Rashida Jones, 31, is the daughter of legendary music producer Quincy Jones. Rashida Jones is an actress who has had many roles, perhaps...

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Celebrities, the objects of our obsessions, pretty faces for whom we pine, hot bodies of both the male and female variety. But they're more than just the sum of their parts.

They're actually pretty darn smart, too. Well, some of them are.

We could argue that all of them are smart for being able to make a career out of being on television and in movies and getting paid to wear designer clothes.

On the flip side, we have the likes of Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber to consider. We're not calling them dumb, but...

Anyway, there are a shocking number of Ivy Leaguers, magna cum laude graduates and members of Mensa in Hollywood. Forget film and TV; they've published papers and earned Ph.Ds. 

Here are 31 celebrities who are really, really smart ...

Danica McKellar
Danica McKellar might not have been as good a dancer as the others, but she's better at math than them. She's authored four books advocating math education for girls.

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Rashida Jones cracks viewers up as Ann Perkins on Parks and Recreation.

But the actress was not in a laughing mood this weekend when she took to Twitter and appeared to slam the heck out of Kim Kardashian, along with other revealing social media stars.

"This week's celeb news takeaway: she who comes closest to showing the actual inside of her vagina is most popular," Jones wrote on Saturday, along with the hashtag "#stopactinglikewhores."

Zing and a half, huh? Shots fired!

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Rashida Jones is apologizing after giving an interview in which she jokingly suggested that it's time for John Travolta to come out of the closet.

Jones was speaking to the website Spinning Platters ("a community of Bay Area music nerds") about her new film Celeste and Jesse Forever.

The conversation turned to Frank Ocean, the musician who recently announced he's bisexual, and the cultural impact of that surprise admission.

Jones' co-star, Will McCormack said he believes the world needs a pro athlete to reveal he or she is gay. Jones chimed in: "And a movie star!

"It's time," the Parks & Recreation star added. "Like John Travolta. Come out! Come on. How many masseurs have to come forward? Let's do this."

  • Rashida Jones Pic
  • Travolta

Jones, 36, was referencing a pair of lawsuits filed by two male massage therapists this year accusing the Hollywood legend of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Through his attorney, the 58-year-old actor has flat-out denied the accusations and both men have since dropped their suits, but the allegations linger.

A cruise ship attendant filed a separate suit claiming he was sexually assaulted by Travolta in 2009, and two other men claim to have dated the star.

Despite the fact he's been married to Kelly Preston for 21 years, rumors have circulated for years (and especially lately) that John Travolta is gay.

Though many read Jones' comments as a joke, she received some blowback and apologized, writing "Made a thoughtless comment about John Travolta."

"I sincerely apologize. Nobody's personal life is my business."

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The talented and gorgeous Rashida Jones is dating Jon Favreau, according to several, unsubstantiated reports circulating around the worldwide Internets.

That would be the primary speechwriter for President Barack Obama, not to be confused with the Iron Man director and Swingers star of the same name.

Talk about random, but awesome. If the guy's half as good at dating as he is at writing, the new star of Parks and Recreation is going to be a happy lady!

The two stepped out for the first time at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Friends say the romance couldn’t come at a better time for Rashida Jones.

The actress apparently is just getting over her breakup with boyfriend and former co-star on The Office, John Krasinski, who's now dating Emily Blunt.

A source said, “For Rashida, her romance with Jon couldn’t have come at a better time. She was miserable after breaking up with John ... And it really hurt for her to see him dive into a love affair with Emily (Blunt) soon afterward.”

Congrats to the happy couple if this story is indeed true. Here's Jon Favreau, 27, hard at work on one of Barack Obama's speeches last year ...

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Actresses Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones are back with another PSA on Funny or Die, urging everybody to get out and cast a vote this Tuesday, November 4.

Just one more day and these PSAs will mercifully cease.

Just like their previous PSA, in which they recommended puppies to solve the financial crisis, Portman and Jones are pulling out the big, cuddly guns below ...

'DIE' AS USUAL: She's awesome and all, but Natalie Portman should stick to serious acting instead of humor. As for Rashida Jones? She should stick to The Office quotes.

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For a comedy video website co-founded by Will Ferrell, Funny or Die is surprisingly unfunny. We're talking colossally unfunny here - and we have pretty low standards!

With the exception of Hayden Panettiere's recent John McCain campaign commercial, you'd be hard pressed to find a single video where you wouldn't choose "die."

See below. Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones both graduated from Harvard, so they know something about solving the financial crisis, right? Maybe, but not humor.

WE CHOOSE 'DIE': Rashida Jones was responsible for some great quotes from The Office, but doesn't have a great future in comedy if this skit is any indication.

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Rashida Jones is sick of being known as the woman Jim dumped for Pam on The Office. Therefore, the actress is doing something about it!

She's started an organic clothing line.

Kendall Jenner Fashion

Along with partner Amanda Wilcox, Jones has launched Laloo, which is worth nothing for two reasons:

  1. It's eco-friendly, very important in this day and age;
  2. The name of the fashion line is based on the way Jones' god-daughter pronounced "I love you."

Isn't that sweet? It's almost enough to make us with Jim had stayed with Rashida's character on the show. Almost.

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Are Rashida Jones and John Krasinski finding new ways to keep each other occupied during their sudden writers' strike-induced downtime?

The pair of cuties â€" who together are responsible for many great quotes from The Office, which halted production Wednesday â€" were spotted canoodling, according to the New York Daily News, at a Saturday Night Live after party November 3.

John Krasinski Photograph

But Rashida Jones, 31 â€" who was previously romantically linked to John Krasinski, 28, back in 2005 â€" doesn't want to set the record straight.

"I don't want to talk about my personal life," the daughter of Quincy Jones told reporters when asked about the rumored romance with her co-star at the DKNY "Delicious Night" fragrance launch in NYC Wednesday night.

You know what they say about Office romances.

Still, Rashida Jones couldn't help but gush a little about him: "He's awesome and more definitely enthusiastic than [his character] Jim," she said. "He's the best."

While many Office fans would likely much rather Krasinski see Jenna Fischer nude, you can't deny that Rashida Jones is a cool gal - and cute, as well.

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