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Matt Hahn got Rachel Uchitel pregnant. We've known since October, when she tried out for The Amazing Race and her random drug test confirmed it.

Now she's confirmed the news, however. The 36-year-old nightclub manager Tweeted: "Expecting big things for 2012. Five down, four months to go."

Here's a nice photo she posted as well. Melts your heart.

Pregnant Rachel Uchitel

Uchitel, whose claim to fame is having affairs with married golfer Tiger Woods and married Bones star David Boreanaz, married Matt Hahn in October.

"We are both really happy and feel extremely fortunate to have one another," she said at the time in a statement announcing her second marriage.

Prior to marrying Hahn, Uchitel was engaged to investment banker James Andrew O'Grady, who was killed in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.

Uchitel then went on to marry Wall Street trader and childhood friend Steven Ehrenkranz in 2004, though their union lasted just four months.

She also hooked up with Jamie Dingman, a wealthy businessman now believed to be dating Elin Nordegren. Yeah, Uchitel is a sketchy chick.

Congrats on the baby though!

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Rachel Uchitel is pregnant with her first child, according to reports.

Tiger Woods' O.G. mistress just married Matt Hahn in Las Vegas last month. Now they're already starting a family, which she found out in an interesting way.

According to an insider, "She found out she was pregnant when she auditioned for The Amazing Race. They were going to try out to be a couple on the show."

"When she had a drug test, it came back positive - she's pregnant!" At that point, Rachel Uchitel decided to pull out ... ironically, because Matt Hahn did not.

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Matt Hahn has done the unthinkable: Knock up Rachel Uchitel.

A Life & Style source confirms that the two plan to have an even bigger wedding after the baby arrives. Rache, 36, and Matt, 26, live together in San Francisco.

Rachel became a household name after her affair with Tiger Woods was exposed in November 2009. She later appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.

She was treated there for "love addiction" and hilariously never mentioned Woods by name, but was still threatened with a lawsuit over her appearance.

Congratulations, mostly, to Uchitel and Hahn on the big news!

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Looks like Tiger Woods' notorious #1 mistress is officially off the market.

Yes, Rachel Uchitel got married. Yes, Matt Hahn apparently went there.

Documents from Clark County, Nevada, show that Rachel and Matt got a marriage license Sunday night, then filed it with the court the next day at 8:58 a.m.

Guess she wasn't screwing around ... for once in her freaking life.

Rachel Uchitel and Matt Hahn

Rachel Uchitel married Matt Hahn! Congrats, we suppose!

Matt Hahn was a football player at Penn State and is now a businessman in San Francisco. They've been living together in the city by the bay for several months.

At 26, Matt is 10 years younger than the professional adulterer.

Rachel Uchitel has been engaged twice - her first fiance died in the 9/11 attacks in 2001 - and married once before, to some guy for a few months in 2004.

Hopefully this one works out for her and Matt ... although we have our doubts with a chick who gets around so prolifically and scandalously. Call us crazy.

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Rachel Uchitel is preparing to file suit against the New York Post for quotes about her dead fiance she says she didn't make that ran in Page Six Magazine.

The paper is standing by its story, however.

Uchitel hired Daniel Horowitz and Marty Garbus (known for repping Oksana Grigorieva) to sue the Post for insinuating she's glad her fiance died during 9/11.

Rachel Uchitel Sunglasses Photo

An article in the Post's Page Six Magazine includes alleged statements from Rachel such as "I believe Andy was meant to die because he was too good."

"I'm glad I didn't get to see any flaws that time brings on everyone. I would [have become] a fat housewife with three kids in Sands Port, Long Island."

In a letter to the Post, Horowitz claims the story conveys "a disastrously false impression" of Rachel and is "degrading and extraordinarily inaccurate."

Rachel Uchitel says it's a hit piece and the reporter went in not liking her.

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Rachel Uchitel is absolutely livid over a Page Six article that implies she's happy her fiance died during the 9/11 attacks on New York City a decade ago.

She's so upset she says she'll sue over this.

The N.Y. Post's Page Six Magazine ran a story in which Rachel allegedly said, "I believe Andy [my fiance] was meant to die because he was too good."

Hot Rachel Uchitel Picture

Look at that face. Would she say or do something hurtful?!

"It would have been tragic if we got into fights and then divorced ... I'm glad I didn't get to see any flaws that time brings on everyone," Rachel allegedly said.

"I would [otherwise] be a fat housewife with three kids in Sands Point, Long Island."

Somebody's persona non grata in Sands Point right now, we have an inkling.

