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With the days remaining in 2011 becoming fewer every 24 hours, it's time to raise a glass to the year that was - and the stars that made the past 12 months so great.

At THG, we're doing that by counting down the 10 most newsworthy celebrities of 2011. First, there was the arresting centerfold Lindsay Lohan at #10. What a mess!

Jennifer Lopez came in at #9, Selena Gomez at #8 and a batch of hilarious viral video stars at#7 spot Katy Perry and Justin Bieber were #6 and #5, respectively.

Now, at #4, we salute ... the new generation of the British Royal Family!

Official Royal Wedding Portrait

Approximately a billion people watched Prince William marry Kate Middleton April 29. A billion. More than 36 million watched in the U.S., where they don't even live. 72 million streamed the Royal Wedding live on just YouTube!

It was a big deal is what we're saying.

In these troubled times mired by financial duress, armed conflict, natural disasters and a growing sense of uncertainty, the world looked to the matrimony of two wonderful young people - true class acts - as a respite from its daily struggles.

That's a lot of weight on William and Kate's shoulders, but they handled it as well as any 29-year-olds could. Their exchange of vows was as celebrated as any in history.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are joining forces in their official new roles as ambassadors to the British Olympic and Paralympic teams.

Sadly, Pippa Middleton is not royalty and thus, will not be participating along with the aforementioned, adorable trio. She remains royally cute, however.

The Royals are part of a group of 27 other ambassadors named from among Britain's most inspirational and accomplished Olympians from previous games.

  • Wills
  • Kate Middleton, Hat
  • Ginger

In the cuteness department, team Great Britain has already won gold.

"Catherine, Harry and I are honored" and "hugely looking forward to an incredible sporting competition, but are also looking beyond next summer's games to the springboard it will provide for future success and excellence," William said in a statement.

"London hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will inspire so many people – particularly the young – to be the best they can be," he added.

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Prince Harry just relocated to tiny Gila Bend, Ariz. for two months of Apache helicopter training, and the town's mayor has issued a stern warning to the party boy.

Ron Henry is concerned that the fun-loving redhead royal, 27, who had his share of adventures in California, will get wild during his stay in the Grand Canyon State.

"There are probably some fathers here in Gila Bend who would go to extremes to protect their daughters," Henry told the Daily Mail of the sleepy town of 1,700.

Da Prince

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we have some very pretty girls here," Mayor Henry admitted, adding of the hard-partying, playboy Prince of Wales:

"Some of the dads won't take too kindly to a Prince fornicating and drinking the night away. It is a very small, quiet town with a lot of good Christian people."

Yes, he really used the term fornicating. The town's executive added: "This isn't a party town. I would advise [Harry] take in the sights of the desert instead."

In the U.S. so far, Harry has shopped at Wal-Mart, indulged in $6.45 breakfasts, scarfed down a whole pizza and rescued a young woman thrown into a pool.

He may or may not have smushed Jessica Donaldson at some point too.

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Has Prince Harry found love with tattooed cocktail waitress Jessica Donaldson while he's stationed with the British Army for training in Southern California?

Debatable, but they've probably hooked up a few times.

The prince was enjoying a night off at San Diego's Andaz Hotel about two weeks ago when Jessica Donaldson caught his eye, Britain's The Sun reported.

Donaldson, a striking brunette who serves drinks at the hotel, sort of looks a little like a trashier Kate Middleton. In any event, they totally hit it off!

  • Jessica Donaldson Picture
  • Prince Harry of Wales Pic

Harry and Jessica shared a kiss before Harry left the Andaz, witnesses told The Sun. Since then the two have been seen out on the town on several occasions.

The two were most recently spotted at the Belly Up Tavern in nearby Solana Beach, Calif., where they kissed on a balcony and watched a jazz band perform.

Donaldson is a long-haired beauty with a giant floral tattoo on her right side, as seen above. "She is full of energy, a bit wild and goes out a lot," a pal said.

Sounds like fun. Nice work, Jessica.

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There was no daring pool party rescue required this time, but Prince Harry still had an eventful night out Saturday at the Belly Up Tavern in Solona Beach, Calif.

"He was here!" Meryl Klemow, Belly Up's manager says, adding that Harry showed up around 9 p.m. with about ten folks, including two "very attractive" young women around his age, neither of whom were "romantic" with Harry or anyone else.

Ladies everywhere, you may now exhale.

The Royal Hunk

Although Harry and his pals drank beer and tequila, the real agenda of the night was music! "He was watching the bands and really loved the music," Klemow said.

"It seems like Harry and his cohorts were taking a long time to drink their drinks. He was mostly just enjoying the music and drinking was more a side thing."

"He seemed very jovial and joking around and he is a very good dancer. He has some good moves, and whoever taught him to dance did a good job!"

Although most of Harry's two months in the states will be devoted to military training, he will have a few more chances to let loose in the coming weeks.

