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Mob Wives Chicago star Pia Rizza totally had her sights set on a Playboy pictorial. Sad. Playboy rejected her, but another opportunity has presented itself.

In porn.

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Earlier this month, some Pia Rizza nude photos "leaked" and she tried to use them to pique interest from Hugh Hefner's magazine. Playboy? Unmoved.

However, adult film company Brazzers is offering the Mob Wife $100,000 since they feel her "fierce sexual energy has taken the world by storm."

Pause for laughter and/or head-scratching.

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Sorry, fellas. You won't be seeing Pia Rizza nude in Playboy any time soon.

As previously reported, the Mob Wives star attempted to be proactive when she learned naked pictures of herself were set to hit the market.

She released the birthday suit shots herself and even contacted the world's most well-known men's magazine to see if they were interested in a spread of her... well, spreading.

Pia Rizza Picture

But sources close to Rizza say Playboy rejected the photos she submitted, making it clear it is not interested in her bare body at this time.

Is that the right call? Would you want to see Pia Rizza in Playboy?


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Mob Wives Chicago star Pia Rizza is responding to reports that naked photos of her are being shopped around ... but putting them out there herself!

Talk about a preemptive strike.

Pia Rizza Photo

Pia tells TMZ, which published the pics with her consent, that she took them sometime last year, while still filming Mob Wives and sent them to her boyfriend.

Her goal? To get some feedback on whether she had the appropriate stuff for a potential Playboy spread (probably to get it in later that night too).

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