Redmond O'Neal is the sister of actress Tatum O'Neal and the son of actor Ryan O'Neal. He is best known for his raging drug problems. In...

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Redmond O'Neal dodged a bullet in his probation case, but was fitted with an ankle monitor and told that he's going to prison for six YEARS if he effs up again.

The 26-year-old's probation was revoked in September after he allegedly snuck out of rehab, ordered drugs on a payphone and was later arrested with heroin.

A judge sent him back to the treatment facility instead of jail, with the stern warning that this is his final shot, and a state-of-the-art GPS monitoring bracelet.

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This thing is no joke. According to law enforcement, the device features real-time cameras that take a snapshot of Redmond's whereabouts every five minutes.

If he steps outside his assigned area, an alarm goes off.

Redmond O'Neal's long history battling drugs is well documented. He pleaded no contest to drug and weapons charges in August and earned a YEAR in rehab.

As we said earlier, if Redmond screws up again, he faces up to six years in prison. With his track record, we'd put the odds of a screw-up around 50/50.

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Redmond O'Neal will be sentenced today for a probation violation stemming from his recent heroin arrest and subsequent no contest plea. Will a judge have mercy?

The 26-year-old son of Ryan O'Neal sure hopes so. He wants the judge to give him one more opportunity to make good and sentence him to rehab, and not jail.

Oft-troubled and drug-addled, Redmond was arrested for heroin possession back in August, while still on felony probation for an earlier drug possession case.

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Redmond pleaded no contest, and Judge Keith Schwartz (formerly the judge overseeing Lindsay Lohan's legal woes) sentenced Redmond to a year in rehab.

Redmond admitted to using drugs that a friend snuck into him at the facility, and Schwartz sent him back to jail, pending the probation violation sentencing.

O'Neal's attorney, Richard Pintal, will make the case today.

Ryan O'Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett's best friend Alana Stewart will be in court for the decision, which could be a fateful one for the struggling young adult.

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Redmond O'Neal is in major trouble with the law. Again.

The 26-year old son of Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett was arrested for heroin possession yesterday morning after police pulled him over in Santa Monica for running a red light. Redmond was booked for the traffic infraction, along with violating felony drug probation and possession of a controlled substance.

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O'Neal has been busted for drug possession on numerous occasions. He posed for multiple mug shots in 2009 and was last taken into custody in January 2010. This poor guy makes DMX look like Princess Di.

"It's a really sad situation," an O'Neal family friend told Us Weekly. "To say Ryan is disappointed is an understatement. The entire family is obviously very distressed about this."

Because Redmond was on felony probation, he could, and should, be sent back to jail.

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If he keeps up this frantic pace, Redmond O'Neal will be positioned to join the holy trinity of celebrity drug offenders along with legends DMX and Pete Doherty.

How these guys are ever not in jail is baffling, but it looks like Red's luck may have run out after eight months of staying clean (or at least avoiding arrest).

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At his court-ordered drug-and-alcohol treatment center, the son of the late Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal has yet again been arrested on felony charges.

The latest bust went down on December 29, when O'Neal returned to the facility (this is his fourth go-round in rehab) after earning a 24-hour free pass.

He used that pass to score some drugs, apparently.

Redmond O'Neal is not smart. Or clean.

Redmond O'Neal appeared in court this morning for his latest probation violation, and was ordered to remain jailed until his February 2 sentencing.

In the meantime, O'Neal will serve 30 days in a lockdown rehab program, Los Angeles District Attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison tells E! News.

Last April, the troubled addict was caught carrying narcotics through a security checkpoint while visiting a friend in ... wait ... wait for it ... jail.

Wow. That's about as intelligent as driving under the influence and crashing a car into a tree. Oops, sorry Tiger Woods. And Jayson Williams.

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Redmond O’Neal, the troubled son of Ryan O’Neal and Farrah Fawcett, may be looking at some serious jail time after the latest of many, many arrests.

This is what happens when you are on probation, then are busted with heroin. On the premises of a jail, where you were going to visit someone. Wow.

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Moreover, he was recently kicked out of rehab ... for drug use.

“Mr. O’Neal was recently discharged from a residential treatment facility after testing positive for meth and because traces of heroin were found in his room,” said a spokesperson for the L.A. District Attorney’s office.

Due to this infraction, Redmond O'Neal cannot qualify for treatment instead of imprisonment. Sounds like Red is headed to the big house this time.

Reports say that he will be sentenced for the violation of his probation on April 17 - and could be slapped with up to three years for that crime alone.

Then there's the heroin possession arrest on its own. Yikes. We just hope he's formally booked again. There can never be enough celebrity mug shots.

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Redmond O'Neal, quickly becoming a less hard-core DMX in terms of sheer number of drug arrests, was formerly charged with felony heroin possession today in L.A.

The 24-year-old son of Farrah Fawcett - who is currently hospitalized and in critical condition with cancer - and Oscar winner Ryan O'Neal was arrested on Sunday.

He was busted for attempting to sneak drugs into a jail in Castaic, Calif. Surprisingly, he was not a resident there at the time, but merely going to visit one.

That quickly changed.

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DRUG ARREST HALL OF FAMER: Recent celebrity mug shot staple Redmond O'Neal remains in police custody and is being held on $75,000 bail for drug possession.

He will be arraigned on April 24. Last September, O'Neal and his father were arrested last September in their Malibu home on suspicion of meth possession.

His sister, Oscar winner Tatum O'Neal, was also arrested last year trying to buy crack. Maybe there's a rehab center somewhere that can negotiate a 3-for-1 deal.

Redmond O'Neal pleaded not guilty to those charges March 25, and has yet to be arraigned on the heroin charge he was just busted for. These arrests get confusing!

Farrah Fawcett is recovering from complications from a medical procedure to treat her anal cancer, which, her doctor announced Monday, has spread to her liver.

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Redmond O'Neal was arrested around 9:30 yesterday morning in Castaic, Calif., and here's the best part - he was on jail grounds at the time of his arrest.

The troubled son of Oscar-nominated actor Ryan O'Neal and actress Farrah Fawcett, and brother of Tatum O'Neal was arrested for possession of narcotics and for bringing narcotics into a jail facility, the Los Angeles Sheriff's department says.

"At about 9:30 a.m., our deputies did a routine security check on a car in the parking lot of one of our jails," said spokesman Steve Whitmore. "Redmond was driving the vehicle, and admitted to deputies he was in possession of drugs."

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And these Redmond O'Neal mug shots are just from the past year!

Whitmore adds that Redmond O'Neal, 24, was accompanied by a friend "who wanted to visit someone" at the facility located about 40 miles north of L.A.

While he wasn't actually caught passing drugs onto any inmates, "the parking lot is considered part of the jail and is a secure area," Whitmore explains.

Redmond O'Neal, who's currently serving probation for a June 2008 DUI and drug possession conviction, is also facing drug charges in another case that involved his father to which he pleaded not guilty less than two weeks ago.

Follow the link to check out more classic celebrity mug shots!

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