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What, did you think the Verne Troyer sex tape was the first time this diminutive actor was caught on camera being kissed by Ranae Shrider?

Get with it!

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics

These two have been mugging it up in public for years. Or at least weeks.

Here's a shot of Troyer showing his affection for Black Sabbath, dog tags and kisses that practically envelope his entire, tiny face:

Ranae Shrider lays one on Verne Troyer.

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We have no idea when this photo of Paris Hilton and Ranae Shrider was taken.

But we do have a keen idea of what the useless socialite was saying to the aspiring model:

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton

So his name is Kevin Blatt. He'll hook you up. Just film the sex tape, leave it in an obvious place at home and then give him your house keys. That way, he comes in, finds it, sends snippets to the press and you can honestly claim you didn't leak the video...

The Paris Hilton sex tape was released by the same broker that is peddling the Ranae Shrider sex tape. What an incredible coincidence!

Shrider, of course, has been identified as the woman in the Verne Troyer sex tape.

She and the Mini-Me portrayer claim they had nothing to do with the video's release - yet the man negotiating a significant sum for its rights is Blatt, the same man that brokered a deal for "One Night in Paris."

And now we see that Hilton and Shrider are acquaintances?!? You don't need to be Oliver Stone in order to put this conspiracy together.

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You've read about it.

You've shaken your head in amazement over its existence.

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics

Now, here's your chance to actually watch the portions of the Ranae Shrider and Verne Troyer sex tape that have leaked onto the Internet so far. View at your own risk:


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Move over, Ray J!

There's a new aspiring celebrity in town, one that has followed your lead and had sex on video with a relatively unknown star.

Her name is Ranae Shrider.

Shrider is a 22-year old model from Kentucky. A long-time friend of tiny actor Verne Troyer, she's been identified as the woman alongside Mini-Me in his recently released sex tape.

Check out a photo of Ranae Shrider now:

But - wait! - there are more Ranae Shrider pictures. Click on the following images below to see each one in its full, enlarged, make-me-a-sex-tape star glory...

Ranae Shrider Biography

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics Ranae Shrider has an affinity for sleeping with little people on video. She's been revealed as the sex tape partner of Verne Troyer. The... More »
Full Name
Ranae Shrider

Ranae Shrider Quotes

Do I look like I should be smiling about this?

Ranae Shrider [on Verne Troyer sex tape release]

As previously reported on other interviews made by him, it is definitely not a tripod.

Ranae Shrider [on Verne Troyer's penis]
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