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Rebecca Martinson, author of the insane sorority girl email that went viral last week and helped popularize the phrase "c--t punt," has resigned.

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The University of Maryland Delta Gamma exec board member, who unloaded on her fellow sisters over their Greek Week failings, is no longer a member.

Delta Gamma posted on its Facebook wall yesterday that "the tone and content of the email was highly inappropriate and unacceptable by any standard."

The note regarding Martinson's exit said:

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A University of Maryland sorority girl recently penned an email to her (apparently underperforming) fellow Delta Gamma sisters that defies comprehension.

Sometimes, when sorority girls are "LITERALLY being so fucking AWKWARD" or "so f--king BORING" or a "g-ddamn c-ck block for the chapter," well ...

You gots to lay the smack down. Hard.

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The expletive-laden and CAPS LOCK-ridden email tirade, sent to the entire sorority chapter, is an all-timer. Hilarious, sad, scary, even offensive.

What prompted this? Evidently, the girls' inability to participate in Greek Week activities with fraternity Sigma Nu to the satisfaction of the board.

Their shortcomings? You're going to have to read for yourself, as an executive board member of the sorority (allegedly pictured above) let them have it.

UPDATE: The author, Rebecca Martinson, has since resigned. Her first name was initially changed in the version of the email that circulated below.

Read her entire email after the jump:

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