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Despite numerous reports to the contrary last week, Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon are still together. Repeat, they are very much still dating.

Sorry, lads.

Rumors of the couple's separation surfaced early last week, and were fueled by Pippa's late-night hangout with George Percy a few days later.

The younger sister of Kate Middleton also dated Percy in the past, and they remain close. But it looks like the flurry of rumors were ... just that.

  • Pippa Smiles
  • Alex Loudon Picture

Far from over, her romance with Alex, a former professional cricket player and current financier, is very much on, The UK's Mail has been "reliably" informed.

Loudon, who has not been photographed with Pippa since the Royal Wedding, declined comment, but a family member denied the breakup stories.

They said the pair, who have been dating for nearly a year, are "expected at a family engagement together in a fortnight’s time" (that's two weeks).

While reports of their split may be overblown, they have been going through a rocky patch, with Pippa's newfound celebrity status partially to blame.

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British royal family gossip buzz continues with Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton on the cover of a major celeb news magazine this week. The reason why?

We have no idea actually ... but damn they're sexy!

Us alleges a secret date occurred between Harry and Pippa, who just broke up with Alex Loudon, but that rumor is almost certainly bogus. Also misleading? The comment about her stepping out with a "mystery royal."

Pippa and Harry

Pippa's ex, George Percy, is the son of the Duke of Northumberland. The former couple remains close friends and have been seen together recently.

That's probably the royal in question, not Prince Harry.

As for William's younger brother, he's still dating Chelsy Davy as far as we can tell, although many are skeptical about the long-term potential there.

Either way, this cover is likely nothing more than a cheap attempt to milk whatever British royal family gossip they can to sell some magazines.

Not that we're complaining. In fact, we wholeheartedly support that as an endeavor. But they're not even in the same photo! Come on now.

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The newly-crowned Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and her newly-single sister, Pippa Middleton, attended the wedding of a mutual friend Saturday.

Sam Waley-Cohen and Annabel Ballin married at the St. Michael and All Angels Church in London. We're happy for them. But how about the ladies' fashion!

Kendall Jenner Fashion

Kate Middleton paired a black and white dress with one of her stylish hats, while Pippa wore a similar dress with a green jacket and an interesting hat of her own.

Vote on who you think was the bigger style star below:

Fashion Face-Off!

Who dressed best, Pippa or Kate? The Middleton sisters both looked wonderful as they attended a wedding on June 11, 2011. Vote on the winner here! View Poll »

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Pippa Middleton and George Percy, her ex-boyfriend, have been seen together a lot recently. Will they get back together amid her breakup with Alex Loudon?

The younger sister of Kate Middleton was all smiles last Wednesday evening as she grabbed dinner in central London with a familiar, handsome fellow.

George Percy dined with Pippa, then they headed back to his apartment. The next morning, she was reportedly seen leaving Percy's flat with a hug and kiss!

Pippa Middleton and George Percy Picture

Pippa and George Percy were also seen last month in Madrid, Spain (see above), in the weeks following the royal wedding of Kate and Prince William.

The son of the Duke of Northumberland (one of England's richest men), George Percy is a college friend of Middleton and now a co-worker of hers.

Reports say Pippa took a job at Percy's geothermal energy firm.

The two were the subject of romance rumors even before the news that Middleton and Alex Loudon, her financier beau of over a year, have split.

As of late last month, a Middleton pal said she and Percy remain platonic: "She loves George, but only as a best friend. They'll always be mates!"

We'll see if that holds true in the coming weeks and months.

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The news out of England is that Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon, her boyfriend who accompanied her to the Royal Wedding in April, have broken up.

"It is common knowledge in their close circle of friends that Pippa and Alex have recently split up," a friend is quoted as telling the Times of London.

The newfound celebrity of Pippa Middleton strained the relationship, though they will "stay good friends," according to another UK paper, The Sun.

Pip, Pip, Hooray!

PIP, PIP, HOORAY? We don't like to celebrate breakups, really, but we imagine more than a few fellas are happy the younger Middleton is back on the market.

Despite reports that Pippa Middleton would soon be engaged to Alex Loudon, a former cricket player turned broker, things recently went south.

One source close to Alex said: "Pippa has become very high profile and it's put a lot of strain on things. They're moving in different circles."

Lately, the younger sister of Kate Middleton has been spending quite a bit of time with George Percy, an old boyfriend from her college days.

