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Andrew Sullivan, a prominent Catholic and columnist for The Dish and other publications, suggests that the outgoing Pope Benedict may be secretly gay.

The comment stemmed from the recent announcement that Benedict will not go into hidden retirement but will instead continue living in the Vatican.

Pope Benedict, Georg Gaenswein

Sullivan, himself openly gay, speculates that Pope Benedict's relationship with secretary Archbishop Georg Gaenswein is the impetus behind that.

In a post titled, "Two Popes, One Secretary," writes that "something truly weird is going on" between Benedict and Gaenswein, a.k.a. "Gorgeous Georg."

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It's hard to envision Pope Benedict XVI cranking out musings on his iPhone 5 every 20 minutes, but the pontiff has officially joined Twitter, according to reports.

At the age of 85, the Pope himself is about to be launched into the brave new world of social networking, complete with the official handle of “@pontifex”.

Pope Benedict XVI

@pontifex already has 360,000+ followers and has yet to Tweet once. Badass.

It's easy to see why the Catholic Church, which has struggled to connect with teenagers and young adults (as have all religions) launched this initiative.

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