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It had to be asked last night: Is Reed Deming the next Justin Bieber?

But following another strong audition this week, it's clear this teenager can stand on his own.

Telling viewers he has waited his whole (short) life for this moment, Deming took full advantage of it with a terrific version of "Hey There Delilah." Watch for yourself:

Among other acts that stood out in the Top 24:

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The X Factor tracked down the next Rihanna AND the next Justin Bieber last night. Amazing, we know!

Perhaps a bit hyperbolic on its opening night of Season 2, the Fox competition introduced the world first to Paige Thomas - who L.A. Reid compared to the "We Found Love" superstar - and then to Reed Deming, a 13-year old with shaggy hair who, of course, reminded the panel of another young sensation.

Over the top praise? Or does Deming really have that kind of career in front of him? Meet the teenager now and also be sure to take a listen to Jennel Garcia. She was our favorite contestant of the night...

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