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A small group of U.S. Senators, led by Rand Paul (R-KY), engaged in an epic 13-hour filibuster against drone strikes and CIA nominee John Brennan.

Paul stalled the Senate on Wednesday (and Thursday, he didn't end until 1 a.m.) by decrying the federal government’s use of lethal drones. At length.

The old school tactic forced the Senate to delay the expected confirmation vote on John Brennan's nomination to lead the Central Intelligence Agency.

Rand Paul, who vocally opposes Brennan’s nomination, followed through on his plan to filibuster the confirmation of President Obama’s nominee.

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In the tea party rebuke to President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) laid out an alternative vision for the future.

He also broke ranks at times from some in his own Republican party, which was officially represented by Marco Rubio's own State of the Union response.

The son of retired Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) pushed to cut corporate taxes in half and slash trillions in federal spending, welcoming the "sequester" cuts on March 1.

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton engaged in some heated exchanges Wednesday with U.S. Senators during her testimony about the attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Facing scrutiny from Republicans in particular, Clinton took exception to Ron Johnson (R-WI) and his pointed inquiry into the State Department's initial reports:

Johnson was referring to reports that the September 11, 2012 attack that killed four Americans was a spontaneous reaction to an anti-Islam YouTube video.

"With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans," Clinton responded, raising her voice at Johnson, who continued to interrupt her.

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The son of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul was arrested for underage drinking and disorderly conduct after being arrested at Charlotte's Douglas International Airport.

William Hilton Paul was arrested following a flight from Kentucky to North Carolina, according to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office in Charlotte.

William Paul Mug Shot

Authorities did not say whether William Paul, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, was believed to have been drinking on the airplane or at the airport.

The senator's office released a statement:

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Ron Paul's son, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), addressed the Republican National Convention Wednesday, making the case for Mitt Romney and American liberty.

Paul continued the theme the convention, "we built it," by focusing most of his speech on the president's now-infamous "you didn't build that" remarks.

"Anyone who so fundamentally misunderstands American greatness is uniquely unqualified to lead this great nation," the younger Paul said.

"The engine of capitalism - the individual - is mightier than any collective."

Ron Paul, who never endorsed Romney, refused an invitation to speak at the RNC because, in part, he would have to clear his speech with Romney's campaign.

Rand Paul has endorsed Romney, though he still has some work to do to convince his father's passionate backers that he's ready to step into those shoes.

Rand, one of many GOP speakers preceding Paul Ryan's RNC speech last night, mentioned Romney only once during his speech (above), at the end.

"To lead us forward, away from the looming debt crisis, it will take someone who believes in America's greatness, who believes in and can articulate the American dream."

"Someone who has created jobs, someone who understands and appreciates what makes America great, someone who will lead our party and our nation forward."

"I believe that someone is our nominee: Governor Mitt Romney."

Election 2012:


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Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky endorsed Mitt Romney for president Thursday, even if he admits he would prefer his father, Rep. Ron Paul.

"My first choice had always been my father. I campaigned for him back when I was 11 years old. He's still my first pick," the Republican told Fox News.

"But now that the nominating process is over, tonight I'm happy to announce that I'm going to be supporting Gov. Mitt Romney in the fall."

Ron and Rand Paul

Paul's father suspended his formidable active campaign operation in May, but is still pursuing delegates so he can have an influence at the GOP convention.

Paul noted in the Fox interview that Mitt Romney's father, Michigan Gov. George Romney, also fell short in his own presidential bid in 1968.

In response, Romney said in a statement on his campaign website that he was "honored" by the endorsement of the first-term Kentucky Senator.

He called Rand Paul, who campaigned actively for Ron, "a leading voice to scale back the size and reach of government and promote liberty."

The younger Paul has been mentioned as a possible Vice Presidential pick and/or a GOP candidate for President himself in 2016 or 2020.

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U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, son of U.S. Rep. and presidential candidate Ron Paul, was detained by TSA agents this morning after a standoff in Nashville, Tenn.

The younger Paul told his communications director about the airport predicament after he reportedly refused to complete the routine screening process.

Paul staffer Moira Bagley tweeted around 10 a.m., ET Monday , “Just got a call from @senrandpaul. He’s currently being detained by TSA in Nashville.”

Ron and Rand Paul

A TSA spokesman disputed that Paul was ever “detained” ... but the fact is he was not granted access to the secure area of the airport this morning.

According to TSA officials, Rand Paul triggered an alarm during routine airport screening and refused to complete the screening process (pat-down).

Paul’s office said he set off an airport security full-body scanner “on a glitch,” then raised objections when TSA agents would not let him simply walk back through the body scanner, instead demanding he undergo a full body pat-down.

He refused. Local law enforcement then escorted him out of the area.

The standoff was short-lived, in any case. By late morning, the Kentucky Senator was booked on another flight (and made it through security this time).

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