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Pippa Middleton showed up to support one of her favorite UK fashion designers, Temperley London, at fashion week in the British capital Monday evening.

Wearing the “classic fan dress” from the label’s autumn/winter collection, dressed down with black suede ankle boots, the rising fashion star was all smiles.

Here are a few Pippa Middleton pictures from the event:

  • Pippa Middleton Smiles
  • Pippa at Fashion Week
  • Pippa Middleton, Fashion Week

During the show, Pippa pointed out her favorite pieces from the silver-screen inspired collection, shown in the British Museum’s dramatic grand atrium.

She seemed to love the silky jumpsuits, kimono capes and floor-sweeping dresses adorned in beads and tassels, accessorized with glam head wraps.

“It was really special, really amazing,” Middleton said, congratulating designer Alice Temperley’s husband and label CEO Lars von Benningsen on her way out.

The Temperley label has become a go-to favorite for both Pippa and her sister Kate Middleton, a.k.a. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, recently.

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Pippa Middleton, the gorgeous 28-year-old little sister of Kate Middleton, still works at her parents' event planning company Party Pieces in London, England.

Given her celebrity status, we get to see how stylish she is on the way to and from the office every day. Witness a couple of her looks from this week below.

Whether it's a swan print shirt dress, navy blue sweater, red flats and a red shoulder bag, or a short, floral red skirt, Pippa sure has a great sense of fashion!

Which ensemble was best? Vote in THG's Fashion Face-Off and tell us!

Fashion Face-Off!

What's Pippa Middleton's best work look? Really, there's no wrong answer, but decide which of her work outfits you think is best by voting here! View Poll »

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Philippa Charlotte Middleton turns 28 today.

Consumers of entertainment news could be forgiven for thinking that it was she, not sister Kate Middleton, who married into the royal family in April.

Ever since she walked into Westminster Abbey, Pippa Middleton routinely steals headlines from the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William.

The public in the UK and beyond has been left in a daze by the sight of the younger Middleton's good looks (her derriere especially) and lifestyle.

Pippa Middleton Work Attire

Entire Facebook pages are dedicated to Her Royal Hotness. Kate Middleton may be the duchess, but Pippa is Queen of the Booty and Lord of the Arsetocracy.

Soon, Pippa Middleton may be off the market for good. She and her boyfriend, London financier and cricketer Alex Loudon, are reportedly going strong.

Always happy and smiling, seemingly unfazed by the craze she created, Pippa still works for her parents' company Party Pieces, and lives in London.

Here's a little gallery we put together in honor of her special day, an occasion we can all celebrate with - apologies in advance - a Pip, Pip, Hooray!

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It's a Fashion Face-Off of epic, international proportions.

The always-stylish Pippa Middleton stepped out in rainy London in her black trench coat yesterday, making us wonder how a couple of Hollywood mainstays would each wear a similar piece with their unique twists. Can SoCal compete with the UK's finest?

See below, as we contrast the lovely Pippa with Kourtney Kardashian and Britney Spears pictures from earlier this year. Who wore the trench best? Vote!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who wore it best, Pippa, Britney or Kourtney? Vote for your favorite trench coat wearer in our latest Fashion Face-Off! View Poll »

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Pippa Middleton paid a visit to The Shenley Cricket Centre in Hertfordshire, England on Sunday. The reason? Boyfriend Alex Loudon was competing!

The sister of Duchess Catherine donned a red frock similar to her much-talked about Wimbledon dress as she watched her love interest play.

Unfortunately, Alex's Eton Ramblers ended up on the wrong end of the scoreboard, taking the loss against the Old Malvernians by four wickets.

Fortunately, for Alex, he's won over Pippa Middleton ...

  • Pippa Middleton, Red Dress
  • Stylish Pippa
  • Alex Loudon Hugs Pippa

Not letting the contest's outcome ruin the mood, Pippa and Alex - who were rumored to have split earlier this summer - shared a warm embrace.

And that's not all, readers. Onlookers even report that the good-looking couple even snuck in a quick smooch in the midst of the on-field action.

Millions of UK males? So pissed right now.


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Simon Cowell says he would sign Pippa Middleton "on the spot."

Sign her to what? Who the heck knows, but she's got the X-Factor!

