Okay, so only two out of five of the princes below are actual royalty, while two of them were spawned by the weirdest man on planet Earth and one once changed his name to an unprouncable symbol. That won't stop The Hollywood Gossip from this exclusive photo comparison. We know who Kate Middleton would pick, but who's your favorite Prince?

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Just when you thought the Paul McCartney-Heather Mills divorce scanal occupied 100 percent of British tabloid attention, photographs of Prince Harry in a "friendly" embrace with a TV presenter are at the center of tension between the tabloid press and the Royal Family, Britain's Telegraph reports.

The Sun newspaper recently published pictures of the Prince that it claimed were taken in a nightclub this summer. A front page picture, printed under the headline "Dirty Harry," showed the prince kissing and fondling Natalie Pinkham, 28, a friend who has worked for ITV4.

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