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As Prince George prepares to celebrate his first birthday, he and mother Kate Middleton are featured in Vanity Fair's August cover story by Katie Nicholl.

Needless to say, the royal family looks picture perfect.

Reporting on how the boy upended Prince William’s and Kate’s lives, Nicholl gives a behind-the-scenes look at George’s first year. Excerpts below ...

Kate Middleton, Prince George Vanity Fair Cover

On George's appetite: While George behaved well in his first few public appearances, he often cried loudly and frequently, and did not sleep through the night.

The baby prince, still breastfeeding, was permanently hungry ... only in the new year, when Kate introduced solids, did George finally sleep through the night.

On their new nanny: Spanish-born Maria Teresa Turrion Borallo spent a week bonding with George at Kate’s family home in March [with] the Middleton grandparents.

Meanwhile, Will and Kate jetted off to the Maldives for a second honeymoon. They caught flak for leaving him behind, but on another occasion, did not ...

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The Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, RAF rescue pilot and husband of Kate Middleton celebrates his birthday on the 2013 Summer Solstice.

Happy birthday to father-to-be Prince William!

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It's good to be the future king any day, no doubt. Being married to Kate Middleton alone would make that the case. But soon he'll have an heir(ess)!

The couple has not found out the gender of their impending arrival - due next month - but he or she will assume a place in history from day one.

No pressure, kid.

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It's good to be Prince William.

The Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, RAF rescue pilot and husband of Kate Middleton celebrates his birthday today. Yep, Wills turns the big 3-0!

William, who got married in 2011, has been in the public spotlight since infancy, but has become a remarkably grounded and accomplished guy.

Happy birthday big guy!

Prince William Waves

While it's hardly cause for celebration, considering the reason we're talking about it in the first place, William also inherits his share of his late mother's estate today.

The sizable inheritance - estimated around $20 million - left him by Princess Diana, who died in a car crash in 1997, is finally available to him on his 30th birthday.

No doubt William will put those pounds to good use for one of his many charities. It's not like he's the type to splurge ... or was hard up for money to start with.

"Whatever the financial position might be, you will see no obvious change of lifestyle over the coming weeks or months," said a royal aide, stating the obvious.

As for his big plans today? "William is spending the day working," a royal source said. "He will be in Gloucestershire to complete a search and rescue course. "

"But he will be marking [his birthday] later. He's going to be having a private celebration with friends and family. Very low-key. Just a simple celebration."

Sounds perfect. In honor of the occasion fit for a king, or at least a duke, click to enlarge some of our favorite Prince William and Kate Middleton pictures below!

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  • Kate Middleton With Prince William
  • William, Harry and Kate
  • The Duke and Duchess
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  • Kate Middleton in Alice Temperley
  • Duke and Duchess
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  • Royal Wedding: Kate and William Kiss!

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Prince William has a gorgeous new wife, billions in assets and admirers all over the globe.

He also has a birthday today: the royal stud turns 29!

The Prince and Catherine

It's been quite the year for William, who pulled off what many consider to be The Wedding of the Century, went on a honeymoon and met the Obamas. He also gained Pippa Middleton as a sister-in-law. Score!

Take a look back at the last few months in the life of this prince via the following photo montage, and then send William your birthday wishes:

  • Prince William, Kate Middleton, Barack and Michelle Obama
  • Will and Kate
  • The Morning After
  • The Royal Wedding Couple
  • Royal Newlyweds
  • Royal Wedding: Kate and William Kiss!
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Based on recent tabloid reports, Prince William might soon be engaged and might soon be a father.

But this much we know for certain: he's 28 years old today!

The hunky piece of royalty shares a birthday with former American Idol winner Kris Allen and his relationship with Kate Middleton is at the center of British gossip magazines every week of every month of every years. We almost feel badly for him, but then we take a look at his face.

And who can have pity for such a stud muffin?!? Happy birthday, Big Will!

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