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En route home from war, Prince Harry "can't wait" to become an uncle this year and is "thrilled" Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting.

"Obviously I'm thrilled for both of them," he said, joking, "It's about time."

Prince Harry Clothed

In an interview in Afghanistan, where he served since September, the prince says he had chatted with the couple when their news was released.

"I spoke to my brother and [Kate], and they're both very well and both very happy obviously," he says, expressing regret at how it came out.

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It looks like those naked Prince Harry photos have paid off for this single Brit.

According to Town & Country magazine, this fine piece of royal backside is the Top Bachelor in the World.

The list of 40 hunks is "a highly subjective, thoroughly opinionated survey of the princes, politicians, scions, DJs, and billionaires-to-be we consider the most eligible men in the universe," says the publication, which has somehow ranked George Clooney at #33.

And while that two-time Sexiest Man Alive would never speak out on his behalf, we're asking readers to chime in below: Do you agree with the list?

Which single stud would you rather take it from, Harry or George?

And the Winner is?

Prince Harry or George Clooney? If you could only take one to bed, which would it be? View Poll »

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Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a notorious Afghan warlord, has issued a torrent of nasty insults at Prince Harry, labeling him a "jackal" among other things.

Why? Because a drunken Harry supposedly kills innocent Afghan civilians in the decade-long conflict between insurgents and the U.S.-British coalition.

Prince Harry, Military Training

"The British Prince comes to Afghanistan to kill innocent Afghans while he is drunk," Hekmatyar told the Daily Telegraph in an interview from his mountain hideout.

"He wants to hunt down Mujaheddin with his helicopter rockets without any shame."

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Morrissey is beyond pissed right now.

A non-naked Prince Harry has been named Tatler's Man of the Year. Check out his handsome cover photo on the British society magazine's November issue ...

Prince Harry, Tatler Man of the Year

The royal family can also take solace in the fact that magazine opted not to run the Prince Harry naked photos, even though nothing bars them from doing so.

His cover photo was taken earlier this year.

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Morrissey? Not a big fan of the royal family.

No stranger to controversy, the legendary Smiths frontman is slamming the monarchy in the wake of the Prince Harry and Kate Middleton nude photo scandals.

He does not mince words. Like at all.

  • Harry
  • Morrissey Photo
  • Kate Middleton Clothed

"I wasn't surprised by Prince Harry in Vegas because he's always been an absolute idiot," Morrissey said in an interview with the Herald Sun in Australia.

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A very happy belated birthday to Prince Harry of Wales, the UK's most eligible bachelor, who turned 28 over the weekend (September 15). Hip, hip, hooray for H!

For a guy nicknamed The Spare and often living in Prince William's shadow, he's a mover and shaker. And we're not just talking about Prince Harry naked photos.

Great Britain's Olympic Ambassador and Royal Air Force pilot was just deployed to the front lines in Afghanistan, where the Taliban is targeting him specifically.

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry

It's been a rough stretch for the royals lately, with Harry's naked picture scandal in Vegas, followed by the hullabaloo over Kate Middleton topless photos last week.

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Newly-deployed Prince Harry is being marked for death and/or kidnapping by the Taliban, according to the Afghan extremist group's spokesman. We know, we know. "Taliban spokesman" is probably just one guy standing on top of a goat yelling.

Harry was deployed to Afghanistan last week.

An Apache helicopter pilot in the British military, the 27-year-old royal will be fighting Taliban insurgents on the front lines for the next four months.

Prince Harry Photograph

Harry's presence has pissed off the Taliban (even more than that of any other westerner), and spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid put a bounty on him.

"We are using all our strength to get rid of him, either by killing or kidnapping," Mujahid told reporters via tin can phone interview Monday.

Mujahid referred to the plans as "Harry Operations", adding, "We have informed our commanders in Helmand to do whatever they can to eliminate him."

The British military announced its own "Harry Operations" - distributing leaflets featuring sexy Prince Harry naked photos to various villages, just to taunt the insurgents before tactically eliminating them via precision air strikes.

Just kidding, but we want credit for that idea if the Royal Air Force steals it.

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Prince Harry has been deployed to Afghanistan to begin a four-month tour of duty for the British military. No, it has nothing to do with his naked photos.

The 27-year-old arrived today at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, according to reports, to begin work as an Apache co-pilot and gunner within 10 days.

A rep for the military released a statement saying:

Captain Wales

"Captain Wales (Prince Harry) is a serving soldier and a qualified Apache pilot having completed the Apache Conversion to Role course this year."

"As such, and after further flying experience, Captain Wales was deployed along with the rest of the squadron as part of a long-planned and scheduled deployment."

The squadron will "provide support to ISAF and Afghan forces operating in Helmand."

Refuting rumors that his nude exploits with Carrie Reichert played a role, the rep said: "It goes without saying that one doesn't deploy as an Apache pilot to Afghanistan at short notice. Prince Harry's time in Las Vegas was his last break before the frontline."

We wish Captain Wales the best and hope for his safe return.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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The Royal family may be unhappy with Prince Harry these days, but the hottest boy band on the planet has no problem with the antics of their fellow handsome Brit.

Asked by E! News about the naked Prince Harry photos that cropped up a couple weeks ago, members of One Direction stood firmly erect in the young man's corner.

One Direction in Concert

Louis Tomlinson said the incident actually makes Harry a "strong figure because he's real," while Niall Horan kept his viewpoint simple: "He's a 20-odd year-old guy doing what he wants."

Of course, Liam Payne recognized that Prince Harry is not just any 20-odd year-old guy.

"A lot of people would have gone away on holiday and whatever, it doesn't matter for them. For him, it matters," said Payne.

The hullabaloo over the nude pictures appears to be close to blowing over, although Carrie Reichert recently spoke out and extended the story when she spilled details from the night in question.

Still, at the end of the day, Harry is young, handsome and single. Until Pippa Milddleton comes to her senses and dates the guy, can you blame him for having a bit of fun?

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