Rachel Uchitel insists she was misquoted, however, and that the quotes were taken wholly out of context. "I would have loved nothing more than to be Andy's housewife," she told TMZ, adding that she told Page Six the same.

Rachel says she's lawyered up and plans to sue he publication. Stay tuned.

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Rachel Uchitel is making headlines again. 

The good news? This has nothing to do with riding Tiger Woods. The bad news is that if Page Six Magazine has quoted her accurately, she is a terrible person.

Matt Hahn and Rachel Uchitel

To sum up, she's glad her fiance died because she'd be fat otherwise. Nice.

Uchitel said the death of her former fiance, investment banker James Andrew O’Grady, who perished in the September 11, 2011 attacks, was meant to be.

“I believe Andy was meant to die because he was too good,” she said. “I’m almost happy it ended the way it did because I’ve learned so many lessons from him."

What would those valuable pieces of knowledge be?

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A report surfaced last weekend that Elin Nordegren's new boyfriend, Jamie Dingman, used to date Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods' shady #1 mistress.

It seems almost too coincidental, but apparently Elin did not know about this prior to TMZ's report, and she is pissed now. We can't imagine why.

To hear sources close to Jamie Dingman tell it, his involvement with Uchitel was in fact real, but not as serious was what was initially reported.

Elin the Swedish Goddess

Sources claim Jamie only hooked up with Rachel twice in October 2009 (two months before the Woods scandal erupted), but that they never had sex.

TMZ says Rachel and Jamie initially became involved professionally, working on a new investment business. The nature of the business is not known.

In any case, the two both stayed in the Miami home of Chris Barish, the third partner in their prospective business, for 2-3 weeks in October 2009.

During that stretch, Jamie came into Rachel's room late night and hooked up with her twice. Rachel discussed it with Barish the morning after each.

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Rachel Uchitel has repaid much of the money Tiger Woods paid her to keep quiet in the aftermath of their affair, and may sue Gloria Allred as a result.

Huh? Relax. It's even more confusing than you think.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

In early 2010, Allred negotiated a $10 million settlement for Rachel, who had planned to hold a news conference and detail her relationship with Tiger.

The mammoth payoff included a confidentiality agreement, which prohibited Rachel Uchitel from talking about Tiger. Ever. Here's where it gets dicey:

The confidentiality clause works the way you think it does. If Rachel spoke about Tiger, she'd have to pay back the money, as well as potential damages.

Several months ago, Tiger's lawyer, Jay Lavely, contacted Gloria regarding Rachel's appearance on Celebrity Rehab, saying they planned to sue over it.

While she never talked specifically about Tiger on the VH1 show, Uchitel's reality show treatment "addiction to love" royally pissed off Woods' camp.

Rachel felt strongly she had not violated the agreement, but Gloria convinced her she would lose if Tiger's attorney pursued the case against her.

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Before he began dating Elin Nordegren, Jamie Dingman and Rachel Uchitel were an item. Yes, the same woman whose affair with Tiger Woods was exposed in November 2009, sending him fleeing in his car and ... you know the rest.

Didn't see that one coming, did you?

Tournament of THG Couples Bracket

Jamie Dingman, whose dad is a billionaire tycoon, has been dating Elin Nordegren for several months. Prior to Elin, Jamie and Rachel dated fairly recently - there was even some overlap with Tiger, which Jamie was aware of!

When Rachel Uchitel was getting more serious with Tiger, Jamie reportedly joked. "That's okay. I'll date his wife, Elin." It gets weirder still:

At the time the Tiger scandal broke, they were living together in Miami! 

One last bizarre connection comes from Jen Madden, the girl who sold the Woods story. Staying at her friend's home, she learned about Rachel Uchitel's affair with Tiger when she overheard her talking about it ... with Jamie.

No clue if Elin Nordegren is aware of any of this, but if she's not, we can't imagine it's going to go over too well when someone clues her in.

Then again, maybe it's a little bit of payback.

Who would you rather ...


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Best known for going under the covers with Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel is now going undercover as a private investigator! For a new reality show!

You can't make this stuff up.

Rachel Uchitel Image

Rachel Uchitel recently became a licensed P.I., which certainly puts her primary skill set in life - sneaking around - to good use. Way to go Rache!

Uchitel has a deal for a docu-drama on her life with Atlas Media Group.

"I wasn't interested until Atlas came along and agreed with me the only way to do something was if it was a 'true' reality show," Rachel said.

"I'm doing PI work now and it's stuff that would make for great TV."

A former professional mistress, Rachel Uchitel says she won't be going after cheating spouses, but will branch out and try to concentrate on cases of missing people, child custody claims and financial forensic work.

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