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Actor Randy Quaid and his bat$h!t insane wife Evi once again face arrest warrants after failing to show up for a Santa Barbara, Calif., court hearing yesterday.

The allegations against them? That they were crashing in a guest house of a Montecito home they once owned. Just staying there. Seriously, this happened.

A real estate agent found them out. Hilarious.

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Randy and Evi Quaid: Not sane. Or unfunny.

Santa Barbara Senior Deputy D.A. Lee Carter says $50,000 warrants were issued after the duo failed to appear for arraignment on residential burglary charges.

As in their previous case, in which they were charged with defrauding an innkeeper and routinely missed court dates, the two are free to turn themselves in.

Otherwise, if they are seen by authorities between now and October 26, they'll be arrested on the spot. If they blow off that court date too ... it'll get ugly.

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Randy Quaid! Our man! Happy birthday, buddy. We'd invite you over to celebrate, but you'd probably squat at THG headquarters for weeks after, so ... rain check?

Just kidding. Not really. He and his wife were arrested for burglary at their old house. They also frequent inns and then peace out without paying. It's a little weird.

The actor turns 59 on this first day of October, and we eagerly await the next insane story he and Evi Quaid provide for us. Keep on livin' the good life, Randall ...

Lookin' good, Randy Quaid, and a little nuts. Just how we love ya.

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Randy and Evi Quaid have quite the explanation for their recent arrest, in which the eccentric pair was nabbed after being found crashing in their old house:

A dead guy owns it.

The Quaids claim they're the target of a diabolical scheme to steal the property that belongs to them and the mastermind is using a dead person to pull it off.

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Basically, someone forged the signature of a dead woman named Ronda Quaid on a legal document way back in 1992 and wrongfully transferred ownership of their real estate to a third party. Or so Randy and Evi Quaid would have us believe.

The Quaids were arrested this past weekend for allegedly squatting on the property, located in Santa Barbara. But they say they have every right to be on the premises, insisting they can provide proof of the "dead person" scheme.

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Randy Quaid and his insane wife Evi got arrested for burglary after crashing in their house. Their previous house, that is. It's owned by someone else now.

These are the same people who were arrested for skipping out on thousands in bills from a bed and breakfast, but believe it or not, this story's even better.

After an alarm went off Saturday, a realtor discovered the gate code changed, security cameras tampered with, and Randy's initials carved in the mailbox.

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SQUAT: That's what the Quaids did ... and their aggregate brain cell count.

When the realtor entered the Montecito, Ca., home, he found the place trashed - dirty dishes, footprints, clothes not belonging to the owner in the closet, etc.

The best part? Randy and Evi Quaid allegedly broke a $7,000 mirror that had been hanging over the fireplace and replaced it with a photo of themselves.

They were charged with felony burglary and entering a noncommercial building without consent. Not surprisingly, Evi was also charged with resisting arrest.

A rep for the Quaids could not be located. Most likely because he or she is embarrassed to be repping the Quaids and has gone off the grid for a while.

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Randy Quaid and wife Evi Quaid took a plea deal yesterday, ending a strange legal odyssey that was completely unnecessary and yet highly entertaining.

A judge tossed charges against the odd actor, while his wife pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor in their Santa Barbara, Calif., hotel bill-skipping case.

Under terms of the plea deal, both escaped additional jail time – they were already thrown in jail for missing court dates on several different occasions.

Evi Quaid must perform 240 hours of community service within a year.

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CRAZY QUAIDS FREED: Innkeepers, put up the No Vacancy signs!

Outside court, Randy Quaid said the case taught him "you pay your bills when you leave, and I suppose that's something we can work on in the future."

Paying bills of $10,000? Not something most of us would forget to do.

Randy feels that he was treated a bit more harshly because of his celebrity status, although deliberately thumbing your nose at the law doesn't help.

The Quaids were accused of failing to pay a more than $10,000 hotel bill at an exclusive Santa Barbara resort and they had faced three felony counts.

Evi pleaded to the lesser misdemeanor of defrauding an innkeeper, maintaining that she thought they could pay the bills later by mail. Mmmkay.

We look forward to the couple's next bizarre legal altercation.

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It had been too long since we'd heard from Randy Quaid and his insane wife Evi - though if they keep these antics up, we may never hear from them again.

The Quaids pressed their luck with a Santa Barbara, Calif., court, and when you fight the law, the law usually wins. Especially if you're wanted as fugitives.

The eccentric pair was thrown in the slammer Monday by Superior Court Judge Frank Ochoa for missing not one, but several hearings in their felony case.

"They came to court this morning hoping that Judge Ochoa would forgive them for not showing up a few weeks ago, but the judge decided they showed disrespect by prior failures to appear," Santa Barbara D.A. Arnie Tolks said.

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Randy and Evi Quaid posted bail of $100,000 each and left after three hours.

The D.A. also said that Randy flashing his Golden Globe from the 1988 miniseries LBJ: The Early Years during his last court date did not go over well:

"They both apologized to the court, but the judge didn't take it lightly."

The pair originally were arrested in Marfa, Texas, in September after allegedly skipping out on a $10,000 bill at the exclusive San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara.

Although they have since paid their outstanding bill, prosecutors say a crime was still committed ... and they've been pretty difficult to pin down in the process.

