Rachelle Leah was an Octagon Girl for the UFC. In other words: she wears very little clothing and she holds up the cards signifying which...

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Granted, once you've seen Rachelle Leah nude in Playboy, any future photo of the model pales in comparison.

Still, our male readers would get angry if we didn't post the picture below, taken from Leah's recent spread in Complex magazine.

Inside the issue, the hot host of UFC All Access on Spike TV dishes on her former dream job, her penchant for bloody brawls and her abs. A few excerpts from the interview:

On dreams of being a paramedic: I loved the adrenaline rush. In school, you do ride-alongs and practice, and it’s a high you can’t explain when someone’s life is in your hands. But what I do is very exciting in its own way.

On watching brutal UFC fights: I have no problem watching that. It will be stopped if it’s a dangerous situation.

On what body part she'd prefer to be punched in: My abs. They can handle it.

Meanwhile, we can handle the Complex photos below. Click on each for a larger view of it...

From Complex
Complex Pic

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Wanna see Rachelle Leah nude? Today is the day, fellas!

The beautiful host of UFC All Access, which airs on on Spike TV a week before any UFC pay-per-view event, is taking the next step in her modeling career. She's the cover girl for the November issue of Playboy. It went on sale this morning.

Nude Rachelle Leah

Before you sign off and run to the local newsstand, though, check out the cover to make sure it's worth it:

It's apparent Leah isn't shy about her body, but the beauty also isn't shy about her reasons for posing naked. She wants to use her birthday suit to boost her fame.

"I'm hoping that it opens a ton of doors for me, as well as securing the doors that have already been opened for me. I want to capitalize on this in every different way possible," Leah said. "I'm at a point in my career where I've already accomplished so much and I want to do so many more things. Hopefully, this will help kick-start it even more."

We're glad to do our part to help, Rachelle. We hope to do the same for the career of Megan Fox nude.

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Thank you, Ashley Harkleroad!

The tennis player that went naked in Playboy this summer appears to have inspired more beautiful cover girls from the world of sports. Up next?

Playboy Cover Girl

UFC hottie Rachelle Leah!

This model has posed for magazines such as FHM and Maxim. She even was featured in a 2006 issue of Playboy, but, sadly, kept her clothes on for it.

Next month, however, it's been confirmed that Leah will bare it all for a 10-page pictorial. Why should you be excited for the host of UFC All-Access to don her birthday suit? Here's why:

Need more reasons to start counting down the days until Rachelle Leah nude pics come out? Here are several for you to click on:

Rachelle Leah Biography

Rachelle Leah, Playboy Rachelle Leah was an Octagon Girl for the UFC. In other words: she wears very little clothing and she holds up the cards signifying which... More »
San Carlos, California
Full Name
Rachelle Leah San Filippo

Rachelle Leah Quotes

I do whatever I enjoy. That's just what life's all about.

Rachelle Leah

I got jumped in ninth grade. Ten girls started grabbing my hair and beating me. If those girls from ninth grade came back, I'd hold my own

Rachelle Leah
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