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Sorry for the tease, fellas, but there's no Rachel Bilson nude in Playboy. In fact, in an interview with the publication, the actress talks about how she's against nudity on film.

"Movies can be sexy or sexual without showing things," Bilson said in the issue. "It's almost a deal breaker. [The Last Kiss] was rated R, and they like to put in nudity wherever they can, but I'm pretty strong willed and believe it can be avoided."

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

The actress was also mum on the topic of boyfriend Hayden Christensen, even though the two have been spotted together around Los Angeles for almost a year and star together in Jumper.

Other issues Bilson tackles in the interview include:

• Waiting her turn in the spotlight: "The roles I want usually go to Kirsten Dunst, Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman or Kate Bosworth â€" even though I look younger or older than a few of them. I understand they were once where I am now, and my ultimate goal is to get to that point. Hopefully, I'll achieve it, but you never know."

• On being a celebrity: "It blows my mind that celebrity is such a sham now. I'm in this business because of the career I want, not because of the celebrity I want."

Spoken just like Kim Kardashian. Not!

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Now this is some cute stuff from the world of celebrity pets. Rachel Bilson drops off her dog, Thurmen Murmen, at her mom's house in L.A. on Wednesday.

The former star of The OC sure is looking super cute in a short black sheer dress (with a white slip underneath) and brown boots. Sexy!

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Her furry pal, who she used to share with ex Adam Brody, is pretty adorable himself. Wonder how he feels about Adam moving on to Lauren German.

Not sure about the dog's name, though. Thurmen Murmen?

For some reason, we find it a little lame. While some of our staff members have big time crushes on Rachel Bilson, she got knocked down a few pegs with this.

She could move back up the ladder if we like her during her upcoming stint on Chuck. Although something tells us she'd be better suited for Gossip Girl.

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We won't be seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt nude or Jessica Simpson nude in movies, according to their camps.

However, one of the former stars of The OC isn't as staunch in her stance. There's a possibility we'll get a glimpse of Rachel Bilson naked down the line... as long as she's paired with a certain co-star.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Pic

And it ain't you, Adam Brody.

"When it comes to nudity onscreen, unless I have a love scene with Johnny Depp, I plan to keep some clothes on," Bilson said.

Don't worry, fellas: The Hollywood Gossip has already dispatched an intern to speak with Depp about a future film with this adorable actress.

Wish us luck.

With The OC off the air, Rachel Bilson is now causing guys everywhere to ask: oh, can we see you naked?

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Some stars find themselves the subject of more celebrity gossip than even we can stomach. See Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, et cetera.

Others aren't talked about nearly enough. See Rachel Bilson.

Rachel Bilson for InStyle

When we came across these photos of Bilson at the Chateau Marmont's Kova & T Cocktail Party in L.A. yesterday evening, well, moods at the Hollywood Gossip were lifted.

Considering how extensively we used to follow her on- (and off-) screen romance with Adam Brody, we've seen hardly anything of Rachel Bilson in recent months.

Needless to say, she annihilates the waifish Mischa Barton for the Cutest OC Alum award, and even manages to give Jessica Simpson one hell of a run for her money in the "Best Looking in White T-Shirt and Jeans" category.

She also has actual talent, and, quite possibly, a brain. Sorry, Jessica, but you, those giant boobs and your lame boyfriends can't hold a candle to this cutie.

Anyway. Enjoy these Rachel Bilson pictures ...

Needless to say, if Hayden Christensen (a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader) is indeed dating Bilson, as was reported a while back, he is one lucky man. And a bad actor.

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And we thought Hayden Panettiere was hot.

But she's got nothing on her namesake. Young actor Hayden Christensen seems to date every actress with whom he works.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Granted, one of them was rumored to be Sienna Miller and we're pretty sure any guy with a pulse could take her home. But still.

The latest conquest for the man that portrayed Anakin Skywalker may be Rachel Bilson. The OC star is seen her seductively feeding Hayden. We'd be saying that the actor is lucky to be dating such a babe no matter what.

But recent photos of Bilson truly make us jealous of this dude.

If this pair is dating, we wish them the very best of luck. We also hope Adam Brody has found someone to feed. Seth deserves to be as happy as Summer is.

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The Hollywood Gossip loves Rachel Bilson.

But we have never seen images of the former star of The OC quite like this before. Except for when she was dressed like this on The OC. Sorta. Wow. Adam Brody has got to be kicking himself right now (if he's not still sore, that is).

