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In yesterday afternoon's edition of Would You Hit It?, The Hollywood Gossip profiled country singer Taylor Swift. Poll results were predictably mixed.

We're expecting similarly lukewarm responses to our current subject, Pink. The strange, sort-of-punk/pop singer is either your type, or... well, she's just Pink.

Pink Craving

Would you go there? Tell us what you think in the poll below.

The nipple tape does it for us. But would you hit it?


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Look away, Carey Hart.

It appears as though your ex has moved on, as Pink has been spotted out and about these days with random musician Todd Morse.

Pink is Hungry

The punk singer and the guitar player for Juliette and the Licks are seen walking around Malibu in the photo below; last month, witnesses saw them cuddling at West Hollywood's Key Club.

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Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie might be going strong, but another celebrity couple has called it quits:

Pink and Carey Hart are getting divorced.

Pink Eats Japan

"Pink and Carey Hart have separated. This decision was made by best friends with a huge amount of love and respect for one another," said the pop singer's publicist. "While the marriage is over, their friendship has never been stronger."

That's comforting to hear, at least.

Perhaps Pink can now pursue the single - and handsome! - Stephen Colletti.

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Rumors of an imminent split between Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, have persisted for months, yet the singer says this is bull$h!t and that nobody and nothing has put a damper on the couple's undying love for each other.

In other news completely unrelated to Carey Hart, but involving the wacko singer, Pink got her nipple pierced! Which is kind of cool and kind of gross! Check it out!

Pink Nipple Slip
To see the uncensored version of Pink's pierced nipple, click HERE.

Not that Pink getting her nipple - or any other body part - pierced is at all weird to us. What less likely famous person would you want to see get this done?

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"U and ur hand" might be taking on new meaning for Pink's husband.

Reports out of Sin City say the marriage between Pink and Carey Hart may be fading to black. Or the rocks. Experiencing turbulence. And then some.

Pink on Stage

Although the singer's husband of 21 months, a motocross star, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in August that "everything's fine" between them, celebrity gossip sites have run amok with rumors of the couple's itching to ditch their union.

"We're just not getting along anymore. We each need some more space. We need our distance. It's not like it was when we first started," Pink was heard telling friends on September 14 at West Hollywood hot spot Eleven.

Pink isn't wearing a wedding ring in this photo, taken September 19 in L.A.

Additionally, a pal of Carey Hart reportedly told Us Weekly that "Carey is tired of her always accusing him of cheating, and he's getting fed up with the constant arguing. He says he cannot deal anymore. It's his decision to put an end to this. They are 100 percent getting a divorce."

Pink's rep, for the record, calls the report "complete bullsh!t."

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Let the record show that not every celebrity couple is like Diddy and Kim Porter.

Some are wedded in bliss with no rumors of cheating or signs of turmoil on the horizon.

Pink Craving

Despite what recent celebrity news reports have indicated, Motocross star Carey Hart is ready to shoot down reports that his marriage to Pink is on the rocks.

The reports are "just a bunch of trash talk," Hart tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

"It's just nasty [celebrity gossip]. Everything's fine."

Carey Hart, who owns a tattoo parlor in the Palms Hotel and Casino, says he's even leaving for Europe.

The reason? To join his pop-star wife on tour.

Pink, who has gone off in her songs on everyone from Jessica Simpson to George W. Bush to random dudes spilling drinks on her at clubs, could not be reached for comment.

Hart and Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, met at the 2001 X Games (obviously) and got married in Costa Rica in January 2006.

Here's hoping for nothing but happiness for this odd singer and Carey Hart, who apparently exists, and has apparently married to her for 18 months.

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All four of the stars below have something in common: they're attracted to men. Which is all good by us. They also have the pink hair thing goin' on!

We're not sure why, but some do it better than others. Who, in your opinion can pull off the pink 'do and whose locks are more like pink don'ts?

First, we have the newly-transformed T.R. Knight, star of the hit medical drama-comedy Greys Anatomy. He said he was looking forward to time away from the show this summer, and made good on that promise with dyed pink locks.

To his right, we have the lovely Rachel McAdams. She's been rocking the pinkness for some time now. The Notebook and Wedding Crashers star sure is hot, and her fiance, Ryan Gosling, seems to dig it, so we'll give her two thumbs up.

Now it's time for a couple of singers. At left, British cutie Joss Stone, who is in the process of introducing herself on her newest album with great vocal skillz and a radical new look. Somehow she pulls it off. As does a crazy chick who needs no introduction: Pink.

Who's your favorite pink-haired hottie? Let us know.

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See, Britney? It's not so hard to put on underwear.

Just take a cue from one of your biggest fans, Pink. This chick can be freaky and abrasive and flat-out nuts, but she left dinner in London the other night with her class intact. A crafty photographer snuck up on Pink to attempt a crotch shot, but she thwarted him - by dressing herself in appropriate fashion prior to going out.

Pink on Stage


Wow. We certainly didn't imagine when we woke up this morning that we'd be lauding Pink as a role model (or that we'd be talking about Suge Knight, for that matter), but it's just another day in the life of T.H. Gossip. You do what you have to do.

We're grateful for this positive story. Much as we appreciate nude Britney Spears pictures, it's also reassuring, at the same time, that we're not inundated with rampant beaver every time a young female celeb decides to go clubbin'.

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Pink has a pleasant message for the country of France.

"F*** You!"

Nobu Pink

Perhaps hoping the French don't know English, the alternative pop-rocker showed off an interesting sweatshirt, emblazoned with the friendly phrase over and over, as she made her way into her hotel in Paris.

Pink, the NFL fan and Britney Spears backer, is in the country for a little sightseeing before kicking off the European leg of her tour, which starts September 27 in Zurich.

While many female celebrities love to sport messages on their clothing, it's usually in a cute or subtle manner (see Kristin Cavallari).

But as we all know, that's not how Pink rolls. Below are a few images of the singer's bizarre fashion sense, from France (left), to L.A.

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You might say that NBC is tickled pink about the return of the NFL to its prime time lineup. And not simply because the network is excited.

Also due to the fact that pop singer, Pink, will be cranking out the opening song.

Pink Performs Photo

Britney's new pal will welcome viewers to the telecast with "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night," sung to the tune of Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself for Loving You." A song with which we're sure not a single football fan is familiar.

"Pink is a tremendous talent with crossover appeal," said SNF producer Fred Gaudelli. "And she's also from Philly, so she knows what being a football fan is all about."

Translation: she hates Terrell Owens.

But, still, is Pink the best choice for this gig? Or would, we don't know, ANYone else be? Perhaps Ashlee Simpson, the songtress who was once booed out of the Rose Bowl? That was enjoyable.

Or maybe Nick Lachey, Ashlee's former brother-in-law? The NFL, after all, could use a heartfelt break-up song to attract a female audience.

In the end, however, we'd have chosen Whitney Houston. Just to throw Osama a bone.