Philip Markoff is a 22-year-old medical student who is engaged to be married but is best known for being accused of being the "Craigslist...

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In a shocking conclusion to an already tragic story, the man known as the Craigslist Killer committed suicide in a Boston jail, according to authorities.

Philip Markoff, a former medical student who was accused of killing a masseuse he met through Craigslist, was found unresponsive in his cell Sunday.

He was pronounced dead at about 10:15 a.m.

The death is still being investigated, but Markoff was alone in his jail cell. Evidence indicates he took his own life, according to a statement by both Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis and Suffolk County D.A. Daniel F. Conley.

Philip Markoff was found suffocated with a plastic bag over his head.

In June, Markoff pleaded not guilty to charges that in April he lured masseuse Julissa Brisman to a Boston hotel, then bound, beat and fatally shot her.

His attorney, John Salsberg, said Sunday, "I'm shocked and saddened by the news" of Markoff's death. The accused criminal was only 24 years old.

Back in April, Markoff was placed on suicide watch after officials expressed concern that this exact scenario would happen. Sadly, it appears it did.

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Another piece of the disturbing puzzle surrounding the alleged Craigslist Killer, Philip Markoff, fell into place this afternoon as a warrant was issued for his arrest by Rhode Island authorities for the April 16 attempted robbery of a stripper.

"He will be brought to justice," Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch vowed at a press conference at the Warwick, R.I., police station.

Philip Markoff's latest charges consist of assault with intent to commit a robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a handgun without a license and use of a firearm while committing a crime of violence. All very frightening.

Although the alleged Craigslist Killer was prepared to rob the woman, he reportedly was stopped when her husband returned to the hotel room.

The former Boston University medical student, 23, is currently being held in a Boston jail without bail, charged with the April 14 murder of New York masseuse Julissa Brisman and the April 10 armed robbery of an unnamed Las Vegas escort.

He had tracked down his victims through Craigslist online ads after the women advertised erotic services, according to police investigations.

A regular gambler, Markoff was arrested April 20 en route to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut with his now-ex fiancée, Megan McAllister.

He was arraigned April 21 and pleaded not guilty.

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Even as the evidence mounts, her resolve is unwavering: Megan McAllister remains committed to her fiance Philip Markoff, the alleged Craigslist Killer.

"To me and my family, he is a loving and caring person and in the eyes of the law and the constitution, Philip is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt," Megan McAllister said in a statement yesterday.

"I just can only hope that the criminal justice system will not be overwhelmed and persuaded by what is being put forth in the media."

The statement was read by family attorney Robert A. Honecker Jr. outside the McAllister home in Little Silver, N.J. Philip Markoff, 23, has been charged with the murder of a woman and the assault of another, both in Boston hotels.

He is said to have met both via the "erotic services" section of Craigslist.

Philip Markoff and Megan McAllister, 25, were planning an August wedding (now on hold indefinitely) and the recent events have clearly strained her family.

When asked how Megan was doing, her father, Jim, with tears in his blue eyes, told reporters: "Megan is not doing so well, it's a very tense situation."

And in her statement, she says: "In the past two short weeks, my life and what I hoped my life to be has dramatically changed. I also love my fiancé and I will continue to support him throughout this legal process."

Megan McAllister says she intends to cooperate with Markoff's attorney and the Suffolk County D.A.'s Office within the next few days, but insists: "What has been portrayed and leaked to the media is not the Philip Markoff that I know."

Markoff was on suicide watch and is still in jail awaiting charges.

In another bizarre twist, there's an allegation the preppy med student used Craigslist to seek out men as well as women for sexual activities.

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Alleged Craigslist killer Philip Markoff broke down during a visit to his family, saying to "forget about [him]" and that there's "more coming out" - meaning either victims or evidence against him in the crimes he's already charged with.

The shocking outpouring came as Markoff spent the weekend meeting with his parents, Richard Markoff and Susan Haynes, and brother Jonathan and his wife, Deanna, all of whom visited him at a Boston jail with his lawyer, John Salsberg.

Salsberg refused to discuss his client’s mental state, but said that: “Philip’s brother and sister-in-law both are very happy they had a chance to see him. They love him dearly. They continue to remain very supportive to him.”

The 23-year-old upstate New York native remains on suicide watch in an isolated cell. Philip Markoff had “markings on his neck consistent with trying to hang himself” and that correction officers have been on high alert.

The medical student stands accused of seeking out women who advertised erotic services on Craigslist, robbing them, and fatally shooting Julissa Brisman, 25.

Some who knew him wonder if his brash, intense and occasionally off-putting behavior is a piece with the portrait that authorities are now painting.

In other news, the August 14 dream wedding on the Jersey shore between the accused sociopath and his fiancée, Megan McAllister, has been called off "for now," according to the leader of what would have been their wedding band.

It was bound to happen.

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Alleged "Craigslist killer" Philip Markoff was put on a suicide watch in a Boston jail after corrections officers found shoelace marks on his neck.

The former Boston University medical student's future father-in-law told reporters that his daughter is still "praying" the arrest is a mistake.

"She's still confident in Phil. Other than that we're saying a lot of prayers," said Jim McAllister, father of fiancee Megan McAllister, 25.

Megan McAllister was planning to marry Philip Markoff, 23, on August 14 on the Jersey Shore. He did not say if the wedding is still on.

So just who is Philip Marokff, the alleged Craigslist Killer?

Markoff stands accused of murdering masseuse Julissa Brisman, 26, and the same day he's suspected of attempting to rob a woman at a Warwick, R.I., hotel.

Cops say the brainy blond doctor wanna-be, who grew up in upstate Sherrill, N.Y., has no rap sheet, but they think he has preyed on sex workers for a while.

Police begged other victims to come forward.

Julissa Brisman, the slain 26-year-old New Yorker, advertised her services on Craigslist and was shot to death in a posh Boston hotel last Tuesday.

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Philip Markoff is a 22-year-old medical student who is engaged to be married but is best known for being accused of being the "Craigslist... More »
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