Rachel Bilson and Sarah Michelle Gellar

When we first saw these Rachel Bilson pictures, our first reaction was that of shock. After all, these are pictures of Rachel Bilson dressed up and looking like some sultry dominatrix ready to get kinky with whips, handcuffs and the like.

But she's still got that trademark smile on her face, which makes it hard to get over the fact that she's still the same, sweet, adorable actress from a teen drama we used to enjoy. We don't mean to criticize - far from it - she just seems a little out of place here. Although her character in The Last Kiss was a little more grown up...

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Male fans of The OC may shed a tear tonight when the show comes to an end, but here is some news to keep them happy.

Rachel Bilson is talking about sex.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Or she's talking about her mom talking about sex, at least.

"My mom's a sex therapist, so she's great at talking about relationships," the actress tells the new InStyle spinoff Your Look in its spring issue.

"She knew the day after I lost my virginity. Oh, yeah. She starting talking to me about sex. She said, 'It happened last night, didn't it?' I was like, 'How did you do that?!' She did the whole mom thing, of course: Use condoms, etc. Weird, but helpful."

Wait, the mother of someone famous gave actual parental advice? Are you listening, Dina Lohan? What about you, Mrs. Britney Spears?

Fortunately, Bilson, whose three-year relationship with costar Adam Brody, ended in December, has learned a few things about guys on her own.

"They have different body parts."

No, seriously, it's true. Bilson also has other, maybe more pertinent information to share: how to fake a good figure. Unlike Nicole Richie, she says she doesn't feel any pressure to be thin. But here's how she makes herself look that way:

"On the red carpet, there's definitely a stance. My chin goes higher, and I automatically put one hand on my hip to give my body shape."

Words to remember, ladies. As more and more stars, such as Angelina Jolie, shed pounds, we hope they keep this in mind.

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A recent poll conducted by In Touch Magazine named the lovely Rachel Bilson the best-dressed star in Hollywood. That's all the reason and more for The Hollywood Gossip staff to pay tribute to the star of The OC on this Tuesday morning.

Just because. Any girl who can still look cute while wearing half a sweater gets full marks from us. We're particularly big fans of these outfits below:

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Truth be told, there are no bad Rachel Bilson pictures. But we found a few that we thought were worth sharing. Cute, funny and talented, and perhaps best of all, great looking without being anemically thin, Rachel is one of our all-time faves. Another is Jennifer Garner!

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Okay, maybe she's glad Adam Brody is out of the picture. The guy is kinda whiny and has an unhealthy obsession with comic books.

But is that any reason for Rachel Bilson to take out relationship frustrations on an innocent sweater? It looks as though the actress has chopped off more than half of the garment in the image below.

Rachel Bilson and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Perhaps it was a symbolic gesture to show how many viewers The OC has lost since its first season on the air.

Or maybe that's how Zach Braff likes his ladies to look. Who knows. But we can say one thing for sure. To the doggy by Bilson's side: run!!!

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T.H. Gossip called this one from the start.

Or maybe we just enjoyed gazing lovingly at Rachel Bilson pictures so much that we somehow hoped it would happen, much as we believe Adam Brody to be a good guy.

Rachel Bilson for InStyle

Regardless, we have learned that Bilson and Adam Brody have split. The two haven't been seen together for a while, and Life & Style Weekly confirms the on- and off-screen lovebirds, who play a cute couple on The OC and have also dated in real life since 2004, have split.

"They've been done for a few weeks," a friend close to the couple says.

No, that friend is not Zach Braff. Not a chance.

"They are just done. That's all there is to it. There's no drama. They just ended it."

In other words, it's the polar opposite of the Spears-Federline split, in which we've been exposed to everything from Britney's crotch to stories of K-Fed railing the living crap out of some porn star. Not to mention an unhealthy dose of the erstwhile ho train.

The Brody-Bilson bust-up may explain why Adam showed up solo to a party on November 28 for the U.S. premiere of Volkswagen's concept car Tiguan in LA.

"He was definitely acting like a single guy," an eyewitness tells Life & Style.

According to nightlife insiders in L.A., he's been seeing less of Rachel Bilson in PJs and more of ladies at the clubs with his guy friends.

Publicists for the two would not comment on the breakup. Rachel, if you're reading this, half the T.H. Gossip staff is single. Just saying.

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