"I haven't heard her sing, but if she walked in and said, 'I want to be a TV star,' I would sign her on the spot," Cowell said. "She just has the X factor."

  • Simon C.
  • Gorgeous Pippa

Our sentiments exactly, Simon.

"To overshadow your sister when she's the one getting married? That was impressive," added Simon, though we don't know if the Duchess concurs.

It's true that by some measures, the 27-year-old Pippa Middleton has trumped her royal sibling Kate in terms of popularity and world intrigue.

Pippa has made such a splash, in fact, that the king of entertainment for the masses has taken notice and would love to harness her potential.

Would it be enough to translate to true stardom, though?

Would she spark such intrigue if her life was totally on display, rather than shrouded in mystery? Would people endlessly debate whether her famous derriere was padded during the Royal Wedding if she had an all-access reality show?

Who knows, but boy, she's a stunner!

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She captivated millions during her sister Kate's wedding back in late April, but did Pippa Middleton stop by PAD-dington Station (if you know what we mean!) on the way to the royal nuptials? Did she get a LIFT to the grand affair?

We're asking if her now-famous backside was enhanced in some way.

Why bring this up? "Experts" consulted for TLC's Crazy About Pippa special noted that Pippa Middleton was looking, um, well-rounded on the big day.

  • Hot Pippa Middleton Pic
  • Pippa Middleton at the French Open
  • Pippa Middleton Booty

Pippa Middleton at the wedding, left, and earlier this month.

"She had this very pert bum sticking out," noted one British style commentator on the special. "I'm not convinced that it's completely natural."

London spa owner Lesley Reynolds Kahn adds: "I think, if you look at other photos of her and see her in jeans, she's got quite a flat bottom."

"I think possibly for the day, for that gorgeous dress, she may have had pants that gave her a little bit of a lift, or even a little bit of padding."

Of course, expensive dresses are designed to enhance a woman's shape. Haute couture will usually give a gal a boost, literally or otherwise.

What do you think? Did the Queen of the Booty (Lord of the Arse-tocracy, Her Royal Hotness, etc.) receive some artificial help on April 29?


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Her royal hotness. Lord of the arse-tocracy. Queen of the booty.

She may be a commoner and not a Duchess like sister Kate, but ever since April, Pippa Middleton has become the style princess of the UK and beyond.

Thanks to a form-fitting Alexander McQueen maid-of-honor gown, Pippa's captivated couture critics, workout fanatics and plastic surgery lovers alike.

  • Pippa Middleton Booty
  • Pretty Pippa

“The latest craze here in the U.S. and across the world is to get the ‘Pippa Butt Lift,’” Miami-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta said.

Whether women go the surgical route or not, “Once the breasts reigned supreme, now it's the buttocks that are considered the best asset,” he adds.

The giant badonkadonk is also out.

While it was once trendy to boost a booty to mimic Kim Kardashian, “booty calls” for those two have been bumped for something Pippa-esque.

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Crazy as it sounds in an era where people like Kim Kardashian become famous for no reason, then make a living off being famous, Pippa Middleton has a real job.

The 27-year-old sister of Kate Middleton works 2-3 days a week for her parents' event planning company Party Pieces, serving as editor of The Party Times.

Here, she's seen in her dark sunglasses as she began her workweek in London, looking professional in a dark outfit with a leather attaché case:

Pippa Goes to Work

Pippa also works part-time in an event management role with Table Talk, a company based in London that organizes corporate events and parties.

In the August edition of Tatler, writer Annabel Rivkin examines the hoopla surrounding Pippa Middleton following Kate's April 29 royal wedding:

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that, post-Diana, we need to respect the Duchess of Cambridge's personal space. But it appears to be open season on her sister - will she blossom or buckle under the pressure?"

Blossom, it appears. Early and often.

[Photo: Fame Pictures]

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Pippa Middleton's parents are surely proud of their kids for more significant reasons, but man, they created two of earth's most photogenic young women!

While Kate Middleton's weight has raised eyebrows, the Duchess and her little sis continue to captivate the UK and the world with their every move.

Here's Pippa Middleton, pretty in pink and out for a jog in London earlier today. How does one look so darn gorgeous and stylish, even when working out?

  • Pippa Middleton Jogging
  • Pippa Jogs

The UK's most eligible bachelorette stays in tip-top shape.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News, Fame Pictures]

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