Gala on Monday was still on display.

Said manicure, for what it's worth, meant she was late to the event, missing her slot on the red carpet and infuriating Vogue's Anna Wintour.

A few hours after posting the IV picture she uploaded a pic of herself by a plane with the caption, "My ride home NY days LA nights #itwuzreal."

This implies she's not in hospital ... or at least she's not anymore.

  • Rihanna, Airplane
  • Rihanna, Nails

Not that this is her first IV Twitpic. In November she tweeted a similar picture after being hospitalized with severe exhaustion in Sweden.

Is she exhausted again? It's not unlikely. Girl goes hard.

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So Chris Brown's 23rd birthday was Saturday, and none other than Rihanna was quick to wish him a happy birthday on Twitter! HUGE news, we know!

RiRi, who has controversially collaborated with Brown on a couple of hot tracks this spring, tweeted her former BF this: "Happy Birthday @chrisbrown."

Yeah. That's it. Not a lot to it really.

Then again, if you want to read into things, check out this clip from Rihanna's SNL performance that night. Could it be a very "hands on" message to her ex ... on the appropriately-titled song "Birthday Cake" no less? You tell us:

Rihanna Biography

Rihanna in England Rihanna is a young, hot and successful R&B singer who hails from the Caribbean island of Barbados. She is an artist signed to Def Jam... More »
Saint Michael, Barbados
Full Name
Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Rihanna Quotes

I get asked about it all the time and I’m like, You’re asking, but you know the answer. I don’t even like to address it anymore.

Rihanna [on rumors that she dated Jay-Z]

Sometimes you just need your privacy. But it comes with the territory. There's no privacy when you are out in the public.

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