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Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he's "disgusted" by a California newspaper cartoon depicting him boasting about booming business in the Lone Star State.

The next frame depicts the West, Texas plant explosion.

Booming Business Cartoon

Perry said he wants an apology from the Sacramento Bee on behalf of the town, which suffered a huge loss of life in the April 17 fertilizer plant explosion.

Ten of the 14 people killed were first responders.

In a letter to the Bee's editor, the four-term Republican Governor said it "was with extreme disgust and disappointment I viewed your recent cartoon."

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Texas teachers could be armed with guns themselves following Friday's stunning Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

The state's governor, Rick Perry, has expressed support - at least for allowing districts to determine whether their teachers can carry concealed weapons.

Texas Guns

It has also been reported that one Texas district already permits teachers to pack concealed handguns in class; Perry says he is open to expanding the idea.

Perry told the NE Tarrant County Tea Party on Monday evening:

"In the state of Texas, if you go through the process, have been trained, and you are a handgun-licensed individual, you should be able to carry a gun anywhere in the state."

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