She and Percy, son of the Duke of Northumberland, recently partied in Spain together and also watched tennis together at the Queens Club.


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Pippa Middleton was robbed!

British TV presenter Carol Vorderman has been honored for her curvaceous and well-honed figure as the winner of the annual Rear of the Year award.

The former Countdown host attracted a ''deluge'' of votes after appearing in a succession of newspaper pictures wearing hip-hugging couture dresses.

  • Pippa Middleton at the French Open
  • Carol Vorderman Picture

Pippa Middleton was considered a strong contender to win the prestigious award after attracting worldwide attention at the April 29 royal wedding.

But Tony Edwards, who organizes the annual award, said Pippa was ''totally unknown'' before the wedding and had mere weeks to gather votes.

''There have been quite a lot of votes for her over the period after the royal wedding, but it was less than six weeks from then to now," he said.

"A lot of other stars had a lot of time to really ratchet up the votes, and there is no doubt that Carol Vorderman won many, many more votes."

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Beautiful as always while strolling through London, this photo of Kate Middleton's stylish sister Pippa shows the UK tourist attraction in all her fashionable glory.

In a tan cardigan, khaki trousers and oversized sunglasses while toting a stylish handbag, Pippa Middleton just returned to her native UK from France.

There, she enjoyed VIP seats at the French Open. Oh, the perks of her newfound celebrity. Here's the royal maid of honor looking as lovely as ever ...

Pippa Fashion

Kate and Pippa make a couple of stylish siblings.


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Pippa Middleton is a very attractive female. Still, you wouldn't expect one of many such females in Britain to have the wide-ranging impact she does.

After making waves at the royal wedding in a tight-fitting, white bridesmaid’s dress, the world’s favorite royal-in-law is standing solo in the spotlight.

Observers say "Pippamania" has already sparked a boost to tourism to the UK, a $130 billion a year industry that’s been hit hard in recent years.

Pippa Middleton Style

A weak dollar and subsequent drop off in American visitors, plus the global financial crisis have taken their toll. Can Pippa Middleton save the day?

New York-based travel professional and Anglophile Barbara Gillam says, in spite of these challenges, “Pippa’s aura may very well boost tourism."

If it hasn't already. From Pilates, her favorite hangouts and the designers’ outfits she’s seen in, anything associated with her garners huge buzz.

A rep for VisitEngland (dot) org says, “Royal weddings do raise the profile of English history and heritage," and "News around Pippa is very positive.”

Like foreign visitors to the U.S. in New York or L.A., “American travelers are generally interested in celebrity hot spots in the hopes of star spotting.”

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Prince William’s new sister-in-law Pippa Middleton is said to be nearing an engagement herself. Sources say Pippa is "close" to sealing the deal with her longtime beau, former cricket star Alexander Guy Rushworth Loudon.

While they’ve only been dating a year, Alex and Pippa are very serious. They “virtually live together” in London and often visit his family’s home in Kent.

Now a stockbroker, Alex Loudon became pals with William while they were students at Eton, an exclusive British secondary school near Windsor Castle.

Pippa Picture

Adjusting to life in the spotlight has been challenging for Pippa.

While she was recently seen with ex George Percy, all indications are that things are swell between Pippa and Alex, regardless of their marriage timetable.

Whether Loudon gets down on one knee soon, we'll have to wait and see. But one thing's for sure - LOTS of people will be watching her every move.

Despite running in elite social circles, the level of interest in the royal maid of honor has really thrown her for a loop, according to those in the know.

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Should Alex Loudon be worried?

Probably not, but Pippa Middleton was seen in Spain with her ex George Percy this weekend. The younger sister of Kate Middleton, along with a female friend, were relaxing with Percy on Sunday in a park in Madrid, as well as on a boat.

Fortunately, no racy photos came out of this boat trip. Just a nice time between the exes, who remain close friends. Here's a shot of them at lunch:

Pippa Middleton and George Percy

Back on Friday, Pippa Middleton was seen sharing laughs with Percy when they arrived at Madrid airport. Later that day, the 27-year-old carried a bottle of champagne in her red bag and spent the evening with her friends at Fortuna nightclub.

Middleton and Percy dated when they were students at the Edinburgh University. They were also flatmates, and have been friends for about 10 years.

George Percy, BTW, happens to be the eldest son of the Duke of Northumberland. We have no idea what that means, but it's clearly really important!

The Middleton girls certainly have a thing for royalty.

[Photo: Fame Pictures]

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