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Anne Hathaway is far from innocent.

None other than Anne Hathaway herself likes to mention this fact.

Anne at the Oscars

And while you'd think her naked, oral sex turn in the movie Havoc would prove to fans just how down and dirty this actress likes to get, the following photos take it another step. We're talking about some possible Antonella Barba action here.

At first - similar to Monika Jakisic and George Clooney - it appears as though Hathaway and boyfriend Raffaello Follieri are just having fun on a yacht.

And then, well, it appears as though Hathaway and boyfriend Raffaello Follieri are REALLY having fun on a yacht.

We already know that Anne Hathaway nude scenes could be on the way in future movies and that this young star has no problem taking her clothes off. But we had no idea she was such an exhibitionist! If she weren't so busy holding her hair back, perhaps Anne would notice a guy sleeping right beside her!

This could be nothing more than snuggling, of course. But does Follieri's expression looks like a man relaxing or climaxing? We're just sayin.

Meanwhile, Amy Alexandra and Olivia Mojica will be sending Hathaway some major props if a dirty deed is actually taking place in this picture.

Raffaello Follieri Biography

Raffaello Follieri Photograph Raffaello Follieri was the boyfriend of Anne Hathaway until June 2008, when the beautiful actress dumped his shady ass. It was a long... More »
Full Name
Raffaello Follieri
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