Congrats to Raquel Beezley! She's the new Miss California. Even though she originally lost the crown to Christina Silva. Good thing an...

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Never have beauty pageants made so many headlines for reasons other than their bikini bodies.

In the wake of the Carrie Prejean controversy, Shanna Moakler - the director of the Miss California USA pageant - has posed in a new ad supporting gay rights.

The former Miss USA and Playboy centerfold shot a print ad this week in which she slams Proposition 8, the initiative that bans gay marriage in California.

A pair of former Miss California contestants - Raquel Beezley and Tamiko Nash - join Moakler in the poster below.

"I believe Prop 8 lead a campaign of confusion and never made clear what was being asked of the people," Moakler said in a statement. "I find most people have a problem with the word marriage. What I hope for is helping others understand 'civil union' and then one day helping people learn 'marriage' is something not God, not the state or country can solidify, but between two people who love each other."

Thoughts on Moakler's stance?

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The Miss USA Pageant airs tonight. And we know one person who won't be watching it for reasons other than Heather Mills being a judge.

TMZ reports that Christina Silva - the dethroned Miss California - has filed a lawsuit against the pageant, seeking $500,000 in damages for "public humiliation, mental anguish and distress, lost opportunities, lost prizes and lost monies."

For those who have somehow forgotten: Silva was crowned Miss California on November 25, 2007. But three days later, officials blamed human error for a mistake and actually placed the crown on the head of Raquel Beezley instead.

Silva, who is of Ecuadoran and Mexican descent, claims the pageant director never liked her and was looking for an "'all-American girl' to win, and not looking to crown another person of color."

Beezley, meanwhile, will be competing in Miss USA tonight. She'll be hoping to follow in the evening gown of last year's winner, Rachel Smith.

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Christina Silva enjoyed the title of Miss California for almost as long as Samantha Jade enjoyed her role as Britney Spears replace for a recent music video shoot.

Then, as a result of an "accounting error," Raquel Beezley stepped in and earned the crown.

Beauty pageant director, Keith Lewis, claims that several judges questioned the results after Silva was named the winner and attributed the mix up to "simple human error."

Raquel Beezley is Miss California 2008. Unless more accounting errors take place.

Christina Silva says she never received an explanation from pageant officials.

"They never could explain their accounting error, but told me that if I didn't give up my crown to Miss Barstow [Beezley], my personal integrity could be questioned, and my career could potentially suffer," she said.

In light of the past scandals involving Tara Conner and Katie Rees photos, along with the current issue focusing on Ingrid Marie Rivera, The Hollywood Gossip simply has to ask: What the heck is wrong with beauty pageants?!?

It really makes one think. Might judging women based on their appearances in an evening gown and bathing suit actually be a bad idea? Discuss!


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Congrats to Raquel Beezley! She's the new Miss California. Even though she originally lost the crown to Christina Silva. Good thing an... More »
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