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Rihanna is at it again. And by "it," we mean stripping down to a bikini in Greece, sunbathing by the pool and Instagramming herself Twerking upside down.

As usual, she proved she's very flexible. And outgoing.

The singer, who also shot a River Island fashion campaign when she wasn't posing provocative for social media snaps, is no stranger to the daily "grind."

This is not the first time we have seen Rihanna Twerking.

Nor will this be the last, if we were a betting gossip site.

But seeing that taut derriere in such an elaborate pose, with such a gorgeous backdrop, definitely made it all the more special for fans across the globe.

Can you argue with that? Of course not. Just bow down.

Sure beats the pics that got her kicked out of a mosque.

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Teyana Taylor and Rihanna are engaged in a Twitter feud, with the fashion model and R&B singer calling out the pop star for ridiculing her on Instagram.

Yes, this is an actual, heated celebrity beef. Allow us to explain:

It all started when Rihanna posted a video of her male hairstylist performing a parody of Taylor's "Caught Up in the Rapture" cover wearing a curly wig.

Taylor shared a video of her performing the same track and blasting the "We Found Love" star on Twitter. She was NOT happy, for real. Taylor tweeted:

"Don’t play wit me @rihanna [expletive] all this industry [expletive], YOU & I know each other VERY well. Throwing subs 4 wat? u got my #, don’t show off."

Rihanna didn't respond. But that didn't deter Teyana Taylor:

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It's just like old times for Katy Perry and Rihanna.

The "Roar" and "Who You Love" singer caught up with her one-time BFF last night at the pre-album release party for Perry's upcoming effort, Prism.

Looks like the one-time BFF is a BFF again ...

Katy Perry and Rihanna Photo

In a snapshot RiRi posted on Instagram, a beaming Katy Perry, who just released a duet with John Mayer, cozies up to the Barbados-bred beauty.

Rihanna's lips are pursed, playfully.

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The always-quotable Rihanna posted a cryptic message on her Instagram account yesterday that many think is a dig at ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

  • Rihanna Revealing Dress
  • Chris Brown Reacts

Unlike his "Can't Say No" lyrics, which could be loosely interpreted as an ode to Rihanna (or Karrueche, or any random woman), this seems pretty overt.

The post showed a quote that read, "I hate when ex's say 'I'm here if you need me.' Where the f-ck were you when we were together and I needed you."

While she's never gone on the record with any sort of criticism of Brown (or any other exes), it's hard to imagine she's not talking about him here.

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Anybody need a toke? Rihanna has enough to go around.

For an entire nightclub worth of people, it would appear.

The marijuana-loving singer took to Instagram on Saturday in Amsterdam (doesn't it figure), where this sort of thing is not only legal, but encouraged:

Rihanna Smokes Up

We see countless Rihanna photos featuring her smoking as it is, so imagine how much fun she'll have in a place where she doesn't have to rein it in?

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Looks like Rihanna is showing Chris Brown what he's missing.

NOTE: What he's missing is one sexy, sublimely toned ass.

  • Rihanna Ass Photo
  • Chris Brown Likes It

Sometimes, a girl's gotta wear shorts so small that her thong hangs out. Pretty standard. That image is one that could be quickly seared into male brains.

Which is probably her intent, though the extent to which Chris Brown has one is unclear. Rihanna, who's filming her new video, loves to cause a stir.

She didn't name any names, but we're gonna guess one Instagram follower in particular was the intended audience for this image. Or maybe two.

Drake's following her on there too nowadays.

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Rihanna always finds a way to up the Instagram ante.

In her latest self portrait, the sexy singer rocks robe and sunglasses, not to mention a short blonde wig, with the caption "Just a casual day at the office."

Rihanna has an office? Who knew. Anyway, enjoy:

Sexy Rihanna Photograph

The newly-single star recently took to Twitter and Instagram to show off some Canadian tuxedo side boob, showing Chris Brown exactly what he's missing.

For better or worse. Karrueche might win that round.

The wig/robe/pantsless look though? Hot, right?!

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The latest, hilarious twist in the Rihanna-Drake-Chris Brown saga?

Thank Instagram for it. Over the weekend, Rih-Rih followed Drake.

Not coincidentally, Chris then unfollowed his girlfriend on the spot.

  • Drizzle
  • Chrianna

Rihanna, 25, and Drake, 26, briefly dated after she was pummeled by Chris, 23. Since then, Chris Brown and Drake have not exactly been on good terms.

There was the infamous Chris Brown-Drake fight in NYC last year, and this spring, Chris telling a nightclub crowd to "f--k Drake" when his song came on.

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If Chris Brown got Rihanna pregnant, you wouldn't know it.

The star is shown getting ready for her Atlanta show this week and she looked ... like Rihanna usually does. Tanned, toned and topless. Good times.

Rihanna Topless on Instagram

"Show time!! #DWT," she wrote on Instagram. "#ATL is all miiiiiinnneee!!!! I want you on your WORST behavior!!! Tonight is all about you!!! #DiamondsWorldTour"

With her curls getting pinned and makeup ready to go, Rihanna can be seen in bright yellow panties, towel in hand to cover up her chest. Damn, girl.

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The Rihanna and Chris Brown breakup apparently didn't take.

The couple are totally back together already, it looks like!

Rihanna and Chris Brown Instagram

The "Stay" singer posted a cute photo of herself and Breezy ridin' with the top down in the California sun, with the caption "This s--t look like a toupee,"

That's a quote from Brown's hit "Look At Me Now."

While the ups and downs of Rihanna and Chris Brown can be difficult, even frustrating, for those who try to figure out what's going on, this much is clear:

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