The single prince split with Chelsy Davy earlier this year.


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Prince Harry sure knows how to make splash in the U.S.

Having arrived in California for military training, the Prince of Wales proved himself quite the hero on a night off, coming to the rescue in a poolside bar incident.

Harry and his Army buddies were watching an England rugby match on TV at the rooftop pool of San Diego's Andaz Hotel, when someone got the bright idea to toss another bar-goer, Lindsay Swagerty, into the water - fully clothed.


"Prince Harry was the first to notice me when I got out and he wrapped his towel around me to keep me warm," Swagerty, 23, said after her unexpected plunge.

"It was such a gentlemanly thing to do."

The young professional not only kept Harry's towel as a souvenir, but the next night she and her friends met up with him and his friends for beer and shots.

Says Swagerty: "He is probably the most charming man I'll ever meet." He is single, from what we've heard ... sorry, Chelsy Davy. Which begs the question:

Who should Prince Harry marry?


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The hunk has landed.

Like Prince William and Kate Middleton earlier this year, Prince Harry has touched down in the great state of California. But unlike his brother and sister-in-law, he'll be here for two months instead of two days, and for much different reasons.

The helicopter pilot arrived at an El Centro, Calif., air force base for intense training.

Harry in Uniform

Prince Harry, who flies Apache helicopters, will be spending about a month there before heading to Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field in southern Arizona.

Capt. Harry Wales, as he is known in the Army Air Corps, is abroad for training known as Exercise Crimson Eagle, designed to hone a pilot's attack skills.

"After this, he will be pretty much completed with his Apache training," a Buckingham palace source says. "[Then] Harry will be assigned to an Apache squadron and the issue of deployment will rest with the Ministry of Defense."

In uniform, he's just like any other serviceman. But he's still royal. Harry will have support staff, command crews and others traveling alongside him.

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Prince Harry of Wales, the UK's most eligible bachelor, turns 27 today.

For a guy nicknamed The Spare and so often living in Prince William's shadow, he's quite a mover and shaker. But don't expect any crazy revelry this evening.

Harry is spending the day at RAF Wattisham airfield, where he's in the final stage of intense training for Apache helicopters. The pilot's #1 priority is to be redeployed to the front lines immediately, if not sooner. Pretty cool dude ...

Prince Harry of Wales Photo

If he ever needs a second career, he proved himself a natural Monday when he attended charity day at London's BGC financial firm. Harry took the call that shattered the world's record for the biggest currency trade ever - nearly $29 billion.

Short story: It's Harry's world. We just live in it. Sometimes Chelsy Davy in particular shares company with the hunk, though their status is always a question mark.

Anyway, in honor of HRH's birthday, enjoy these Prince Harry pics:

  • Harry of Wales
  • Prince Harry of Wales
  • Captain Prince Harry
  • Chelsy and Harry
  • Handsome Royalty
  • Prince Harry of Wales Picture
  • William's Younger Brother
  • Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Photo
  • Prince Harry in Uniform
  • Hot Prince Harry Picture

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Prince Harry is coming to the U.S. for military training, but the royal will manage to see some of our nation's notable sights while stateside as well.

Prince William's little brother, 26, is getting ready to spend 12 weeks in both California and Arizona in an intense Apache helicopter training course.

However, The Daily Mirror reports that party-animal Harry and his fellow pilots will spend a wild 48 hours in Las Vegas midway during his training.

Hot Prince Harry Pic

A military source told the British newspaper that the Vegas bender is a "traditional" breather for Apache trainees. Prince Harry will surely oblige.

"The course doesn't have much downtime. It's pretty intense. This is a chance for pilots to let their hair down, kick back and enjoy themselves."

Called "Exercise Crimson Eagle," Harry's California and Arizona training is "environmental training, live firing and tactical exercises," his rep said.

Once the "spare" wraps up his Stateside training, he will be a full-fledged Apache pilot, and could be re-deployed to the front lines in Afghanistan.


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Prince Harry will be following in the footsteps of Prince William and Kate Middleton with a trip to the U.S. this year, according to the Spare's spokesman.

But unlike William, who visited for two days, he'll be here two months!

Harry, 27, will be spending time in the Golden State plus Arizona for a series of Apache helicopter training courses, various news sources confirm.

Prince Harry of Wales Picture

The exact locations and dates of his visit have yet to be disclosed, but rest assured, this trip to America is strictly business and not pleasure.

Called "Exercise Crimson Eagle," Prince Harry's California and Arizona training features "environmental training, live firing and tactical exercises."

After Harry's training, he'll be a full-fledged Apache pilot and could be sent to Afghanistan, where he's been eager to return to the front line.

Sorry, Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

In June, the Telegraph reported that Harry will likely fly a 40-million pound helicopter in operations against insurgents in Afghanistan in 2012.