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Having cooled their heels after the recent deluge of Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors, British tabloids are tripping over themselves to focus on her sister again. So it goes.

The news from across the Atlantic: Pippa Middleton is newly single!

Maybe. Pippa is maintaining her trademark silence on the split rumor. Though she seems to be the only one. Both the Sun and Daily Mail are quoting "sources" close to the couple, claiming she and banker BF Alex Loudon broke up ...

Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon

According to the Sun, while the summer split between Pippa, 27, and Alex, 31 was brief, this time, they're over for good after their "increasingly frequent arguments."

The tabloid even claims say Pippa sought solace with big sis Kate Middleton and Prince William in the wake of the split, visiting the couple at Balmoral last weekend.

While no one's confirming the split, Pippa and Alex certainly seemed happy together this summer, going to one wedding, charity event or tennis match after another.

However, if rumors of a split are true, she probably won't be on the market for too long. Just check out our gallery of Pippa Middleton pictures to find out why.

No word if Prince Harry is boarding a flight back from Arizona as we speak.

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Pippa Middleton is enduring some pretty harsh criticism amid reports that she's nearing a deal to release her first book - and getting paid $1.5 million for it.

On one hand, it seems harmless. Why shouldn't she be allowed to write a book about party and event planning, which her family has made a career out of?

On the other hand, the notion of minor royals and royals-in-law cashing in on their regal connections irritates the British public - even at the best of times.

These, as we know, are not the best of times.

Pretty Pippa Photo

The UK is in the grip of government-mandated austerity the likes of which has not been seen since the '50s, while unemployment is at 8.1 percent, most in 17 years.

There are serious fears that the nation, like the US, may be slipping back into recession. So it's not exactly looked upon highly that Pippa Middleton would do this.

Kate Middleton can do no wrong, engaging in worthy pursuits such as opening cancer centers and promoting UNICEF, all while being named Britain's best dressed.

Pippa’s book, meanwhile, is a guide to entertaining in style. Like it or not, she's held to a higher standard based on her royal connections, and it's not sitting well.


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Tips From Pip?

It's being rumored that Pippa Middleton, sister of Duchess Catherine of Cambridge (formerly Kate Middleton) is preparing to pen her first book next year.

The subject matter of the supposed text is partying - something she's familiar with after years of working in the family event and party planning business.

Pip Pic

Some folks are concerned about what else may make it into the book, namely something incriminating about Kate, who was just named Britain's best dressed.

There is also speculation that the family might be milking benefits of being related to a royal, using their connections to get ahead rather than putting the effort in.

That's largely baseless, however. The Middletons built a successful business long before Kate became engaged to the Prince of Wales, and Pippa is quite reserved.

Despite her status as one of Britain's most eligible bachelorettes and becoming a style icon, she still works for the company and lives a fairly low profile lifestyle.

If she were to write a book, don't expect it to sponge off the royals. As long as it has ample Pippa Middleton pictures, we'd listen to anything she has to say.


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Britney Spears and Pippa Middleton both look pretty adorable in plaid shirts.

Interestingly, both donned them in London, England. The singer was in town last month for an event at Radio 1 studios, while Pip ... lives and works there. Pippa Middleton pictures from her daily commutes have become a staple.

It was an unexpected surprise to see either dressed in such a way - Britney in a short-sleeve number and Pip in a Burberry, black and red long sleeved one.

Who's the prettiest in plaid? Vote in our Fashion Face-Off below!

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Pippa Middleton stepped out in her sexiest look yet Saturday, stunning onlookers in a red satin "Begonia" dress with a plunging neckline from the Temperley London fall line, accessorized with gold heels and a matching clutch.

The sister of Kate Middleton, who was seen at the designer's London Fashion Week show two weeks ago, was escorted by boyfriend Alex Loudon.

The occasion was a charity event, the Boodles Boxing Ball, that drew several British royals and celebs including ... Prince Harry's ex Chelsy Davy!

