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Author Penny Junor is set to release a tell-all book about the upbringing of Prince Harry, but the portions of Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son that are gaining the most notice have less to do with "Captain Wales" than with his allegedly unstable mum.

Fresh on the heels of news that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her second child, excerpts from Junor's book were released today and contain some astonishing claims about the manner in which Princess Diana lived her life and raised her children.

Di was reportedly so jealous of her romantic rival, Camilla Parker Bowles, that she would regularly make late night phone calls to the home of Prince Charles' mistress to taunt her and - on at least one occasion - to threaten her life.

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"I've sent someone to kill you," the book quotes Diana as telling Bowles. "They're outside in the garden...Look out of the window; can you see them?"

Despite her disgust at her husband's infidelities, Diana "didn't attempt to hider her dalliances - or her emotions - from her children."

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A new theory of conspiracy in the death of Princess Diana in 1997 has royal family watchers buzzing once again, but is there any merit to it at all?

Fourteen years after she would've seen her son wed Kate Middleton and 16 years after she would have welcomed a Royal Baby grandson, Diana's death still fascinates.

The new conspiracy theory? That someone in the military was behind the tragedy.

Officials seem to be already knocking down the claim, however, denying the British military was involved in the deaths of Diana, her boyfriend and driver.

"This is not a re-investigation," London police tersely stressed in a statement.

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