In fact, Randy and Evi Quaid were facing extradition for a time ... this over an unpaid bill. She has also been involved in numerous unrelated run-ins with cops.

Real normal.

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Evi Quaid, the crazy wife of actor Randy Quaid, was apparently arrested in Marfa, Texas, Saturday evening. No, this isn't an old story. It happened again.

A bench warrant was issued for Evi and Randy Quaid on December 15 after they failed to show for another court appearance. That's just what they do.

Evi was arrested at 6:30 p.m. by the Marfa P.D. at the Quaids' West Texas home. For whatever reason, Randy was not arrested, according to reports.

She was transported to Hudspeth County Jail for processing. Said a spokesman:

“Evi was booked at Hudspeth County Jail for the outstanding warrant out of Santa Barbara County. She bailed out at 7 a.m. by Freedom Bail Bonds."

What a great name for a company.

INSANE: Randy and Evi Quaid may not know where they are right now.

This all stems from their arrest for skipping out on a pricey hotel bill in Santa Barbara, Calif. Randy and Evi Quaid are accused of defrauding an innkeeper of $10,000.

After they were busted, Evi flipped out on police, alleging conspiracies.

She proceeded to write an angry, theory-filled letter to a judge and sent some nude pictures in to a local newspaper editor. Who knows why, but we're very serious.

This is not exactly the first account of erratic behavior from the actor's wife, who's also been accused of calling people Nazis and tearing down satellite dishes lately.

We're a little scared she's gonna come after us, as a matter of fact.

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Updating one of our most random (but admittedly favorite) stories, Randy and Evi Quaid have posted bond, meaning there is no longer an outstanding warrant for their arrest on charges of defrauding a California B&B of $10,000.

"If they don't show up to court, a bounty hunter will go and get them," Deputy D.A. Lee Carter of the Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office said earlier this week.

The bounty hunters have been called off, though. Unfortunately.

The couple posted bail of $20,000 apiece after being arrested in Marfa, Texas, where they rise, but had to pay the same in California, site of their alleged fraud.

Randy and Evi Quaid have skipped four different opportunities to appear in court since allegations that they bailed on their room bill first surfaced in September.

CRAZY QUAIDS: Randy and Evi sure keep things interesting.

As a result, authorities were forced to begin extradition proceedings after the Quaids failed to show up. The actor and his wife will be arraigned December 15.

They will be formally charged with misdemeanor charges of burglary, conspiracy and the ever-quaint defrauding of an innkeeper. Amazingly, that's not even all.

Evi Quaid, who flipped the f*%k out on the cops who tried to arrest her, was also accused of vandalism by a Texas neighbor in an unrelated, bizarre incident.

Somehow we can't imagine these two have a lot of friends.

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Marfa, Texas, meet Santa Barbara, California.

These two locales have had it with Evi and Randy Quaid. The West Texas city of 2,100, once found its residents the Quaids eccentric. Now it just wants 'em out.

The latest incident occurred Friday when a Marfa resident discovered that his satellite dish had been ripped off his building, which had also been spray painted.

"He called the Sheriff and reported that the damage had been done by Evi Quaid," a Marfa source said. "The man is their neighbor and they used to get along."

"Evi Quaid kept accusing him of his satellite dish infringing on her property. He didn't see her rip it down but it is his belief she did and that's what he reported."

Evi and Randy Quaid

Evi Quaid and husband Randy: Possibly need of psychiatrists.

Two deputies responded to the call and went to a neighboring building, owned by the Quaids. No one was home at the time but an investigation continues.

The Quaids live above commercial space in their building in downtown Marfa. Evi is turning the ground floor into a museum honoring her husband. Really.

Evi and Randy are leaving a trail of bizarre antics in their wake. Photos of Evi Quaid nude were even sent to a local newspaper editor! Again, yes, really.

Randy and Evi are accused of defrauding a California inn of $10,000 and may face extradition. When accosted by police in Marfa, Evi flipped the f%*k out.

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Randy Quaid and his insane wife Evi Quaid were scheduled to appear in a Santa Barbara, Calif., court Monday morning for their odd B&B-bilking antics.

Naturally, neither of them showed.

The pair of nut jobs, who were arrested in Texas last month, now face extradition from the Lone Star State if they fail to answer the charges in person.

"It was on calendar today to see if they wanted to voluntarily appear," Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office spokesman Lee Carter told E! News.

"They didn't show up. The warrant in California remains outstanding."

Perhaps Evi Quaid was too busy flipping the f*%k out at the cops.

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Still, the dynamic duo isn't wholly unprepared for their legal battle (hiring a new attorney), nor have they completely stonewalled their case's progress.

They've already made good on the outstanding $10,000 bill for their trouble-causing stay at the San Ysidro Ranch, which they were accused of stiffing.

However, the Quaids still need to enter pleas, or reach some plea deal, on three felony charges of burglary, defrauding an innkeeper and conspiracy.

Why haven't they already done this? Because they're bat$h!t crazy?

That, or as Carter puts it, "When the complaint was filed, a California warrant for their arrest was issued. The California warrant then goes into the national system. Texas recognized our warrant and filed their own case."

"When [the Quaids] were arrested, they posted bail and got out of custody on the felony fugitive case [in Texas] but the California warrant is outstanding."

Basically, it's a complicated legal matter and they're bat$h!t crazy.

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