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Troubled football star Richie Incognito was admitted to a psychiatric care unit in Arizona late last night, following his latest incident of erratic behavior.

Incognito did not check in voluntarily, either; Scottsdale police officers reportedly filled out a petition to have the 30-year-old admitted to the psychiatric facility.

The general rule is that getting said petition approved requires a detailed description of at least two incidents that show significant psychiatric instability.

Richie Incognito definitely qualifies for that, at least it would appear.

The former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman admitted taking a baseball bat to his own Ferrari earlier this week; it's unclear if that incident was cited here.

It would be a good bet, though hardly the first sign of concern.

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We already know that Richie Incognito left Jonathan Martin a threatening voicemail on at least one occasion.

We also know the Miami Dolphins offensive lineman - who has been suspended from the team for excessive hazing and bullying of a teammate - once went off on a drunken, racist rant.

There is evidence to support both these claims.

And now we've also learned that Incognito was investigated for an alleged incidence of sexual harassment during a golf tournament in May 2012.

According to an Aventura, Florida Police Department Report, Incognito acted inappropriately with a volunteer the Turnberry Resort & Club, touching her private area with his club and emptying a water bottle in her face.

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New, disturbing information has come to light regarding Jonathan Martin and the reasons why he walked away from the Miami Dolphins.

As previously reported, the offensive lineman couldn't take any more bullying from teammates and left the team a couple weeks ago.

According to multiple outlets - and one leaked, homophobic, hateful voicemail - the main abuser was fellow lineman Richie Incognito.

He's been suspended from the Dolphins and is unlikely to return, especially after video surfaced of Incognito dropping the N-Word in a crazy, shirtless rage.

But David Cornwell, Martin's attorney, has now come out with a statement that says implies Incognito was far from the only culprit.

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Richie Incognito is not preparing to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football this week.

Instead, the Miami Dolphins offensive lineman is simply trying to "weather the storm" of hate being rained down on him over the past few days.

That's how Incognito phrased his life at the moment in his first comments since being suspended by the team in the wake of a leaked voicemail that features him threatening teammate Jonathan Martin.

Martin walked away from the team a couple weeks ago due to what sources described at the time as extreme hazing and bullying.

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Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito, under fire for allegedly bullying an NFL teammate, can be seen shouting the N-word in a newly obtained video.

TMZ posted the footage of the star going wild during an outing with teammates at Dirty Blondes, a pool hall in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., earlier this year.

As the video begins, Richie Incognito shouts, "Mike Pouncey, N**GA!!"

Mike Pouncey, also a member of the Dolphins, looks to be in the video. It would appear to be the case that Richie was announcing Pouncey is in the bar.

Richie proceeds to stomp around the bar with his shirt off. Standard.

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Rookie offensive lineman Jonathan Martin left the Miami Dolphins last week due to frustration and anger over being at the center of multiple, extreme hazing rituals.

And now transcripts of a voicemail teammate Richie Incognito left for Martin give fans a clearer idea of just what had been going on inside the Miami locker room over the past few months.

Martin had reportedly paid $15,000 to Incognito for a Las Vegas trip that he did not even attend, telling sources that he feared repercussions from his fellow lineman if he did not pony up the cash.

It's unclear what, exactly, Martin meant by this - but one can hazard a guess based on the following, which is a transcript of a voice message Incognito left for Martin in April 2013, a year after Martin was drafted:

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