Which of the two dressed best, Chelsy or Pippa? Vote in our Fashion Face-Off below!

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Pippa Middleton showed up to support one of her favorite UK fashion designers, Temperley London, at fashion week in the British capital Monday evening.

Wearing the “classic fan dress” from the label’s autumn/winter collection, dressed down with black suede ankle boots, the rising fashion star was all smiles.

Here are a few Pippa Middleton pictures from the event:

  • Pippa Middleton Smiles
  • Pippa at Fashion Week
  • Pippa Middleton, Fashion Week

During the show, Pippa pointed out her favorite pieces from the silver-screen inspired collection, shown in the British Museum’s dramatic grand atrium.

She seemed to love the silky jumpsuits, kimono capes and floor-sweeping dresses adorned in beads and tassels, accessorized with glam head wraps.

“It was really special, really amazing,” Middleton said, congratulating designer Alice Temperley’s husband and label CEO Lars von Benningsen on her way out.

The Temperley label has become a go-to favorite for both Pippa and her sister Kate Middleton, a.k.a. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, recently.

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Pippa Middleton, the gorgeous 28-year-old little sister of Kate Middleton, still works at her parents' event planning company Party Pieces in London, England.

Given her celebrity status, we get to see how stylish she is on the way to and from the office every day. Witness a couple of her looks from this week below.

Whether it's a swan print shirt dress, navy blue sweater, red flats and a red shoulder bag, or a short, floral red skirt, Pippa sure has a great sense of fashion!

Which ensemble was best? Vote in THG's Fashion Face-Off and tell us!

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Philippa Charlotte Middleton turns 28 today.

Consumers of entertainment news could be forgiven for thinking that it was she, not sister Kate Middleton, who married into the royal family in April.

Ever since she walked into Westminster Abbey, Pippa Middleton routinely steals headlines from the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William.

The public in the UK and beyond has been left in a daze by the sight of the younger Middleton's good looks (her derriere especially) and lifestyle.

Pippa Middleton Work Attire

Entire Facebook pages are dedicated to Her Royal Hotness. Kate Middleton may be the duchess, but Pippa is Queen of the Booty and Lord of the Arsetocracy.

Soon, Pippa Middleton may be off the market for good. She and her boyfriend, London financier and cricketer Alex Loudon, are reportedly going strong.

Always happy and smiling, seemingly unfazed by the craze she created, Pippa still works for her parents' company Party Pieces, and lives in London.

Here's a little gallery we put together in honor of her special day, an occasion we can all celebrate with - apologies in advance - a Pip, Pip, Hooray!

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It's a Fashion Face-Off of epic, international proportions.

The always-stylish Pippa Middleton stepped out in rainy London in her black trench coat yesterday, making us wonder how a couple of Hollywood mainstays would each wear a similar piece with their unique twists. Can SoCal compete with the UK's finest?

See below, as we contrast the lovely Pippa with Kourtney Kardashian and Britney Spears pictures from earlier this year. Who wore the trench best? Vote!

Fashion Face-Off!

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Pippa Middleton paid a visit to The Shenley Cricket Centre in Hertfordshire, England on Sunday. The reason? Boyfriend Alex Loudon was competing!

The sister of Duchess Catherine donned a red frock similar to her much-talked about Wimbledon dress as she watched her love interest play.

Unfortunately, Alex's Eton Ramblers ended up on the wrong end of the scoreboard, taking the loss against the Old Malvernians by four wickets.

Fortunately, for Alex, he's won over Pippa Middleton ...

  • Pippa Middleton, Red Dress
  • Stylish Pippa
  • Alex Loudon Hugs Pippa

Not letting the contest's outcome ruin the mood, Pippa and Alex - who were rumored to have split earlier this summer - shared a warm embrace.

And that's not all, readers. Onlookers even report that the good-looking couple even snuck in a quick smooch in the midst of the on-field action.

Millions of UK males? So pissed right now.


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