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Piers Morgan concluded his final broadcast of Piers Morgan Live on Friday by addressing a topic that has become synonymous with this British TV personality:

Gun control.

The anchor famously went off on a pro-gun panel after a Naval Yard shooting in September.

And, even more famously following the tragedy in Newtown in December 2012, asked "how many more kids have to die?" before America adopts similar gun laws to those of other first world nations.

Here's a look at what Morgan had to say to wrap up his show last night:

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CNN's Piers Morgan says he's getting sick and tired of having the same “ridiculous debate” on gun violence every single time there is a mass shooting,

He made that abundantly clear last night.

Piers absolutely unloaded on conservative radio host Ben Ferguson and gun rights activist John Lott during a heated argument over gun control:

Ferguson, following the Navy Yard shooting, said this was a gun-free zone, so gun control was “a failure in this base with all the best security in the world.”

Morgan countered that the bigger failure is the “failure to do anything” by the elected officials in the U.S. in the wake of countless tragic shootings.

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Ted Nugent. Piers Morgan.

The gloves came off again in a debate on gun control this week, and whichever side you're on, it's hard to deny that these two squaring off makes for quality TV.

Piers and Ted sat down in Texas, where Morgan visited a gun range and tried out a rifle similar to the one used by Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook massacre.

While admittedly "exciting," Piers cited his experience with the weapon - easy to use, fairly accurate - as justification for an assault weapons ban.

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In an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan last night, Charlie Sheen said he favors stricter gun laws despite being a former weapons enthusiast and "collector."

His reason? "Because we're not supposed to bury our children," the actor said.

Referencing the Newtown, Conn., shooting the Anger Management star said:

"If anybody from the NRA wants to look any of those parents in the eyes from that school and tell them that guns are still necessary, then I urge them to, and see how that goes."

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