Formerly just Miss Tennessee. Now, Rachel Smith is Miss USA 2007. Congrats to her. Sadly for Smith, she tripped and fell to the ground...

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Avert your eyes, Selita Ebanks.

Your former fiance appears to have a crush on Miss USA, Rachel Smith.

The New York Post is reporting that Nick Cannon is doing everything he can to win over the beauty pageant winner, as he's sent her "several dozen roses, chocolates and balloons," according to a source.

"When she opened her apartment door, the hallway was flooded with stuff, and on each item was a different hand-written note from Nick to her."

Who knew Cannon was so smooth? Who has he been taking lessons from, Tony Romo?

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Relax, guys. Donald Trump is giving you the chance to watch Tara Conner and Katie Blair in action again.

Girl-on-girl action? Perhaps.

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According to Variety, the Donald and MTV are joining forces on a reality show that will mix The Apprentice with The Real World, along with the winners of Trump's beauty pageants.

The falf-hour series Pageant Place will see Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA living in the same New York apartment.

Conner, who of course became the subject of controversy after reports of her partying surfaced last year, will also star, serving as a sort of den mother and chaperone to the women. Sounds like the perfect role model to us. It's just too bad Katie Rees couldn't have joined her on the program.

"We'd been thinking about everything that happens backstage and how women like Tara captured the imagination of so many of us, including a slob named Rosie O'Donnell, who didn't like that I gave Tara a second chance," Trump said. "And we thought, Wouldn't it be great if we let the cameras roll?"

Tara Conner and Katie Blair have made out at least once. Who knows what the future will bring on Pageant Place?

The three women who hold the pageant crowns always live in the same Gotham apartment during their yearlong reign anyway because they attend to their functions as pageant winners; we assume this job is almost as difficult as that of Tila Tequila and her MySpace posing.

"What's great is that we're not bringing them together -- we're tapping into a real situation," said MTV programming topper Tony DiSanto.

The initial season of Pageant Place will follow the women - current Miss Universe Riyo Mori, Miss USA Rachel Smith and Miss Teen USA Katie Blair - as they model, make appearances on behalf of various causes and embark on international trips.

It could also feature drama between Conner and Blair, who have, shall we say, an unusual relationship.

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Stay sober, Rachel Smith. That's the best advice we can give the new Miss USA.

Smith, 21, will no longer be known simply as Miss Tennssee any longer, as she beat out finalists Meagan Yvonne Tandy of California; Cara Renee Gorges of Kansas; Helen Salas of Nevada; and Danielle Lacourse of Rhode Island.

The true focus of the evening, of course, wasn't Smith. It was the woman placing the tiara on her head: Tara Conner.

"It has been the most unforgettable year of my life and I'm back, and better than ever," Conner proclaimed after she took the stage at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood to answer questions from cohosts Nancy O'Dell and Tim Vincent of Access Hollywood.

She also revealed her future plans included writing a book, doing correspondence work and trying some acting. Perhaps Tara and Antonella Barba could team up for some sort of stage performance. Who wouldn't by tickets to that?

Before the show, Conner summed up her year by following in the third person footsteps of Jennifer Hudson: "The reign of Tara was miraculous. Literally, because I got sober during it, and that's the most important thing."

Donald Trump, who co-owns the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants with NBC (where the pageant will stay for the next three years), told People magazine before the telecast, "We're very happy with Tara, very proud, and hopefully she will have set the example for many people that have problems with drugs and alcohol."

We can only hope Jesse Metcalfe is listening.

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Formerly just Miss Tennessee. Now, Rachel Smith is Miss USA 2007. Congrats to her. Sadly for Smith, she tripped and fell to the ground... More »
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